Classy Cara Killed at Belmont

The NYS Gaming Commission reports that Classy Cara was killed while training at Belmont Thursday. She was three and had been under the whip nine times.


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  1. So sorry for Classy Cara (CC).
    CC is has a very typical PP record that reflects a racehorse who, most likely, had issues.
    It seems evident that CC was struggling with some sort of chronic issue, but was probably kept going by a steady administration of doping cocktails.
    Again, the secret doping/vet records is a deliberate attempt, by this industry, to mask the truth.
    I received a few tweets from pro-horse racing people ordering me to stop posting photos of dead racehorses on Twitter.
    I would like to make clear to the apologists that I will stop posting pics of dead racehorses when you people stop killing them.

    • You know you’re winning, Gina, when the apologists “order” you to stop posting pics of dead racehorses on Twitter.

  2. I am more and more upset reading about these deaths. Of course, since we protested at Belmont, the track across the street from my junior high school, it cannot help but affect me in deep way. I had no idea what went on. Very painful to contemplate. Tearful.

  3. Starting these horses so young, way before their leg bones are even set (6 yrs) is truly proof that this industry is all about money….so tired hearing about “the ppl involved” loving these horses. More BS straight away!!!

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