Horse Killed on “Frozen” Parx Track

Here’s how much Racing cares: With the Northeast mired in a deep freeze for much of the past week-plus, the wits at Parx (near Philly) decided to run races anyway yesterday. In the first, with the track condition listed on Equibase as “frozen,” 6-year-old Lust for Money, an apt name if ever there was one, “went wrong and fell completing a half mile – then was euthanized.” Killed on the ice. Only then, after one of its “athletes” had unnecessarily been destroyed, did Parx cancel for the day.

Oh how they care.


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  1. I have previously stated on this blog that winter racing is VERY profitable since there are fewer tracks vying for gambling dollars. Therefore, it isn’t surprising that Parx, or any other track, would risk sacrificing a horse’s life in order to “fill the till.” Reprehensible….

  2. Horse racing must be banned in America. It’s bad enough they die on the track but when they can no longer earn money for the greedy they are shipped off to be slaughtered. This is sickening

  3. Mahoning has been exposed to the same low temps and frozen track as Parx. And yet – the only time they have cancelled was for a few races last Saturday when there was such a blinding snowstorm that the announcer couldn’t even see the horses. He joked that he should follow the horses with a snowmobile and a cordless mike.
    In a few of their charts, they actually stated that horses slipped “and fell to their noses”. And to think – after falling on your face – then you get your ass beat to hurry up and try to catch up and hopefully win the race anyhow?? That’s the compassion that is shown to these poor animals.

  4. I wonder if as many jockeys were killed in action as are racehorses — would the industry response differ … would the public cry foul … or would they both turn a blind eye?

  5. If a dog were found frozen or dead outside in weather like this, there would be an uproar (unless of course it was a greyhound). But a racehorse? I guess he just died on the job. Despicable.

  6. Track listed as frozen, same connections as FINDING CANDY, a state and commission with issues time and time again…..and you have the end result and the reason it happened…..LUST FOR MONEY rip…..

  7. Come on ASPCA, PETA and others….this is animal cruelty and negligence— so where is the outrage and ACTION? You call me on the phone, asking for money, yet I rarely hear of problems that are solved. We protect horses and other animals (supposedly) when movies are being made, but here is real life., and there is no protection for these animals, and so they die. I am so disgusted by horse racing and the phony romanticized garbage surrounding it. Look under that glorified blanket of roses, and you’ll find a mistreated, drugged dead animal. Only the ignorant and greedy attend horse races.

  8. VILE.
    This blatant animal cruelty is disguised behind the fancy hats, mint juleps, and “entertainment” banner.
    They do a good job of convincing the ignorant masses that they treat the racehorses like “royalty.”
    So it’s up to us to educate people on the truth.
    Moreover, the industry considers these cruel, and abusive business practices as acceptable.
    The apologists have even convinced themselves that this is “royal” treatment!
    Callous assholes!

  9. These people need to get jobs that contribute to society instead of torturing horses while hoping to hit it big some day.

    The industry is riddled with corruption, supported by gamblers, many with addiction issues, `while the horses suffer and die prematurely and accountability is nonexistent.

    Racing has no redeeming social value.

  10. My current vet (who didn’t want his name used) takes care of my OTTB’s.
    One day he disclosed to me that he started out on the racetracks in Ontario (which I didn’t know when I hired him).
    He said what he saw was total animal abuse, and people so callous towards these living beings.

    He said one of the main things that stood out in his mind, and still does to this day, is how they would send the racehorses out on a frozen, unsafe track in the middle of a snowstorm.
    He recalled being summoned to the track to euthanize a racehorse whose leg snapped in two on a frozen track, and not being able to find the horse because the snowstorm was so bad.
    He said you would have to be void of any compassion to send a horse out in those conditions.

    He said he felt so sorry for the standardbreds running in the middle of winter at Woodbine Racetrack.
    He said the track was so hard, like concrete, and sometimes the harness gear would actually stick into their flesh from the cold temperatures.
    He left many years ago, and now uses his extensive equine knowledge to help horses who are not being exploited for profit.

  11. Anyone who glorifies horse racing, greyhound racing, or any other “sport” that involves the horrific abuse of defenseless animals is either ignorant beyond belief, or lacks a conscience, a heart & a soul. Forcing a beautiful creature to perform for a human’s sick pleasure is despicable. Just as everyone who wears fur should witness how the animal is killed, anyone who attends horse or greyhound racing should watch what goes on in the stables. And don’t get me started about high-stepping horses!!! There’s a special place in hell waiting for anyone involved in any those events! And that includes the owners – they know full well what goes on behind the scenes.
    If we can abolish circuses with elephants, why can’t we ban these brutal so-called ‘sports’? A sport is something where the odds are evenly matched. None of these activities are “sports”,

  12. While it took the death of a race horse for Parx to cancel the rest of the racing day on January 2, hopefully my state representative will look into the outrageous disregard for the conditions horses are made to run in. Todd Stevens said he would.

  13. This makes me sick to my stomach. When will horseracing end? It’s animal cruelty at its finest!! And, be damned all of you who gamble on the horses. You are part of this cruelty.

  14. The depraved, unconscionable, merciless indifference to the hard work & suffering of these magnificent animals is tragic & heartbreaking — WHAT will it take to SHUT DOWN these brutal, immoral venues — WHAT will it take to convince the monsters, who unfortunately, are all about us, that these horses are NOT stuffed animals ! — WHY so difficult to remedy this situation ! — What about the good, caring, moral people who MAY be around — WHY NOT speak out and DO something for these beautiful animals — WHO protects these horses ! — WHO watches out for them ! — SHUT DOWN THESE MONSTROUS VENUES !

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