Through a FOIA request to the Colorado Department of Revenue, I have confirmed the following kills at Arapahoe Park in 2017.

No Double Dippen, April 28, training
“tendon, [but] previous injury”

Mr Wine Opener, May 19, race 3
“fell – lumbar fracture”

Contour, May 21, race 6
“MCIII fracture”

Thunderclap Newman, June 15, training
“trauma in the gate – died” (ten years old, 71 races – yet still they wanted more)

Tiznow and Forever, June 16, race 4

Panthers Fast Dash, June 30, race 2
“MCIII fracture” (two years old and already his fourth race)

Blow Me a Kiss, August 6, race 8
“sudden death following win” (two years old – “sudden death”)

In addition, the following still-very-much-active racehorses died on track grounds from what the industry deceptively calls “non-racing” causes. No matter, morally speaking they are no less casualties of this vile business than the ones above.

Give Mea Reason Baby, May 4
“colic…had history of previous colic”

Stormeor, May 13
“colic” (averaged 23.5 lengths back in 4 “career” races – trainer, Stetson Rushton)

Through a FOIA request to the Colorado Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following racehorse deaths at Arapahoe Park in 2016:

Super Endeavor, May 22, Arapahoe training, “double fracture”
A.P. Wildcat, May 22, Arapahoe 7, “died in race” (chart said “injured, vanned off”)
Katie T, May 31, Arapahoe training, “respiratory” (being prepped for first race)
Playmaker B, June 15, Arapahoe training, “died at gallop” (being prepped for first race)
Jesse Pinkman, June 24, Arapahoe 2, “carpus fracture” (first race)
Jessa Shotuv Taquila, June 24, Arapahoe 9, “died pre-race”
Suancesong, July 15, Arapahoe 9, “fetlock fracture” (41st race)
Kryptanite, July 22, Arapahoe 4, “fetlock fracture”
Blizzard Warning, July 23, Arapahoe 4, “shoulder fracture” (after winning)
Abeachindynasty, July 29, Arapahoe 6, “fracture”


There can be no justification for the killing of animals for $2 bets. End it. Now.

Through a FOIA request to the Colorado Department of Revenue, I have confirmed the following track-related kills at Arapahoe Park in 2015:

3-year-old Jess One Kiss, June 6, race 8
“suspected lumbosacral or pelvic injury”

2-year-old Must See, June 10, training
“tore whole chest out upon hitting the rail” (being prepped for first race)

5-year-old Ace Away, June 20, race 3
“possible cardiac arrest, aneurysm”

2-year-old Pass On the Locks, June 30, training
“sesamoid fracture” (being prepped for first race)

4-year-old Makin Babes Hot, July 5, race 4
“suspected lumbosacral or pelvic injury”

5-year-old Cruz’n West, July 7, training
“flipped over while leading to school in paddock” (last raced August ’14)

2-year-old Hello Johnny, August 1, race 7 (euthanized August 2)
“suspected lumbosacral or pelvic injury”

In addition, this still-active horse died on track grounds from what the industry slickly (and slimily) refers to as a “non-racing” cause:

3-year-old Hi Tower, June 25, in barn
“reared and hit head”

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Through a Colorado “Open Records Law” request, I have confirmed the following 12 deaths at Arapahoe Park in 2014:

5-year-old D E Trubador, May 15, training
“sesamoids shattered in training”

4-year-old Flying to the Dash, May 25, Arapahoe 7
“carpus multiple fractures”

5-year-old Wave Good Bye Baby, May 28
“colic” – not euthanized

3-year-old Jess a Speeder, May 30, Arapahoe 7
“probable lower back/spinal injury”

2-year-old Scoop a Jewel, June 1, training
“distal pastern fracture”

3-year-old Montana Red, June 27, Arapahoe 11
“tangled in rail – pastern comminuted fracture”

2-year-old Teenie B Tuff, July 10, training
“shoulder fracture”

7-year-old Lw Wired Val, July 20, Arapahoe 3
“collapsed after race” (chart said nothing)

5-year-old Surviving the Odds, July 25, Arapahoe 9 (euthanized July 27)
“knee injury/possible fracture”

3-year-old Cat O Gold, August 8, Arapahoe 7
“fractured sesamoids – ruptured suspensory ligament”

4-year-old Who’strickingwho, August 10, Arapahoe 1
“ruptured suspensory ligament and fractured sesamoids”

5-year-old Elite Buckaroo, August 9, Arapahoe 4 (euthanized August 12)
“carpus slab fracture”