Horse Dead at Laurel; Ugliness Edited-Out of Replay

The note for 3-year-old No Love Lost in the 8th at Laurel yesterday: “stalked the pace three wide, gained a slim lead between rivals near the quarter pole…sustained an injury soon past the eighth pole and was euthanized.” Dead. In his summation, the Equibase writer also notes that Marie From Parie “struck” the aforementioned and lost her rider. We see this empty horse, along with the other finishers, crossing the line in slow-motion on the official “Maryland Racing” YouTube channel. But that, coupled with the “Winner’s Circle” shot, is all they allowed us to see, the ugliness – that is, a horse breaking and dying – utterly washed away.

This is horseracing.


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  1. They will always try and hide the ugliness …..they dont want the world knowing the truth……this system has been set up this way…..they want it as an insiders game… and hide until theres no other place to go and your bullshit industry is finished…..even the people on the inside are turning against this thats how bad it has become……no love lost im sorry you gave your life for someone to make money off your work and gamble on it, even if you dont agree dont let the truth escape you this is no sport period

  2. The racing industry is a marketing machine and is focused on showing the “glamorous” side of racing. The thin, lame horses standing on a few flakes of dirty straw would most certainly detract from the image that racing desperately wants to convey as would the breakdowns, drugs, lame horses, and slaughter. Most people are freaking clueless. Remember….ignorance is bliss.

    • I was that freaking clueless one……but i gotta tell you mary if your a normal everyday person like myself and you have the WANT to do the work put in the time and give the effort….the information is there from the government the papers hrw paulick industry insiders foia documents talkiing to people involved….anyone can do some research and find the cold hard TRUTH of what the horse racing industry is you dont have to be an insider

      • Billy, I was freaking clueless many, many years ago, too. Although I never quite understood why I, or anyone else for that matter, would pray that all the horses finished in one piece, I always watched the big races and for years never missed watching, or listening to, the Kentucky Derby. My dad and I visited the big TB farms in Lexington and I was mesmerized by the beauty of the TB racehorse. Also, back in the 60’s and 70’s, I showed hunters and the vast majority were OTTB’s. However, there was always a piece of me that was uncomfortable with the whole industry and, with the advent of the internet, my rose colored glasses were permanently removed. I have seen so much crippling, maiming and killing over the years and that infuriates me. These horses give so much and humans just suck them dry for money, glory and their egos. Therefore, I agree with you. You don’t have to be an insider to see the abuse and corruption underneath the surface. You just have to be someone who strives for the truth and isn’t morally, or ethically, bankrupt.

  3. Utterly VILE and despicable!

    There are 3 things that are evident on TSG owned racetracks:
    1. The elimination of either camera angles, segments of Race Replays showing racehorses going down in the dirt. In addition, the elimination of names of racehorses who died especially in California.
    2. The “deals” with the local/state governments to secure MILLIONS in tax breaks/corporate welfare in exchange for improving the properties.
    3. The legal obligations for improvements were allegedly not fulfilled by TSG so they are back at the trough again asking for more:

    Now his daughter, Belinda, is lobbying hard for MILLIONS:

    There seems to be a corrupt relationship going on between politicians and racetracks.
    The racehorses are paying with their lives while the taxpayers are getting screwed..

  4. Thanks to HR exposing what the industry hides. Expose and Close!!! RIP No Love Lost. We love you and you are a loss!

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