Kill at Charles Town Forces Cancellation of Rest of Card; Horse Dead at Penn Also

In the 2nd at Charles Town last night, 5-year-old Dominic the Quick “was injured and fell nearing the wire and had to be euthanized” (Equibase). This, coupled with a “vanned off” in the 1st (Sinai Inspired), resulted in the remainder of the night’s festivities being canceled due to “track conditions.”

An hour earlier over in Pennsylvania, 4-year-old Marilyn’s Passionsuffered an injury a sixteenth after the finish” of the 2nd at Penn, “and was euthanized.”

This is horseracing.


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  1. CharlesTown is a notoriously bad track- it is common to have break downs and fatal injuries. Insiders call it a “bull ring” track. And yet owners and trainers are willing to sacrifice their horses on that track for the almighty dollar.
    A few years ago – there was such a horrible wreck there that only one horse finished the race with the jockey on board. It literally looked like a NASCAR wreck with horses flipping up in the air and cartwheeling and somersaulting all over the track. It can be seen on YouTube if one googles CharlesTown horseracing accident. And that accident was the second fatal race that night. They cancelled the rest of the card that night too.

  2. Cancelled “due to track conditions” but not before one horse is killed and another “vanned off”.
    Racing on these substandard tracks is dangerous anytime, but in the winter and at night, yet, it is lethal. Who is watching ? Who is accountable ? Who cares how many horses suffer and die so these sorry excuses for humans can make a buck .
    This is sick

  3. Mahoning Valley Racecourse had only 3 days of racing this week due to track conditions from the freeze that had gripped the northeast the last few weeks. For 3 days, it is easy to see that horses were stumbling around the track as sinkholes opened up under them. On the second day, it took a hole opening up under a horse, having them fall on their nose, and throwing and trampling the jockey for them to cancel the rest of the races due to “track conditions”.
    So, it’s ok for horses to struggle around the track and potentially be injured, but when a jockey falls and is potentially injured- then it’s time to call it a day and cancel the rest of the races? Shame.

  4. I shipped into Charles Town once, and it was an absolute hell hole!
    Not one person, who partakes in these inhumane acts against voiceless racehorses, gives one iota about them.
    They can fool themselves or others, but it’s clear that they don’t give a damn about these racehorses.
    It’s so horrible that local and state governments continue to enable this blatant animal cruelty, and even siphon profits-off for purse money instead of community essential services.
    Shut down horse killing now!

    • Gina, it just gives me the creeps reading about what a hell hole for the horses the Charles Town racetrack is. For years now I’ve read nothing but gruesome incidents involving the horses. It needs to be shut down on the grounds of inhumane acts committed on these animals.

  5. The chart reads that Time to Shine also collapsed and was euthanized after the 2nd race. Charlestown has to be the worst track running.

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