3-year-old Amplify’s result in the 6th at Laurel yesterday afternoon, as relayed by the Equibase writer: “AMPLIFY…was under a hard ride leaving the far turn, sustained a catastrophic injury near the three sixteenths and was euthanized.”

“was under a hard ride” = was being whipped

“sustained a catastrophic injury” = snapped or shattered a leg

“was euthanized” = was killed

The most recent Stewards Minutes for Del Mar report two “deceased” for the period August 8-August 12 – identities withheld.

The NYS Gaming Commission has disclosed the following kill at Belmont on August 6: “Gabriella sustained pelvic fracture while training, vanned off, euthanized.” Gabriella was three years old and her most recent race was at Saratoga on July 23.

The California Horse Racing Board has disclosed the following kill in the 9th at Santa Rosa on August 5: “Rewired suffered a left foreleg injury and was given a ride home in the horse ambulance” – sesamoid fractures, euthanized. Rewired, too, was three; ’twas his ninth time under the whip.

Killing from coast to coast – this is horseracing.

Last week in U.S. Horseracing (Thoroughbred and QuarterHorse only)

Confirmed Killed
My Perfect Gem, Finger Lakes (after being “in distress”)

“Vanned Off” – many, if not most, will resurface on my year-end FOIA kill-reports
Itsagruffwhirl, Louisiana
Las Vegas Storm, Retama (“in distress”)
Rock and Rattle, Thistledown
More Heat, Albuquerque
Sudden Halo, Albuquerque
Champagne Horizon, Delaware (“in apparent distress”)
Rojo Pita, Retama
Golden Sequence, Saratoga (not listed as vanned, but “returned in distress”)
Mount Eagle, Belterra
He’s Like Violence, Del Mar
Awesome My Way, Gulfstream
Oh Dear Lord, Prairie
Have to Go, Prairie
Ed’s Quick Cat, Saratoga
Slam a Cocktail, Arapahoe
Kingdom’s Gate, Belterra (“in distress”)
Hardened Wildcat, Charles Town
Joshua’s Comprise, Gulfstream
Admiral’s Row, Laurel
Flashing the Boys, Los Alamitos
Mobiledixie, Arapahoe
Oscar Performance, Arlington
Ive Got This, Canterbury
Get Mad Gracie, Fairmount
Faye Runaway, Prairie
Harlan County, Albuquerque
Lady Arya, Belterra (“went wrong”)
Miss Texas, Ruidoso (“took a bad step”)

“Bled,” “Returned Bleeding From Nostrils” – usually indicates pulmonary hemorrhage
Lady Lentenor, Indiana (also vanned off)
Risk E Lifestyle, Arlington (also vanned off)
Gold Diggin Queen, Canterbury
Go Stealth, Fairmount
Resurrection Bay, Penn
Show Me Some Majic, Thistledown

(source: Equibase)

According to Equibase, My Perfect Gem was “pulled up and vanned off [after] appearing in distress” in the 4th at Finger Lakes yesterday. We now know (NYS Gaming Commission) that that “distress” translated to death back in the barn. My Perfect Gem was four, and this was his 17th time under the whip.

Also yesterday at Finger Lakes:

In the 2nd, “LOHENGRIN TWO [the ‘winner’]…responded and was kept to the whip to the end.”

In the 3rd, “SUNDANCE JOY [the ‘winner’]…was whipped left handed leaving the sixteenths pole…”

In the 4th, “ANYTHING PAZIBLE slammed at the start…ADIRONDACK DREAM ducked in slamming QUALITY ISLAND at the start…QUALITY ISLAND slammed by ADIRONDACK DREAM at the start.”

This is horseracing.