Two More Intelligent, Sensitive Beings Killed for $2 Bets

From the 1st at Parx yesterday: “NEW ROAD hopped at the start, went wrong before a quarter mile then was euthanized” (Equibase). “Went wrong.” New Road was a day shy of turning four; this was his 16th time under the whip.

In the 7th at Yonkers Monday, 8-year-old Pappy’s Pal “fractured [his] right front pastern” and, the Gaming Commission reports, “was subsequently euthanized.”

Two more dead animals for $2 bets. This is horseracing.


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  1. Because this industry is all about money (banking is all about money, finance is all about money, money is all about money — horse racing is about horses) — precisely why this industry MUST be SHUT DOWN — There are a hell of a lot of deaths here — all premature — all due to abuse & extremely hard work — TO END THESE unconscionably cruel DEATHS : No more betting, no more attending, no more patronizing racinos — there is no respect, no love for the horses — and, let’s admit, it MUST be all about the horses and the people who care about them!– Is it THAT DIFFICULT to change one’s mindset? — Or, must we “gut” the industry and replace it with horse-loving people? — PLEASE, DO IT for the horses.

  2. VILE.
    So Sorry for all racehorses who died for this despicable business.
    No more patronizing this legitimized animal cruelty, but also tell your politicians to stop supporting this money pit.
    They are giving millions to financially support this business, and without taxpayers money, tax breaks, corporate welfare and/or casino profits every single racetrack would shut down over night.
    It’s time to elect politicians who are “animal friendly,” who will commit to immediately shuttering any financial assistance to this dying industry.

  3. This com’s under the category of premeditated aggravated animal abuse since it is likely that every race sees at least 1 death, maybe more. The statistics are utterly shameful for the number of deaths happening each year. It is time to shut this activity down and make it illegal. No horse should loose their life for a $2.00 bet.

    Shameful people, turn these horses over to sanctuaries or let them be adopted before you kill them all

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