The Week in Racing

Chart notes (Equibase) from American racetracks last week:

Into Kings “went wrong, vanned off” at Golden Gate
Whenbetterthannow “bled, vanned off” at Turf
Joshuas Glory “fell, vanned off” at Turf
Late Again “vanned off” at Delta
Full of Mine “bled” at Aqueduct
Dublin Express “bled” at Aqueduct
Duzle Worpz “vanned off” at Golden Gate
Time in Motion “vanned off” at Gulfstream – subsequently confirmed dead
Am I Blue “fell after the wire, vanned off” at Santa Anita
Jess My Choice “vanned off” at Sunland
Crazy Love “vanned off” at Tampa Bay
Purple Smoke “bled” at Turfway
Minecraft “vanned off” at Fair Grounds
Blackhawk Beauty “flipped over the rail and was vanned off” at Golden Gate
Pequena Maty “broke down” at Golden Gate
Speighgal “fell while injured” at Gulfstream – subsequently confirmed dead
Renaissance Rosie “fell past the wire” at Laurel
Vertrazzo “fell past the wire, vanned off” at Laurel
Extremely Racy “vanned off” at Los Alamitos
My Sweet Dove “vanned off” at Tampa Bay
Cute and Beautiful “vanned off” at Tampa Bay
Sophieshardtocatch “vanned off” at Tampa Bay
Lieutenant Margie “vanned off” at Turf
Going Country “vanned off” at Fair Grounds
Gonna Wanna Wink “vanned off” at Gulfstream
Elusive Ryder “vanned off” at Tampa Bay


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  1. Thoroughbred horses are not just commodities! They are sensitive, beautiful and intelligent creatures that deserve more than a short life and driven to death. If they don’t win enough money according to their owners, do you know what happens to them?

    • So many animals are put through this shit by humans, and it’s devastating. The voiceless have no say in the effects and outcome!

  2. I agree with the notes posted by chris and Doroles. So very true. It is heartbreaking, and completely unnecessary. Our country, and this state, are driven by greed, and it’s killing us (literally)!!!!

  3. The horror show continues.
    Unacceptable, and vile that racehorses are dying for $2 bets.
    This freak show will end when people, and our government stops supporting it.

  4. Seriously. Where is the common sense? These are living, thinking, feeling beings that should be cared for, respected and enjoyed in a way that is safe and enjoyable for them. I pray that Jesus will help these who are at the mercy of the unmerciful.

  5. This is an abusive “sport” and needs to be stopped. It is shocking to see how many horses have died in one week.

  6. This is so sad and descusting Bryan’s words, that these beautiful animals mean nothing more then money! When things go wrong their life is ended. I wish everyone that supports the horse racing I industry, when they do t do what expected of them they to are put down! Discusting people

  7. Although this list doesn’t necessarily mean that all racehorses will end up on the Kill List, as Patrick points out, it usually results in a racehorse that is seriously maimed for life.
    The extent to which they are maimed is most always kept secret until of course they show up at the kill auctions with little to no vet care, and are lucky enough to be spotted and/or rescued by people who has nothing to do with their exploitation.
    The possibility of getting a decent, forever home for maimed racehorses is near impossible.
    They come with super expensive vet care costs for the physical issues, and of course most are mentally and/or spiritually wounded.
    One or all of these factors are usually a death sentence for these racehorses when they leave the track.
    If not an immediate trip to the slaughterhouse then potentially a life of pain, and suffering.
    You would think that a racehorse being purchased for another “career” is a great ending, but many buyers are oblivious to their pre-existing injuries that renders them into a life of pain, and suffering not necessarily malicious in intent, but just simply lack of equine knowledge, and lack of access to previous medical records.
    It takes a very special person with a whole lot of money, patience, and equine knowledge to provide a comfortable home for these racehorses, and the industry is nowhere to be found since they give little to nothing for these inevitable scenarios.
    This is the truth behind the mint juleps, fancy hats, and “entertainment” banner.

  8. Brianna’s Bucket was euthanized yesterday at Gulfstream. Can you please do a more detailed list of all the injuries and deaths since the Championship Meet started? There have been at least 15 vanned off and /or euthanized. That doesn’t include morning, which is probably as bad.

    • I was wondering if she had been euthanized. From reading her chart – it sure sounded fatal- but of course, it was just described as “vanned off”. That being said, I do know that Patrick will not post a horse unless he has absolute confirmation that that horse is indeed, dead. Thank you for the update, lil h, as I have been keeping an eye on various sites to find out if this mare was gone.

