Boo Boo Bear Dead at Turf

From the Equibase recounting of the 3rd at Turf yesterday: “BOO BOO BEAR suffered a severe leg injury during the stretch run and was pulled up then euthanized.” Boo Boo Bear was three; ’twas his 18th time under the whip.


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  1. SHUT DOWN THESE UNCONSCIONABLE, CRUEL TRACKS — you MUST devise another way to make your big bucks — LEAVE THE HORSES ALONE! — Racehorses surely are poorly treated — as if they’re stuffed animals — sometimes resold to another — we MUST get on board and fix this industry by abolishing all of its depraved abuses & sadistic cruelties — these true tales render obscene the common apologist claim of “treated better than you and me.” — for the lives of racehorses are no anomaly — they are the lives of most racehorses, which include — (1) deprivation; — (2) abuse; — (3) suffering; (4) — premature, often painful, death — In order TO END IT: — NO MORE betting, NO MORE attending, NO MORE patronizing racinos — PLEASE, do it for the horses.

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