30 Dead Racehorses in Delaware

Through a FOIA request to the Delaware Department of Agriculture, I have confirmed the following kills on that state’s tracks in 2017.

Happydazarehereagain, March 13, Dover, training
“head trauma due to fall when choking down”

Toastedmarshmallow, April 20, Delaware, training
“catastrophic injury during training”

Sugar Foot Anne, June 10, Delaware, race 9
“comminuted radial carpal fracture plus extensive cartilage damage”

Street Spice, June 20, Delaware, training
“severely fractured sesamoid” (44 races; according to his trainer, SS “came back sore” in his most recent race on May 14)

Michaelslittleally, July 1, Delaware, race 7
“comminuted scapular fracture”

DC Dancer, July 22, Delaware, race 6 (euthanized August 3)
“ill-fated horse sustained a rupture of its left front suspensory ligament”

Hard to Want, August 1, Delaware, training
“collapsed [after] workout on the main track…dead upon [vet’s] arrival” (five years old)

Purrin’ Proud, August 2, Delaware, race 3
“fractures of both left front sesamoids” (chart said “failed to be a serious threat”)

Dance With Gio, August 3, Delaware, race 7
“fractured both sesamoids in its right front fetlock” (eight years old, 55th race)

Warrior Call, August 6, Delaware, training
“based on poor prognosis…trainer elected to have the horse humanely euthanized”

Glitzy, August 10, Delaware, race 3
“right hind fracture of its metatarsal, left front cannon bone behind with complete destruction of its long pastern bone”

Pandamonia, August 10, Delaware, race 5
“this horse suffered multiple fractures” (two years old, first race)

Saints Be Praised, August 23, Delaware, race 2
“suffered fractures to both [italics added] front legs”

Bokeh, September 2, Delaware, race 8 (euthanized September 3)
“suffered a catastrophic injury while racing”

Not for Truth, September 18, Delaware, training
“suffered a catastrophic injury during training hours”

Aldalma, September 18, Delaware, race 1
“suffered a catastrophic injury while racing” (three years old, first race)

Cora Bear, September 26, Delaware, training
“euthanized following injury during training”

Kidron, September 27, Delaware, race 7
“suffered a catastrophic injury while racing”

You’re a Survivor, October 2, Delaware, race 7
“suffered a catastrophic injury while racing”

Amazing Campisi, October 7, Delaware, training
“euthanized following training accident”

Allie’s Event, October 7, Delaware, race 4
“suffered a catastrophic injury while racing” (11 years old, 67th race)

Smokey Wend, October 9, Delaware, race 4
“suffered a catastrophic injury while racing” (two years old, first race)

Distorted Union, November 1, Delaware, training
“suffered a catastrophic injury while training”

Lady Aconite, November 7, Delaware, training
“euthanized following training accident”

In addition, these still-very-much-active racehorses died on track grounds from what the industry cunningly calls “non-racing” causes. While this may be technically true, morally they are no less casualties of this vile business than the ones above.

Indio, March 15, Delaware
“discovered dead in its stall; horse had stopped eating the day before”

It’z My Valentino, May 25, Delaware
“horse was suffering from a large colon torsion – humanely destroyed” (last raced May 5, finished last, 19 lengths back)

Lulu’s Rush, July 13, Delaware
“humanely destroyed following its battle with pneumonia” (three years old)

Bigapplehereicome, July 22, Delaware
“found dead in its stall” (three years old)

Calzini Rossi, August 23, Delaware
“suffered from colic and a displaced colon and was humanely euthanized” (five years old, 46 races, most recent July 6)

Billy’s Sweetheart, September 5, Delaware
“was euthanized for a medical condition” (three years old, coming off first race)


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  1. This is horrendous. This is ungodly. You have really informed me about the extent of this carnage.

    I”ll never support horseracing any more and that goes for Greyhound racing or any animal that is used and exploited for sporting or entertaniment

  2. Sickening. The inexcusable suffering these THIRTY (30) horses experienced makes me sick to the stomach.
    As for the so called “non-racing” deaths, the truth of the matter is that they ARE racing deaths. Just because the death did not occur in a race, the injury/condition that the horse died from IS as a result of the physiological and psychological stress placed on these horses in racing.

    The housing, whipping, doping, being overraced, racing when sore, racing when carrying a pre-existing injury/condition are just some of the causes for these deaths. Other causes include but are not limited to – lack of or negligent veterinary treatment, insufficient nutrition, poor management and the negligence of racing administrators in permitting horses to race when the animal is not up to the task.

    These deaths are not accidents which the racing industry would like the public to believe.

  3. VILE.
    So sorry for all racehorses who died for $2 bets.
    Trainer Jorge Navarro who has been exposed on the HRW blog here on many occasions is being treated like “royalty” at Gulfstream Park.
    This is a KNOWN major doper, abuser, dumper with multiple racehorses who have died under his direct training methods and/or contributor to kill auctions.
    So any horse in his care is probably being subjected to this monsters “win at all costs” approach, but it’s the owner of Gulfstream Park, Frank Stronach, who ultimately makes the decision to support trainers such as this.
    So Frank Stronach is a major enabler of racehorse abuse, and dying especially when he permits trainers like this to gain access to stalls, races, and racehorses.
    It’ an entire system of abuse.

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