“Fell…and was euthanized”

Frazier Double’s run in the 6th at Evangeline last night, as described by the Equibase writer: “devoid of speed as well, fell just past the quarter mile marker and was euthanized.” And so, another life ends – for gambling. Horseracing is a vile, wicked industry that maims and kills thousands of sentient beings every year. End it. Now.


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  1. I hold every single racing apologist/supporter/participator/gambler directly responsible for the ongoing pain, cruelty, suffering, maiming, and/or dying of racehorses.
    This includes the sales auction companies, wagering companies, to the racing commissions.
    Dying is not just dying on the tracks, but it’s also dying on private training farms, training centers, dying in the breeding shed, dying while giving birth to foals, the dying of foals, the massive pain and suffering of Premarin mares, nurse mares, and the thousands who are being neglected off the track.
    These numbers are in the thousands, and can’t be quantified.
    Then there is the dying on the slaughterhouse floor. The figures are minimum at best, but it’s estimated to be about 20,000+ per year according to the Canadian Department of Agriculture, Canadian Defense Coalition.
    This is all going on while this business makes BILLIONS in profits.
    Let’s not forget that individuals/people on the Board of Directors of sales auctions companies, and wagering companies make daily decisions to not share their BILLIONS in profits essentially writing the death tickets for these racehorses every single day.
    SHAME on all of you, you all have blood on your hands – every single one of you.

  2. Night time racing, day time racing , winter racing – the greed of people and the abuse of horses is astounding.
    Devoid of speed and fell just past the quarter pole – could it possibly be this horse should not have been entered let alone passed the vet. check ?

  3. PS And I love it when apologists,et al, say racing can be cleaned up. !
    I would like to know how this can be done in a gambling business that runs on using and abusing horses for a few years while drugging them whipping them, running them while sore and injured. Without subsidies, drugs, “cheap ” horses and dumping into the slaughter pipeline this business would be out of business in a relatively short time.
    Nobody in their right mind can even entertain the thought that this abomination can be rehabilitated. Impossible because this IS racing.

  4. Horse racing, dog racing are controlled by The Mob. It is EGREGIOUS animal abuse and should be illegal.

  5. There is a trail of maimed and dead racehorses leading up to the Derby.
    After the Derby there is the Preakness at Pimlico located in Maryland.
    In the days leading up to the Preakness The Stronach Group was touting how wonderful the track is, how it should be saved (to the tune of 200 million of TAXPAYERS MONEY!), how it generates millions in revenue for Maryland, and of course the 25,000 jobs according to their PAID INDUSTRY REPORT, but none of these claims can be factually substantiated.
    Nevertheless on this so-called wonderful track another racehorse died today.
    This time the victim was COLONEL CRAWFORD and the Equibase chart confirmed that he’s DEAD – dropped in the dirt supposedly snapping his leg-off, and subsequently euthanized.
    Again, no investigation, no public release of the doping/vet records, and no repercussions for the killers.
    This is what The Stronach Group wants people to support with precious taxpayers money.
    Go to hell you rotten racehorse abusers.

  6. Patrick, you need to hit YouTube with some of these stories. It’s us who care who are on your site and we can’t “hit” other folk unless we venture outward. This information needs to get out. I want to help end racing too. Let’s do this

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