Through a FOIA request to the Idaho Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following death there in 2017. Please note, however, that Idaho’s last remaining active racetrack, Les Bois Park, closed in 2016. What’s left are state and county fairs, which had a combined 24 days of racing in 2017.

Chick Cashing Cowboy, May 14, Pocatello, race 7
“horse broke down near the finish line…state vet assisted Fair personnel in loading [horse] into a trailer and it [italics added] was subsequently removed from the track…[vet] collected a blood sample after which he euthanized the horse”

Through a FOIA request to the Idaho Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following 5 kills at Les Bois Park in 2015:

2-year-old Quincy Anne, May 2, Les Bois, training
“bilateral cannon bone fracture”

2-year-old Cool Vista, May 15, Les Bois, training
“sesamoid fracture”

2-year-old Elite Corona, May 23, Les Bois 1
“broken right humerus”

3-year-old Kt Turtle Moves, June 6, Les Bois 3
“open fetlock fracture”

4-year-old Eneff’s Neff, June 24, Les Bois, training
“cannon fracture”

In addition, one horse died on track grounds from what the industry refers to as a “non-racing” cause. “Non-racing”? In truth, she is no less a casualty of this vile business than her compatriots above.

9-year-old Celinderella, July 16
“severe colic”

Finally, the FOIA document came with this note: “Does not include horses from State Veterinarian that have been previously reported to ISRC.” In other words, there were other dead racehorses in Idaho last year.

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Through a “Public Records Act” request, I have confirmed the following 12 deaths at Les Bois Park in 2014. The notes after the dates come directly from the Racing Commission documents; my notes follow beneath:

7-year-old Walker Rd., April 8, “severe colic, died in stall” – not euthanized
This pathetic gelding was put to the whip 63 times – almost all at the claiming level.

5-year-old Benchmark’s Rebel, April 30, “head trauma, hit head while loose in barn area, died on impact”
4 “career” races: 2 last place, 1 second-to-last, 1 DNF

5-year-old Okey Dokey Legend, May 7, Les Bois 5, “collided with other horse”
Equibase only said “bad step late” – no mention of collision, no mention of euthanasia.

3-year-old Party Boy Streakin, May 7, Les Bois 5, “collided with other horse”
Equibase only said “erratic path” – no mention of collision, no mention of euthanasia.

8-year-old Sum Special Hum, May 14, “heat distress, picked up off racetrack and died at barn” – not euthanized
Probably a pony – last race was in 2009.

3-year-old Alpinheimer, May 17, “fractured withers, flipped over at barn”
Her only race was two weeks prior.

7-year-old New Vogue, May 28, Les Bois 5, “suspensory ligament rupture, sesamoid fracture”
Equibase had this mare as “eased, vanned off.”

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8-year-old Never, June 10, “unknown – found dead in stall”
A $5,000 claimer who had been running in the rear over his last five starts.

6-year-old Given Episode, July 16, Les Bois 10, “multiple displaced fractures of the carpal bones”
Equibase merely had her as “eased.”

2-year-old Heza Fast Wagon, July 19, Les Bois 3, “RF ankle was disarticulated from the parent bone and hanging by a shred of skin”
Equibase had this equine child as finishing the race without incident.

3-year-old My Bananarama, July 23, “hit head in paddock”
Her last race was almost a year prior; she finished last of 10.

8-year-old Possy Beach, July 23, Les Bois 9, “open fracture to the ankle”
Equibase had him as “no factor, vanned off.”