The Week in Racing

Last week on U.S. Thoroughbred and QuarterHorse tracks (not including training).

Gurt Boys “returned bleeding” at Parx
Giggle Byte “pulled up lame, vanned off” at Charles Town
Lily’s Pose “vanned off” at Sam Houston
Tiger Man “suffer[ed] an injury, vanned off” at Aqueduct
Hezajessforsure “bled” at Sunland
Gates of Dawn “vanned off” at Aqueduct
Algorix “returned bleeding” at Parx
Tizierra “bled” at Rillito
Outlaw by Nature “bled” at Rillito
La Brianna “vanned off” at Sunland
Kentucky Wildcat “vanned off” at Tampa Bay
Looking for Info “bled” at Rillito
Big Wave Betty “bled” at Rillito
Aeromosa “vanned off” at Tampa Bay

(source: Equibase)


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  1. Kentucky Wildcat is already diagnosed with a condylar fracture, and will have surgery this week. The racing world is bummed that this young horse is off the Kentucky Derby trail due to his injury, but I have seen comments already that this will probably not be career ending. A baby with a fracture, Shame.

  2. In Closing, a colt I was familiar with, had surgery for a condylar fracture but was euthanized about 8 weeks post surgery because of laminitis – weeks of suffering and for what ??

  3. Yes, Rose, I thought of that also, or the fact that some horses don’t come out of anesthesia well. And can injure themselves catastrophically.

  4. You assholes in this racing just don’t get it do you – you are constantly abusing and slaughtering these animals because of your own stupidity. I am not speaking as someone who does not know about horses – I have had them my whole life and I am a certificated animal handler and transporter with the SPCA. My Dad raced horses when I was younger so I spent many days at the race tracks and NEVER ONCE did we ever have a problem with our race horses. They were trained and handled at home and never even saw the track if there was any indication of them being somewhat lame or any other health issue. My Dad was a true horseman in every sense of the word and always believed in this – “A horse that loves and cares for a man was loved and cared for by a man” – Emma Bullington. I am not sure that any of your bastards would even understand what that quote even means – I really doubt it – not from the way you handle these poor animals. It is totally shameful and you should all be PUT DOWN instead of them.

  5. Burton Sipp again going to try to run a horse into the ground Roman Officer. Trace his path starting with the cobalt user Kevin Patterson. This is probably the end for Roman Officer. At least he is at Turf Paradise now shorter distance to Mexico.

    • Roman Officer has made a lot of money for a lot of people – where are those people now? And his circumstances are not unusual…countless racehorses are in the same sickening descent into hell that he is in.

      Racing fans are all over social media naming countless horses like Roman Officer and exclaiming “He deserves retirement!” and “Hasn’t she done enough?” and “Retire him and let him just be a horse!” and “Stop before she’s too broken down!” Yes, racing FANS…it’s laughable coming from them – but yet it’s the tragic truth. I always wonder, what are the criteria that determine when a horse has “done enough” or is, at last, “deserving” of retirement? How broken down must the horse be before he finally gets to “just be a horse”? Those fans REALLY go crazy over former stakes horses running for a tag…the claimers with back class…and while it’s additionally disgusting that the breeders, owners and trainers of racehorses who made a great deal of money are nowhere to be found when their former horses are begging for rescue while dropping lower and lower, the horses who were always just “cheap claimers” want to live just as badly.

      Racing fans who go ballistic over racehorses they say need to be retired (just look at Not Cloudy All Day on Twitter)…odd, isn’t it? They support racing – they, in fact, become very angry and defensive when confronted with the facts from Horseracing Wrongs. Of course, when I ask common sense questions that arise from a compassionate perspective, I am called a “hater” and reminded of all of the “good people” in racing. You know…“there is good and bad in everything” (I don’t know who coined that nonsensical phrase but the racing folks just LOVE it). And if I’m not already blocked after a comment/question or two (Why do they need to retire? Don’t the horses love it? The horse is only 10!…he’s in his prime! Aren’t they treated like kings and queens?…like family members?…get better care than the trainer’s own children?…eat before the trainer does? Racing is so safe, why would the horse be “too broken down” to enjoy retirement? How can there be so many horses that shouldn’t be racing if there are only a “few bad apples”?), it happens immediately when I simply suggest they get all those good people in racing to claim the horses they are worried about and give them homes. I have never gotten a response to that……..

  6. YES Joy!! I’ve started to follow Not Cloudy All Day also – and I often see tweets from people imploring “SOMEONE please retire this horse…” WHO is that someone supposed to be?! And why aren’t the people imploring “someone” to retire that horse being more proactive themselves and doing something to be that someone?
    I’ve also noticed frequent tweets to the offending tracks to please not allow certain horses to be entered. That is laughable. Those tracks don’t give a shit that that horse has been run every few days, or has always been last. Or that it may break down. Or that that is considered “abuse” by some. They are money and greed driven. As some people on there have tweeted, those horses are considered “gate fillers”.
    Sad reality. And the tracks hold their precious stalls over these desperate fools as a black mail system. They don’t run their horses (even if every few days) – they don’t get stalls next year. None of this industry looks out for the horses.

