61st Race the Killer for Western Tryst

In the 1st at Mahoning yesterday, Western Tryst “went wrong, [and was] euthanized on the track” (Equibase). The long-suffering gelding was a couple weeks shy of his 9th birthday; this was his 61st time under the whip. The first, back in August 2011, was at storied Saratoga Race Course, where he was valued at $50,000 prior to the race. Yesterday, at cheap Mahoning, he was on the market for a measly $4,000 (and, in fact, was “claimed” and would have changed hands – again – had he survived). Yes, Racing kills many 2-, 3-, and 4-year-olds. But there are others, like Western Tryst, who are simply run into the ground start after start, year after year. Pounded – to death.

Western Tryst, about to die…


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  1. Happened to catch this race live on TVG as as I was interested in another horse in the race. TVG’s commentator made the comment that they had to get away from the replay as it was “ugly”. He even verbalized that he was surprised that Mahoning’s announcer made the comment that Western Tryst “broke down”, but that it Really was a bad breakdown. Then it was business as usual as they went to another track’s race and Western Tryst was old news.

  2. You exposing this online is good for exposure, but in order to have any real, major impact (banning of the sport) you need a strong, powerful, well-funded int’l or national organization that impacts the politicians/lawmakers/public on a large scale. I.e. – TV, News, Politicians/lawmakers/courts. Plus it would be state by state, which is difficult. Unfortunately, that’s the only way things get done/changed.

    • If the general public didnt support it…..racing would close track by track……you relise there are alot of tracks running yet only because slot money and simulcast wagering take that away most places would close within months

  3. So true Billy. Mountaineer is struggling now because Ohio and Pa are taking so much of their slot money – wonder how much longer they will struggle on. They keep cutting dates. And I had originally heard when Thistledown became a racino that the higher ups anticipate that in 7-8 years the slot money in Ohio will be drying up…

    • Mountaineer is struggling now because Ohio and Pa are taking so much of their slot money…..could you explain this a bit further

  4. There are articles on paulick report and bloodhorse about how mahoning opening caused mountaineer to have to decrease their purses and cut racing dates. They also mentioned presque isle cutting into their revenues since all are relatively close to each other and were racing much of the same time

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