Cha Cha Charlie Killed at Louisiana; Schomberg at Finger Lakes

Cha Cha Charlie in the 7th at Louisiana last night, as relayed by Equibase: “CHA CHA CHARLIE forced the early pace from between foes, fell entering the second turn and was euthanized.” He was four; this was his 20th time under the whip.

At Finger Lakes yesterday morning, 6-year-old Schomberg broke down while training – euthanized, says the NYS Gaming Commission.


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  1. Cha Cha Charlie “forced” the early pace?
    Oh please get your facts right Equibase.
    It was the jockey who FORCED this horse to set the early pace.
    Likely this was the reason that Cha Cha broke down, he was being pushed beyond his limitations.
    “foes” oh really?
    You people have no bloody idea, none whatsoever.

  2. I’m crying buckets over the horrific endings for these racehorses.
    The mayhem, carnage, and blood bath continues.
    This is insanity.
    How in the world can we progress as a society when this dying is acceptable?
    Schomberg had all the “right” connections and breeding for the Ontario Racing Circuit.
    Gustav Schickedanz a prolific breeder brought Schomberg into this world, sent him to a well-connected trainer, Reade Baker, and sent him to the prestigious Woodbine Racetrack.
    A racehorse considered elite, by industry standards, is not immune to the horrific endings that so many meet.
    This is the wonderful world of horse racing covered-up with the fancy hats and the “sports” banner.
    I’m sickened by the daily dying and so should any moral, and rational person.

  3. Exactly, Gina. How can we as a society progress when these horses are breaking down and dying day after day and it’s accepted?
    It just beggars belief that the racing industry continues on as though it’s not happening.

  4. Introducing
    From the get-go, even before reading her comments, she’s a reproductive vet for the thoroughbred horse racing industry so did I really need to read her comments?
    Her blog begins with this line: No animals were harmed in the making of this blog…
    She breeds, assists others to breed, oh and by the way, she rescued an amazing number of thoroughbreds for re-homing – 10 to be exact – laughable.
    How sensitive of her to bring another foal into this world for the ugliness that’s waiting for them.
    Ever notice that nowhere in any of these articles is the cold hard facts?
    It’s time to visit her Facebook page and give her a good dose of reality.
    Somebody needs to be a voice for these racehorses.
    There are no body parts immune to the exploitation of this business as she makes a living off the reproductive systems of non-consenting mares.
    Yuk. What a horrific business, and the people who do this are worse than horrific.

  5. In 2015 approximately 20,000 thoroughbreds were foaled and one of them was Justify.
    Now the adoring fans worship at the alter of success regardless of the cost or how the success was achieved.
    I wonder how many of these worshiping fans give a thought as to the fate of the remaining 19,999, or so horses foaled that year. How will they fare, what they are being subjected to now and what they are yet to face.
    Do these fans care about horses or are they just high on the big achievers – are they that shallow ?

  6. This killing of horses really needs to stop! Shooting up horses with steroids so that they win, is killing them at the end of the race. Is winning that important? Please these beauties would be better of never born! This is so terrible sickening!

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