    • Not cloudy all day has the right idea, but to be a fan and support this even after knowing the cold hard truth is unfathomable to me. The tweets from the people to retire the horses, i cant blame them i feel fans or not they are at least speaking out and trying to hold the industry accountable, how you continue to support it is beyond comprehension. Now what you speak of the track this is as true as it gets i will tell my own experiences…..last Wednesday i went to the track to speak with the racing director about a certain horse ive followed for the last 3 yrs, i was already there his last 4 races asking the trainer about him, i got into the racing office spoke to the assistant racing director he took my information listened to what i had to say and assured me the racing director would contact me, its been a week and nothing ( no suprise) *note joy aten when contacting moutaineer about sipp. I knew as soon as i didnt speak to the director face to face i wasnt going to recieve a call. I would love to retire this guy and just give him a life, but what i can provide the horse with is not going to be enough i have the money to buy him, but ive never owned a horse and dont have a good place for him, i feel other people with the same good intentions fall into one of the same categories. The track will tell you they care, they will boast that horse welfare is top priority, but when you ask about a horse to the track you are met with nothing but resistance and talked down upon, yes look at the stall applications very much held over their head. Not one part of this industry is setup for the horses from how they live, train, and race, if you stable on track the options are very limited and its because the track exists to make money and hold races you said it best none of this industry looks out for the horses, thats left up to the owners and trainers patricks list show how that is working.

      • Thank-you Billy for your futile efforts due to this vile industry and the vile individuals in it.
        Things are going to get much worse, but it’s hard to define worse when even 1 racehorse dies.
        I predict this because there is a huge shortage of racehorses to fill racehorses for these ever increasing casino race days, huge amounts of money given to the “horseman” to increase purses, paying up to last place and some tracks (Santa Anita, Gulfstream, Woodbine) are actually offering money and/or expenses paid for trainers shipping horses in to fill their races.
        Of course their expense deals are kept secret for the most part while the average taxpayer is essentially paying for this in one form or another.
        The shortage will only exacerbate because the soaring costs of keeping a racehorse is out of touch for most, and contrary to popular belief, it’s not the rich people that keep this business going, it’s always been the small racing stables, the small average person that fills races.
        The rich only account for about 10% and they don’t want any part of the small races, they spend the money for a shot at the Derby or stake races.
        We know, based on facts, that when their horse doesn’t perform at the upper levels they DUMP them despite the fact that they usually have million dollar farms full of empty paddocks making it so easy to take care of the horse.
        We know that they get rid of the horse that doesn’t live up to their expectations and/or egos for most all owners and trainers.
        The racehorses pay the price every step of the way.
        For a mere 3 minutes of Derby or Breeders Cup thousands of horses end up suffering in the claiming ranks or die on the track or on the slaughterhouse floor.
        This is insanity, and anybody who sees it any other way needs their head checked.

      • This fight is just beginning, his name is jazzys quattro he turns 8 on march 8, he has 65 starts hes 10-9-13 hes had 5 owners and 6 trainers, last year 2018 he was ran a career high 18 times, the most races this horses has ran in a yr is 11. He was claimed at penn national on 5/4/18 hes a damn good racehorse,he always tries, always gives effort rarely very rarely stopped, hes what the industry is looking for, has done his job and has done it well.

        Here is his last 7 races
        11/23/18 6th of 11 6 1/4 lengths back ran a 62 speed figure.
        6 days later 11/29/18 2nd of 10 length back 73
        15 days later 12/13/18 4th of 7 5 1/4 lengths 68
        9 days later 12/22/18 4th of 7 4 1/2 lengths 61
        13 days later 1/5/19 6th of 6 8 lengths 48
        21 days later 1/26/19 7th of 8 7 1/2 lengths 62
        11 days later 2/6/19 11th of 11 8 1/2 lengths 53

        On 12/22 front bandages were added on 1/5 and 1/26 he got a 7 lb bug rider and on 2/6 he came back to the paddock blowing and sucking air harder then ive ever seen him before almost to the point he was in distress. The industry the equine injury database has listed numerious factors in horse breakdown and jazzys fits several of these catagories aged gelding, high number of starts, races close together, hes been a 2 turn horse his entire career, hes been cut back to 6 furlongs, front wraps bug rider, poor pp record, longer span of time being with the same trainer…. ive asked the trainer about him, his first reply to me was do you want to buy him? I asked him if jazzy was ok his reply was yea hes ok they cant race if they arent. Ive seen the necropsy reports ive watched most of those horses race numerious times, im not sure who this guy thinks hes trying to kid. Pa has implemented a start to finish program where the horses are examined in the am, at lasix time, while in the paddock, and after the races, and while i applaud their efforts unless that horse is visibly lame i dont think much is done. The vet watches them circle the paddock and is at the rail when the horses return… unaware of how the pre race exam works at penn but one would assume a flextion test and a trot up, the issues with this is the horses are on those ” therapeutic” drugs during the exam and i dont understand the thought process of having a horse jog/trot that is a 2 beat gait its not even the gait the horses are using while racing. Im forever being told by folks to work with the track, speak to the trainers, well i have as innocent and respectful as i can be, and have got NOTHING. Most of this guys other horses are ran the same way and hes the owner of them. Penn national eric johnston you wanna claim horse welfare as top priority…..well show me because i have a long list you are falling short on.

