Dead at Portland Meadows, 2017

Through a request to the Oregon Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following deaths at Portland Meadows in 2017.

Cinematic Cat, September 30
“colic” (last raced September 3)

Rome New York, October 25
“kicked at the farm and got worse on walker at the track – tibial fracture” (last raced October 3)

Semiprecious, October 31, race 6
“limb fracture”

Regalstone, November 27, race 6
“carpal fracture”


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  1. King of Honour was recently pulled off a slaughter truck. He was in deplorable condition, covered with scars, old wounds, fresh wounds, looked as though he’d been tortured for years. His last race was Jan 23, 2018, less than 3 weeks ago. It takes a bit to shock me, but that did. How was he approved to race? No vets at the track? No one voiced concerns about his appearance? The fight begins with legislation to protect vulnerable horses, and to legally hold accountable the owners who neglect and abuse them. A woman pulled King of Honour. She now could use help with his vet bills. Why can’t she sue the owner? Of coarse, our laws wouldn’t allow her to get a red cent since she pulled the poor horse off a slaughter truck, livestock in the eyes of the law, just a slab of meat. How long will we allow our horses to be shipped to slaughter when they are no longer lucrative for some greedy bastard? We have thousands of politicians, local, federal levels, and I can’t name a single one who advocates for animal rights. We watch people protesting nearly every day in this country, for illegal immigrants, the dreamers, anti-Trump. pro-life, pro-abortion, woman’s rights. I can’t recall one protest for the horses we slaughter, for wildlife, for the millions of healthy cats and dogs we euthanize in shelters, for farm animal abuse. NOT ONE, NOT A WORD. Do you think the mainstream media would like to share this blog with their viewers? No, the non-existent Russia collusion story gets 24/7 coverage. It’s Trump this, and Trump that. I doubt they’d notice if someone dropped a nuke on us. The media doesn’t care about truth, and certainly not about animals. That’s the ugly reality we face.

  2. This is not horse racing, it is horse aggravated abuse. Must be handled as such. It is very cruel to push these horses beyond their limits. There was only one Secretariat

    • “There was only one Secretariat”. With all due respect you know very little about the history of the sport and the gallant warriors who ran ten times the races Secretariat did. They were raced under far worse conditions, no time between races, over shoddy tracks, with heavy iron horse shoes, injuries that were not completely healed, they even ran ill, they were a different breed than thoroughbreds today. I don’t condone what they endured, but I’m going to make damn sure they get full credit due. No, Secretariat was not the only great race horse. There were many. Pick up a book. “Abuse” didn’t just begin yesterday, it goes back almost two centuries, from the beginning of the sport. I use the word sport because the equine athletes made it so.

  3. Horse racing is NOT a sport, and it wasn’t the equine athletes that made it so – they are non-consenting participants that are FORCED to endure, and are still forced to endure horrific abusive conditions.
    Furthermore, It’s difficult to compare abuse to abuse saying that the abuses back then were much worse than the abuses now.
    I can assure you that any abuse back then has been replaced with other abusers so you can’t quantify abuse.
    That would be like saying domestic abuse back then was more abusive than current domestic abuse.
    Is a black eye worse than a predator yanking a woman out the shower traumatizing her being? No way.
    Is beating a horse to win any different than beating a horse to drop dead in the dirt? No way.
    It’s all abuse.
    Horse racing is a never ending abusive cycle of doping, beating, maiming, dumping and/or dying.
    Nothing has changed or will never change because the abusive cycle is necessary to fill races, and increase wagering profits.

  4. I’m not comparing abuses at all. Simply giving credit to the equine athletes of the past and present. I believe it all started with someone saying, “There was only one Secretariat”. What does that mean? As one who appreciates horse racing history and the horses who sacrificed so much, the comment was deeply offensive to me. It doesn’t matter how we feel about the sport, the wrongs, the abuses, the horses who paved out history on the track with their sweat and blood deserve respect. They were athletes, they were champions. I refuse to take that away from them.

    • They are not, nor have they ever been, “athletes.” That’s a myth that has been hammered into our collective consciousness for 150 years. The racehorse is but another exploited domesticated animal – a thing, a piece of property, a means to human ends. Although your heart may be in the right place, by conceding “sport” to this vile business you are doing their bidding, propagating The Big Lie.

    • Karen, I would think that any person with one iota of compassion would be “deeply offensive” about the ongoing doping, maiming, dumping and/or dying of racehorses.
      Are they “champions” when they are standing in manure up to their knees all battered up, starving, neglected, and sore because the pro-horse racing industry participants regard them as nothing more than disposable trash?
      La Galleria, a champion racehorse mare, flipped for $600,000 at the Keeneland sale, sold and sold until she ended up at a kill auction in Louisiana, all battered, her EYE was actually pocked out, ribs showing, starving, neglected, wounds with blood/pus coming out of her.
      She was once a “champion” who, like many, are dumped when they are no longer financially viable.
      It was one good-hearted woman who has NOTHING to do with this industry that coughed up the $200 to save her and Three Chimney Farm who made the $600,000 didn’t give ONE DIME for their former “champion” mare.
      This is just one example of many, and this is NOT the way a champion is treated because they are certainly NOT athletes.
      If they were athletes they would be reaping the financial rewards of their income, retiring to decent homes, not dumped to subsequently end up on the slaughterhouse floor in most cases.
      Have you ever seen a human athlete being beaten to perform, knifed to death in a Mexican slaughterhouse?
      Your comment, deliberately or otherwise, fails to acknowledge the truth behind these racehorses, and the VILE operating procedures required to keep these racehorses going, to fill races, to increase wagering profits.
      This is NOT respect; rather, this is egregious, inhumane acts of cruelty on a non-consenting sentient being.

    • Karen, I believe you love and respect the horses just as I do – but they are so much MORE than the “athletes” and “champions” the racing industry and their apologists refer to them as. So much more. Those that are not elevated to the false pedastel of “champion” and “great athlete” – simply because they could not run as swiftly as those revered by fans – are not a lesser being, not an undeserving being…they ALL are magnificent and amazing creatures who just want their OWN life spent alongside their own kind.

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