A Recap of My FOIA Reporting – Send to All Horseracing Apologists

Follows is my state-by-state FOIA recap for 2017.

Nevada: request filled
Colorado: request filled
Montana: request filled
Wyoming: request filled
Iowa: request partially filled – training deaths not included
Minnesota: request filled – but with names redacted
Michigan: request partially filled – training deaths not included
Nebraska: request filled – but with serious irregularities
Washington: request filled
New Jersey: request filled
Oregon: request partially filled – training deaths not included
Delaware: request filled
Texas: request filled
Indiana: request filled – but with names redacted
Oklahoma: request filled
New York: from Commission’s public database
Maryland: request partially filled – no harness information
Illinois: request filled
Arizona: request filled
West Virginia: request filled
Ohio: request filled
Idaho: request filled
Louisiana: request partially filled – training deaths not included
Florida: request filled
Pennsylvania: request filled
New Mexico: request filled – but with sloppy paperwork
Kentucky: request partially filled – no harness information (and names redacted)

California: request rejected
Virginia: request rejected
Maine: request rejected

Arkansas: no response
South Carolina: no response
South Dakota: no response
Tennessee: no response
Massachusetts: reported 0 deaths (dubious)
North Dakota: reported 0 deaths
Georgia: reported 0 deaths for its single-day Pine Mountain Steeplechase


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  1. We live in ND, which had no reported deaths, but that doesn’t mean there is no abuse. Certainly there is neglect and abuse, of domestic horses. I now call or email, state veterinarians and if an animal is in distress, I call 911. Did both in South Dakota recently…I’m sick to death of the bullsh*t and shill-sallying!

      • No thanks required Rose, that’s the biggest part of the problem people don’t want to get involved. How can you NOT get involved when a Clydesdale is propped against a telephone pole, because its hoof is split wide open up to the first joint and it wasn’t a new injury. I also followed up to ensure someone went out there. I prefer most animals to most humans, there is an honesty and decency, people seem to have forgotten.

  2. Horse racing projects an image that is deceptive.
    This entire business operates in a shroud of secrecy, and non-transparency whilst collecting millions in taxpayers money, public wagering, casino profits, tax breaks and/or corporate welfare.
    It’s so sad that racehorses are being maimed and/or killed for stupid gambling bets.
    The only good thing about this list is that Hazel Park is now officially closed – gone forever.
    So sorry for all racehorses on this list.
    I will continue to be a voice for you.

    • As the daughter of a British bookie, you don’t have to tell me about the dirty side of racing. You only have to see the video of Justify’s win to know that there are dirty tactics afoot. It’s 2018, have we not grown out of watching animals be pushed beyond their endurance. and calling it “sport”? (Sport for whom one may ask.

    • They deem the information confidential, although in some cases the stewards at individual tracks did indeed publish – on the CHRB website – the names of the dead. Strange arrangement.

    • When this “confidential” information is challenged in court, and it will be eventually, the CHRB will lose.
      There’s no way that they can accept public money for their salaries, their tax breaks, their public wagering coffers, and not consider the dying of racehorses public information.
      This is yet another lack of transparency, a “cover-up” conducted by the horse racing alliance.

  3. I stand w/you & every horse, Patrick – with admiration to the moon & back. Heartfelt thanks for all you do…every single day.

  4. I’m very excited to announce that we are FINALLY making huge progress.
    Many of us signed a petition to ensure that coupling was NOT included in the new sports betting bill.
    Christie of New Jersey attempted to push through a requirement of “Live Racing” when widespread sports betting was approved on all former and current racetracks – big mistake.
    That decision has been officially reversed thank goodness for the thousands of racehorses that would have been bred, exploited, and die for this vile business.
    These tracks no longer have to run live race meets in order to offer wagering of any kind – all sports.
    We know that horse racing is not a sport.
    People are finally waking up to this vile business and our politicians are finally realizing that they can make billions in profit without exploiting racehorses.
    Gamble all you want, but leave the racehorses/greyhounds out of it.
    I would like to see this type of bill extended to the existing racinos all over the states not just in New Jersey.
    I think it can be done so that more live meets will be shuttered.

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