      • Billy, thanks for being a voice for the suffering JAZZY’S QUATTRO.
        I know that there are active rescue people who regularly comment on this blog (Rose, Carolyn, Joy).
        Perhaps we can all try to save his life because, based on the PP’s and your description of his last race, he’s one race away from dying – “the walking dead” I call these poor souls, but aren’t they all?
        I can give something towards getting him, a little something, but I can’t provide long term housing, which is what they really need.
        I hope something can be done.
        He’s in for a claiming price of $4000 so perhaps they would take $2000 to get him out of his living hell.
        If everybody gave $200 then the money could be raised, but a facility would have to be pre-arranged.
        I feel so sorry for this warrior.
        This one example exemplifies the Pythons slithering around in every corner cobweb at every racetrack from claiming right on up to stake races.
        The python club squeezes the life out of them until they drop in the dirt only a python has more morals than these “people” could ever have.
        VILE is too good a word for these monsters.

      • Gina, believe me i feel my absolute nerve speaking out for one horse, because yes they all matter, and yes there are plenty more in the same or worse shape. This is kinda new to me, one other time ive tried to do this with no brakes, thankfully his trainer did the right thing and retired the horse and found him a great home. With that said penn has the new start program, they have foster farms i dont know anything about that ordeal. There are 2 issues horse needs a home a true home, and nobody wants to claim responsibility for this horse, but yet they all used him for their own benifits. I thank you graciously for reaching out to help, i cant and wont ask for that, i know you all have your own horses, your own lives, and have given time and time again for years, im damn tired of the industry making it the rescues problem to take in another unwanted used up horse. I am very greatful for the recues and what they do. This is an issue of epic proportion and nobody has the answer, it is the pure definition of insanity, everyone knows the industry needs to change from top to bottom but very few have the will to do so, they just go along with the staus quo, i say change because im stuck with racing in pa, its not going away anytime soon, so what other choice is there its about the horses and you are damn right things will get much worse because of the horse shortage and such, but the bigger issue is the money is here and the people know it Breeding is booming in pa because of the money yet they cant support their own game, add to that we seem to allow every undesirable run rampant on the backside because hey there good for racing theres so many messed up things in this game theres not enough space to list them all, its a system, one that the horses suffer immensely for. When you see the vet records for horses like i want revenge, ill have another, songbird the top horses and see what shape they are in, what chance does a 4k claimer really have? They are still just as expensive and run just as hard

      • Billy, thank you for trying your best to help Jazzy’s Quattro. I understand your frustration and despair. It truly is a lone individual going up against an industry that is corrupt and cruel – and there are so many horses that need rescuing…it makes one want to give up trying to speak for the horses and to help in the many ways we do. But we will not stop – we will not give up.

        You brought up many good points. You mentioned the vet checks prior to the race, questioning their accuracy – and you’re right about that doubt. Lameness will be missed in those checks – the following, just a few reasons. Intra-articular corticosteroid injections into failing joints mask hock, knee and ankle pain. The use of extracorporeal shock waves (ESW) provides a period of analgesia following the treatment (there is a significant analgesic effect from 8 hours to 48 hours after) – and there is no way to test if ESW was used on a horse. A horse with issues in both front and hind limbs won’t travel like the typical “lame” horse but will, instead, move in such a way that his unsoundness avoids detection. The horse’s own adrenaline will mask lameness. Then there are the illegal drugs that labs lack the technology to test for – all one needs to do is read racing news to see it is a constant battle to stay ahead of the new drugs trainers are discovering to enhance their horses’ performance.

        And Billy, you mentioned the rescues…and yes, you’re right on that, as well. There aren’t enough of them and there isn’t enough funding for the way too few already in existence. Racing doesn’t give their own horses homes…they expect others to provide for their “athletes” that they “love like family” for the 20 or so years after they are done using them. Racehorse rescue organizations are constantly begging for donations! Isn’t it telling that even those organizations who kiss racing’s a** and defend it (all of those “good folks” in racing, you know!) are always pleading for money and most importantly, HOMES! Homes…they are all begging for homes. Makes me sick.

        Thanks, Billy.

  7. Joy, the “fans” pleading for the life of these horses must know that their “voices” fall on the deaf ears of the merciless business that racing is. They also must know that their beloved “sport” rarely lifts a finger for these domed animals wheather they were money makers or not.
    If any help is to be had for the
    horses it will come from someone not connected to racing who digs into their not so deep pocket to do what racing refuses to do.
    At best, the “fans” need a reality check.

  8. Horses are property. When it comes to other property, such as real property, there are rules and regulations as to how the owner can use it. However, when it comes to rhe horse it is up to the owner.
    There are no rules concerning it’s use and disposition . How can that be?

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