Through a FOIA request to the Arizona Department of Racing, I have confirmed the following kills on that state’s tracks in 2017.

Running for Annie, January 3, Turf, race 1
“open fracture fetlock”

With Love Too, January 8, Turf, race 1
“open fracture fetlock” (10 years old, 50th race)

Mydancingshadow, January 8, Turf, race 7
“open fracture fetlock”

Roi Soleil, January 30, Turf, race 3
“luxated fetlock, possible sesamoid fractures, disruption of supporting tissue”

Sir Got Class, February 4, Turf, race 1
“suspected medial and lateral sesamoid bones, with soft tissue insults”

El Trompito, February 5, Turf, training
“fracture to shoulder” (not yet two years old, being prepped for first race)

Indian Nate, February 12, Turf, race 7
“fracture sesamoids with concominant soft tissue disruption”

Ra Indio Tizok, February 19, Rillito, race 1
“fracture radius”

Clever Bling Chick, February 22, Turf, training
“fracture humerus” (two years old, being prepped for first race)

Amberella, February 26, Rillito, race 7
(seven years old)

Guybrush, February 27, Turf, training
“flipped over on training track, died moments later – suspect a broken neck”

Quorum of Joy, March 7, Turf, training
“ruptured digital flexor tendon”

Inexcess Time, March 8, Turf, training
“slab fracture knee” (most recent race, February 25: last, 34 lengths back)

Hail Casper, March 20, Turf, training
“fracture cannon” (not yet two years old, being prepped for first race)

He’s a Dandy, March 22, Turf, training
(nine years old)

Papa Howg, March 25, Turf, training
“sesamoid fracture” (not yet two years old, being prepped for first race)

Smack Talk, March 25, Turf, training
“slab fracture carpus”

Five Star Bert, March 27, Turf, training
“probable heart attack” (five years old)

Kickin Carver, March 28, Turf, training
“heart attack” (two years old, being prepped for first race)

Thundersgold, April 1, Turf, training
“fracture shoulder”

Lo Duca, April 1, Turf, race 2 (euthanized April 3)
“slab fracture carpus”

Market Mayhem, April 4, Turf, race 8
“broke fetlock”

Brazilian Barbeque, April 9, Turf, race 6
“fetlock fracture”

Jess a Dejon, April 29, Turf, race 1
“broken leg at cannon” (first race)

Hymn’s Girl, May 1, Turf, race 7
“fracture cannon bone”

Catching Fire, September 24, Turf, training
“collapse – lung bleeding”

Tizfun, September 29, Turf, training
“collapsed – bled into lungs”

La Moneda, November 5, Turf, race 3
“exercise-induced pulmonary hemorrhage”

Sooner Boomer, November 5, Turf, race 7
“fracture phalanx”

Bistro Lights, November 12, Turf, race 4
“fracture sesamoids”

Spanish Jazz, November 20, Turf, race 4
(eight years old, 55th race)

Compadre Sam, November 27, Turf, race 5
“fracture cannon”

Lady Chatterley, November 28, Turf, training
“fracture shoulder” (two years old, being prepped for first race)

Dont Tell Danna, December 1, Turf, training
“fracture shoulder” (two years old, being prepped for first race)

Arizona Dreamer, December 18, Turf, race 8
(first race)

Joshuas Glory, December 27, Turf, race 4
“fracture cannon”

In addition, these still-very-much-active racehorses died on track grounds from what the industry craftily calls “non-racing” causes. Technically true, perhaps, but morally they are no less casualties of this vile business than the ones above.

Doginabox, February 22, Turf
“pleural pneumonia”

Flat Out Filly (sic perhaps), February 22, Turf

Sunday Dawn, April 5, Turf
“colic” (seven years old, raced 42 times, most recent March 14)

Dollys Party Doll, October 2, Turf
“colic collapse” (last raced April 18)

Kershner, October 24, Turf
“sudden death; had been treated for colic, intestinal rupture” (last raced February 14)

Jamaalaree, November 16, Turf
“pleuropneumonia” (last raced July 16)

Through a FOIA request to the Arizona Department of Racing, I have confirmed the following deaths at Arizona tracks in 2016:

