Baby, 9-Year-Old Among Those Killed Yesterday


In the 5th at Penn, “CIRCLE UNBROKEN suffered a catastrophic injury to his left front before going a furlong and was humanely destroyed” (Equibase). Destroyed, yes; “humanely,” decidedly not. Circle Unbroken was one of those plebeian claimers being hammered into the dirt – nine years old, 46 races, run twice in 12 days three different times since March – at a cheap, slots-propped track.

By contrast, in her very first time under the whip, 3-year-old Kinley Karole “went wrong” in the 1st at Churchill. To those who may not be in the know, “went wrong” – most especially in Kentucky – almost invariably means dead.

Finally, the under-tack workouts for the upcoming Fasig-Tipton Midlantic “2-Year-Olds in Training Sale” were, says the Thoroughbred Daily News, “marred by the fatal breakdown of [Cat Three B], who fell to the track entering the backstretch while galloping out after his furlong work…” Fasig-Tipton president Boyd Browning Jr. had this to say: “Unfortunately, we had a horse that suffered an injury and was unable to be saved and was put down on the racetrack.” “Unfortunately.” “Marred.” Vile.


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  1. These poor horses are forced to race at 2 which is disgusting enough, there joints has not even closed up bec they are still growing, it compares asking a toddler to run a 100m track race at full speed!

  2. How can anybody look at even 1 of these pics, 1 of these deaths – a mangled soul laying in the dirt – and STILL support and defend it?
    You would have to have some mental issues to continue in this killing business.
    Our politicians have serious issues or lots of money going into their pockets to spend precious taxpayers money to support this wholesale carnage.
    They need to hear from us, and we need to vote in politicians who are “animal-friendly” and who will explicitly agree to stop ALL funding to horse racing and other venues that exploit animals for profit.
    Once the funding stops the majority of racetracks in North America will cease to exist.
    It’s just that simple.

  3. I will not have anything to do with racing. Totally barbaric, and no concerns for the horses whatsoever. We have The Grand National in the UK, worse race imaginable, jumps are too high and always horses dying. Time to STOP

  4. It’s time to stop all this racing it’s all because of you greedy bastards that feel like you must win bets on these horses, You don’t care that the horses hurt you only care about the money

  5. Patrick: Do you have any breakdowns (analysis) of ages of horses at time of death. Or, is that information even available?

    • I did post ages when I first started this website, Pete, but soon decided that the exact age was irrelevant. We’re often told by the reform-minded that two is too young to be training and racing a horse. In fact, the typical horse does not reach full musculoskeletal maturity – bones aren’t done growing, plates not done fusing – till six, meaning that every age below that is too young. So, it doesn’t matter if the horse was two or five (or seven or eight for that matter). That said, in reporting on the kills as they happen I mostly include the age, which can easily be ascertained on the Equibase website.

  6. Horse racing needs to be banned altogether. It’s only about cruelty and betting/money. Most race horses end up at slaughterhouses in Mexico and Canada

  7. Horse racing needs to be banned. Let those inbreds find something else to amuse them. These are living breathing animals which are being killed for a bet. What has the world come to. smh

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