Tracey’s Desire in the 7th at Yonkers Thursday: “horse lost all speed near the half and subsequently collapsed on track…” Collapsed. Dead. At five. But fret not, for the Gaming Commission assures an “investigation” is under way.

The most recent Minutes from Santa Anita disclose two “fatalities” for the week Jan 28-Feb 3. One was Kid Cantina on the 2nd; the other, however, remains anonymous.

This is horseracing.

Through a FOIA request to the Michigan Gaming Control Board, I have confirmed the following kill at Northville Downs July 21:

Ounce Hanover – “fractured front leg”

Please note that Michigan is down to a solitary racetrack – a harness one at that. Below are the seven – yes, seven – Michigan tracks that have closed just since 2000:

Saginaw Valley Downs, closed 2005 after 25 years of racing
Great Lakes Downs, closed 2007 after 18 years of racing
Jackson Harness Raceway, closed 2008 after 60 years of racing
Pinnacle Race Course, closed 2010 after 2 years of racing
Mount Pleasant Meadows, closed 2013 after 28 years of racing
Sports Creek Raceway, closed 2015 after 28 years of racing
Hazel Park, closed 2018 after 69 years of racing


Through a FOIA request to the Maryland Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following kills on that state’s tracks in 2018. Please note, however, that when asked about “non-racing” deaths (colic, laminitis, etc.), the Commission responded thus: “We do not have records regarding off track horses.” So, obviously, this list is incomplete.

Not Above Love, January 7, Laurel T

D. K. Two Step, January 12, Laurel R

No Love Lost, January 14, Laurel R

Vua Saigon, January 26, Laurel R

Vim, February 3, Laurel R (euthanized February 4)

Arrivano, February 4, Laurel R

Summer Gems, February 16, Laurel T
“right front”

Gato Dolce, March 10, Laurel R

Bandits Glory, March 23, Laurel T

Admiral Alexis, March 25, Laurel T

Little Jimmy B, March 29, Laurel T

Raging Regina, March 31, Laurel T

Sticksandbricks, April 14, Laurel T

Ice On the Severn, April 14, Laurel R

Tango Delta, April 14, Laurel R

Colonel Crawford, May 17, Pimlico R

Awesome Alma, May 24, Pimlico R
“ankles” (yes, both)

Ok Braveheart, June 10, Ocean R

Asian Trick, June 20, Laurel T
“left front”

Royal Pass, June 24, Laurel R
“collapse” (two years old)

Minor Legend, July 14, Laurel R

Kaitain, July 14, Laurel R (euthanized July 21)
“left hind”

Defenestration, July 15, Laurel T

Markeesa, July 15, Laurel R

Amigo, July 15, Laurel R

Archie’s Revenge, July 22, Laurel R

Menorah Lora, July 28, Laurel R

Amplify, August 16, Laurel R

Tiz a Trill, August 24, Laurel T
“right front”

X Tra Real, September 13, Pimlico T
“collapse” (four years old)

Crafty Estate, September 14, Laurel R
“collapse” (six years old)

Simpson, September 14, Laurel R
“left front”

Skrilla, September 30, Pimlico T
“right front”

Straight Tequila, October 5, Laurel R

Rubys Fire, October 5, Laurel R

Inorbit, October 14, Laurel T

Yankee’s Milestone, November 8, Laurel T
“right front”

Reedini, November 9, Laurel T
“right front”

Dove Dynasty, November 9, Laurel T

Whateverybodywants, November 14, Laurel T
“screw failure”

Adversary, November 22, Laurel R

Candlestick Nic, December 8, Laurel R

Hazana, December 10, Laurel T

Through a FOIA request to the Nebraska Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following deaths there in 2018. Please note, however, that Nebraska is notoriously slow in responding to my request (typically takes multiple tries) and largely evasive on followup questions. In other words, this is almost certainly not the whole story…

Rum Therapy, February 25, Fonner T
“compound fracture P1”

Cimmaron Chief, February 25, Fonner R
“exercise-induced pulmonary hemorrhage” (74th race)

Cash Broker, March 16, Fonner T
“compound fracture shoulder”

Shesashadylady, March 18, Fonner R
“compound fracture cannon”

Lucky Kentucky, April 6, Fonner R
“cannon fracture”

My Gal Sarah, April 28, Fonner T
“head trauma fractures”

Bring the Action, June 9, Horsemen’s R

From the NYS Gaming Commission:

Sunday, training at Belmont, Miss Marion “sustained cannon bone injury and fell at the 1/8 pole…euthanized on track.” Miss Marion was six.

Same day, same track, Chronos “fracture[d] his right front leg” (also training) – euthanized the following day. Chronos was two.

This is horseracing.