The Blue Mercedes, January 3, Turf training, “fractured shoulder”
Little But Lucky, January 23, Turf 4, “carpal slab fracture”
Sweet N Spicenight, January 27, Turf training, “neurologic”
Mustbkrazy, January 31, Turf training, “fractured cannon – compound”
Berry Valid, February 1, Turf 8, “ruptured suspensory, fractured sesamoids”
Andherecomescj, February 3, Turf training, “fractured shoulder”
Mesa Brute, February 9, Turf 4, “compound luxation fetlock, ruptured suspensory”
Pax Tecum, February 13, Rillito 6, “shattered sesamoids”
Feasibility, March 20, Turf 7, “sesamoid fracture”
Preachinahit, March 21, Turf 8, “shattered sesamoid”
Hidden Demon, March 22, Turf 7, “compound luxation of fetlock”
Chance for Glory, March 28, Turf 4, “compound fracture cannon bone”
Old Squeeze, April 15, Turf training, “fractured shoulder”
Brassy Pete, April 16, Turf 8, “fractured shoulder”
Bluesie Brown, October 3, Turf training, “fractured coffin bone”
Aikman Rose, October 16, Turf training, “pastern fracture”
Macho N Awesome, October 18, Turf training, “laceration”
Excite Me, October 19, Turf training, “fractured shoulder”
Highly Classified, October 24, Turf 2, “bled out internally”
Shesaperfectbeamer, October 29, Turf 3 (euthanized October 30), “carpus”
Randi’s Diamond, November 9, Turf training, “compound fractures of cannon bones”
Blitzinonmoonshine, November 23, Turf training, “broke down – knee”
Tripski, November 26, Turf training, “condylar fracture”
Supah Guy, November 29, prior to Turf 4, “hit head – copious epistaxis…teeth quivers”
Millennium Flower, December 2, Turf training, “fractured radius”
Ella’s Kitten, December 7, Turf training, “heart attack”
Twobobs, December 27, Turf training, “condylar fracture”

In addition, the following horses died on track grounds from what the industry calls “non-racing” causes. While this may be technically true, morally they are no less casualties of this vile business than the ones above.

Wild Iris, April 4, Turf, “severe pleuropneumonia with septicemia”
Noble Mojave, December 30, Turf, “colic”

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There can be no justification for the killing of animals for $2 bets. End it. Now.

After several requests, I finally received documentation on Rillito Park’s dead from last year. The response, however, strains credibility – but two horses killed in a spring meet that spanned three months. That said, here they are:

6-year-old Praise a Native, February 14, Rillito 5

10-year-old Lisasfinishline, March 29, Rillito 5

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Through a FOIA request to the Arizona Department of Racing, I have confirmed the following kills at Turf Paradise in 2015. (Unless otherwise noted, fatal injury was a leg fracture of one kind or another.)

11-year-old Tejano Trouble, January 6, Turf 4
“fractured neck”

3-year-old Volage, January 13, Turf 6

3-year-old Hidden Angel, January 20, Turf 3

3-year-old Time for a J, January 27, Turf 2

7-year-old Cowtown Star, February 10, Turf 4

3-year-old Zen Zai Sun, February 10, Turf 4
“fractured shoulder”

5-year-old Ms PK Blue, February 16, Turf 2

3-year-old Dylbug, February 22, Turf 5

4-year-old Aerial Dancer, February 23, Turf 4

3-year-old Noble Metal, March 10, Turf, training

3-year-old Mizzo’s Gold, March 21, Turf, training
“heart attack”

3-year-old Mo’s a Wine Snob, April 14, Turf 5

5-year-old Dirty Diamond Jim, April 20, Turf 3

2-year-old Carson City Zip, October 4, Turf, training

3-year-old Shadow Mountain, October 9, Turf, training
“head trauma, neurologic”

3-year-old Gone Forever, October 14, Turf, training (being prepped for first race)

8-year-old Royal Looker, November 7, Turf 2

4-year-old Shakahari, November 9, Turf, training

Super Yacht, November 18, Turf, training

3-year-old Cinderella Lady, December 5, Turf, training

3-year-old Lucky Larry, December 6, Turf 1

3-year-old Red Phone, December 27, Turf 8
“complete disarticulation of fetlock – all supporting structures destroyed”

photo credit: The Guardian

In addition, the following still-active racehorses died on track grounds from what the industry calls “non-racing” causes. Technically true, perhaps, but on a moral level, these horses are no less casualties of this vile business than the ones above.