  9. Frank Stronach owned Gulfsteam and his other tracks are notorious for deliberately withholding information that is supposed to be public.
    For example, we’ve seen names of the dead racehorses deliberately withheld especially in California (see Transparency in California post), and the elimination of Race Replays or segments that clearly shows racehorses going down in the dirt.
    This requires organized collusion with the racing commissions (CHRB), and other entities.
    It clearly shows that this outfit will go to no lengths to continue the exploitation of racehorses while protecting the abusers whom they are dying under for their gambling entities (Xpress Bet, AmTote etc.).
    Here is an excerpt from The Stronach group website:
    “The Stronach Group is committed to providing our customers with an entertainment experience that is second to none.”
    So racehorses getting maimed and/or dropping dead in the dirt is ENTERTAINMENT???
    You would have to be one sick, demented, sadistic, callous, and delusional person to consider this “entertainment.”
    They need to rephrase that statement on their website to “dying racehorses second to none” because it seems to more accurately reflect what exactly is going on.
    Patrick and Nicole – thank-you for all the hard work you do on behalf of these racehorses.

  10. It’s been my experience that once a horse injures himself,this injury will be a lifetime problem for the horse and will need continual mantinance to keep him competitive in between starts,which costs money and time and know how which most trainers don’t have.Only the top stables can come close to making a broken horse come close to being whole again.Because they can afford the most state of the art therapiesPossibly stem cell therapy or treatments I never heard of .The most famous recuperation recently was the miracle recovery of Lady Eli.MIRACULOUSLY! CURED! The only way this was not a miracle,is if the injury was not what they said it was.Because only GOD and C.Brown and his staff could have brought this horse back to the level of competition she compete’s at. DEDICATED

  11. Now that we are on the topic of Chad C. Brown it’s time to expose this other abuser/apologist for what he does in order to be the “top trainer.”
    These “top trainers” must partake in regular DUMPING, in conjunction with their owners, in order to keep the never ending revolving door of disposable commodities going,and of course, their high win rates.
    This all comes at the expense of the racehorses.
    I looked into some top horses who all made over 1 million so that equated to Chad C Brown making $100,000 per horse according to 10% standard trainer earnings: ZIVO last appearance on 9/4/2015 after making $1,017,300 for owner Thomas Coleman.
    CLOUD COMPUTING last seen on 8/26/2017 made $1,114,000 for Klaravic Stables and William Lawrence who, miraculously, seems to always get that multi-million dollar stake horse, who are now onto their next stake winner PRACTICAL JOKE who last raced on 12/2/2017.
    SLUMBER. Last seen on 6/11/2016 “VANNED-OFF” disappeared off the radar. Made $1,477,162.
    REAL SOLUTION. Last seen on 9/27/2014. Disappeared.
    CONNECT. Last seen on 5/6/2017.
    Now the horses that didn’t make lots of money (below 1 million) are so numerous that it could fill a book.
    Most all have disappeared off the radar, and we are talking about HUNDREDS of racehorses.
    Take for example the year 2012.
    This dude had 494 starts.
    We factored in a 30% multiple starter rate with the same horse which left, approximately, 345 racehorses in that year alone who have now disappeared off the radar.
    Some were DNF’d, broken down or just simply disappeared most likely due to maiming, and no longer able to compete.
    So 5 years at about 300 racehorses leaves about 1500 racehorses that have disappeared off the radar or dumped for other people to financially support most likely.
    Chad C. Brown didn’t respond to my emails or inquiries about WHERE these racehorses are?
    If anybody knows the whereabouts of any racehorses listed here please come forward, but I will not accept any stories unless a photograph depicting a readable upper lip tattoo with a time stamp on it is provided.
    HOW DO YOU, Chad C. Brown, sleep at night?
    LADY ELI, according to some people, have said that she is lame on her back legs, which is why they pulled her from the Keeneland Sale because Keeneland requires, and provides current x-rays for sale horses.
    Her sweat was barely dry from her last race when she was shipped from California to Kentucky to be sold after she made SHEEP POND PARTNERS $2,959,800!
    In the least, her owners should provide her with a forever, grassy paddock, and decent retirement, but this is horse racing.
    Of course, the almighty well-connected Hill N Dale, in conjunction with Chad C Brown, quickly announces that she got “banged-up” in her last race which is why they withdrew her from the sale.
    Then they go silent.

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