9-Year-Old “Pulled Up and Euthanized” at Mahoning

The 53rd time under the whip proved to be the killer for 9-year-old Russian Greek yesterday at Mahoning. In the 1st, Equibase writes, “Russian Greek was pulled up down the backside and was euthanized.” Not much detail there, but then again, why would there be? Here was an old (by racing standards) horse running in a cheap claiming-race at bottom-of-the-barrel Mahoning. Speaking of which, this is the (at least) 11th raceday kill (how many more in morning practice?) at Mahoning since the beginning of the year. And state-subsidized (it’s a racino), too. Obscene.


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  1. Isn’t enough—-enough?? More and. More
    🐎 are being killed daily! It’s easier to Kill them than them to pay for any health care, this. Way they can write the horse 🐎 off as a loss! This is not the correct way to care for a 🐎! HORSE RACING IS A BIG INDUSTRY! To Bad! CLOSE THESE PLACES DOWN!!!!!! OR HAVE IT ALOT MORE INVESTIGATED AND SUPERVISED ! Now

  2. Yes, indeed, Carolyn. I was told the track is “inconsistent”. Sure seems consistent at killing horses this year. There were rumors it was such a crappy surface the first year, they were going to redo it. That never happened, as far as I know. And seems to get worse each year. This year while watching some races, you could literally see holes open up under the horses, and they would almost fall. And 2 horses “returned sore”, one of which was a van off, while racing today.

  3. RUSSIAN GREEK and all other racehorses who died in the dirt for this vile business – so sorry for you.
    Russian Greek – “royally-bred” according to industry standards. His sire Giant Causeway’s sperm cost $85,000 per shot so this was just the start.
    Then like many “royally-bred” foals, at 10 MONTHS old, off to the slave auction he goes where he brings $100,000 to his eventual exploiters.
    His PP’s clearly show a racehorse in peril throughout his illustrious “career,” including a DNF early on!!
    It’s so obvious that he had serious issues that were, most likely, being doped up to deaden the pain where he performed and brought in some money for his slave masters.
    From the west coast on California tracks to the east coast he toiled to bring in some money, and a flake of hay at the end of the day.
    Then the inevitable happens – the DUMPING – time to get rid of a horse who can no longer perform directly due to their ill treatment of him to keep him running, keep him bringing in some checks.
    He’s dumped into this vile industries dumping grounds called the “claiming” ranks, and his life was about to get a whole lot worse.
    His endless cycle of more tracks, different stalls, and owners that don’t give one shit about him begins.
    He keeps slipping down in the claiming ranks as his more than likely endless injections, and doping results in vet bills that often exceed the checks coming in, and this is where this industry can’t deny that the ONLY thing they care about is MONEY and not the welfare of the racehorse, or where he will end up.
    These bloodsucking leeches make me sick – they all make me sick.
    In this case, he ended up dying in the dirt, and I have no doubt in my mind that they sent him out to die so that they didn’t have to deal with a maimed racehorse, where to find a home for him that doesn’t exist.
    The people who are calling themselves the “good folks” in horse racing sit back and watch this cruelty, and abuse of a sentient being continue so they are NOT GOOD they are idiots just like they all are.
    Out of this entire scenario we, the caring public, caring animal advocates will NEVER know the extent of his suffering because they keep their medical records SECRET.
    This is where the lawsuit launched by a bettor, in conjunction with PETA, will FINALLY nail these racehorse abusers to the wall – tether them just like they tether these poor racehorses day in and day out.
    Once they win this case, and they will, those SECRET medical records will be exposed while they are getting sued into the ground.
    I can’t wait for that day.
    Unfortunately, the racehorses can’t wait another day.

  4. Yes Gina – and going back just a few trainers on Russian Greek – there is Jorge Navarro, the trainer that was fined for bragging about race fixing and who’s nickname is the “Juiceman” !

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