“Leg-Visibly-Dangling” Breakdown at Remington

According to the Equibase chart for the 10th at Remington on June 2, Special Candy High was “injured [and] vanned off.” And that, likely, is where it would have stayed, at least until my 2018 FOIA reports are filed. But two factors triggered (Racing) press coverage: First, this was a $1 million Grade 1 and the horse in question a budding “star”; second, there is a drugging controversy brewing (apparently, investigators saw a vet treating horses in the barn of Clinton Crawford – SCH’s trainer – after the cut-off). Bottom line here, Special Candy High is dead – “broke down in catastrophic fashion, with his left foreleg visibly dangling,” says the Paulick Report. Visualize that.

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  1. This horrific display of racehorse abuse, cruelty, and inhumane treatment is evident in this example.
    It’s also obvious that this scenario is shrouded in nefarious dealings, which exposes the corruption going on in horse racing.
    “Hidden ownership” is rampant and very little is done about it, but it’s the racehorses like SPECIAL CANDY HIGH who suffer greatly because there is no neutral people and/or agencies over seeing the operations.
    It also continues because they hide their “secret” vet/doping records which essentially protects them from any form of meaningful prosecution and they will be back at it again.
    After all, it’s the hens guarding the hen house even protecting the killing of racehorses.
    I implore people to stop wagering on racehorses, please leave them out of your gambling choices.

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