9-year-old Start Time, February 2, Turf
“unknown – unable to rise” (was last raced one week prior)

3-year-old Canopus, March 26, Turf
“colic” (just raced two days prior)

2-year-old Yakima Wine, September 17, Turf
“suspected virus – high temp 105 & up for 2 days – resultant dehydration”

Sunday, September 25, Turf

4-year-old Kakini, December 20, Turf
“pneumonia” (just raced five days prior)

Through an Arizona “Public Records Law” request, I have confirmed the following 45 deaths at Turf Paradise in 2014. Please note that while I also requested documentation on Rillito Park, to date I have not received.

4-year-old Honor Thy Wife, January 3, Turf 6 (euthanized January 6)

4-year-old Big Pancho’s Star, January 7, training
“spinal cord injury”

9-year-old Favorite Meeting, January 8, training
“fracture hind”

8-year-old Devils Afleet, January 8, Turf 3
“ruptured suspensory ligament and fracture sesamoids”

3-year-old Elite Boutique, January 11, Turf 5 (euthanized January 14)

4-year-old Horizonbound, January 21, Turf 8
“fracture shoulder”

7-year-old Irish Shortcut, January 26, Turf 1
“fracture fetlock”

4-year-old Gimmenosass, January 26, Turf 8
“fracture cannon”

4-year-old Special Sale, January 28
“infection in neck” (last raced January 3)

4-year-old Collective Concept, February 3
“spinal cord disease” (last raced January 22)

4-year-old Minotaur, February 4, Turf 1
“fracture fetlock”

4-year-old L G Jet, February 15, Turf 2
“fracture pelvis/lower spine”

4-year-old Play N Win, February 16, Turf 3
“fracture ligament”

5-year-old Gracias, February 17, Turf 2
“fracture fetlock”

5-year-old First Time John, March 1, Turf 2
“fracture sesamoid”

4-year-old Humble Suspect, March 9, training
“fracture sesamoid”

3-year-old Honor Spirit, March 12, Turf 6 (euthanized March 13)

3-year-old Hot Little Thang, March 17, Turf 1
“fracture fetlock”

Foxy Silvers Socks, March 18

2-year-old Sportwagon, March 18
“tendon infection”

5-year-old Tapits Wildcat, March 26, Turf 8
“fracture sesamoid”

6-year-old Lewkacy, March 30, Turf 6
“fracture fetlock”

2-year-old Blondie La Jolla, April 6, Turf 2 (euthanized April 9)
“compound fracture both cannons”

5-year-old Bojax, April 21, Turf 2
“fracture shoulder”

3-year-old Genuine Windi Dash, April 23, Turf 2
“bled – died”

4-year-old Gadzooks, April 24, training
“fracture sesamoid”

5-year-old Rock U Up, April 26, Turf 6 (euthanized April 28)
“torn suspensory”

2-year-old Distorted Trick, September 15, training
“broken shoulder”

7-year-old Saturday in May, September 26, training
“fracture sesamoid/suspensory”

4-year-old La Tiela, October 9, training
“fracture bone and paralysis”

2-year-old Eyesa Feisty Dasher, October 16

10-year-old Yes Talk to Me, November 4, Turf 1
“probable aneurysm”

4-year-old Alydidit, November 5, training
“stifle injury”

2-year-old Pb El Chiltepin, November 23, Turf 1
“compound fracture of both fetlocks”

3-year-old Pull in Time, November 25, Turf 8
“compound fracture cannon bone”

3-year-old Verri Fast, November 28, training
“fracture shoulder”

4-year-old Whistle My Way, November 30, Turf 6
“heat stroke”

2-year-old Sweet Strider, December 3, Turf 1
“multiple fractures pastern”

3-year-old Jacaranda Cat, December 6, Turf 5
“compound condylar fracture”

3-year-old Be Remarkable, December 8, training
“fracture sesamoid”

Storming Dreams, December 9, training
“slab fracture”

3-year-old No Ice Castles, December 14, Turf 8
“ruptured suspensory and fractured sesamoids”

6-year-old F D Icy, December 20, training
“anaphylactic shock”

5-year-old La Mano Nera, December 28, training
“injured spinal cord”

3-year-old Moonlight Stroll, December 31, Turf 6
“ruptured ligament and fractured sesamoids”