Through a FOIA request to the Indiana Horse Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following kills on that state’s tracks in 2017. Once again, the state redacted the names on the basis of confidentiality. The spreadsheet, incidentally, was entitled “Dead Horse Log, 2017.” (“Indiana” is Indiana Grand.)

unidentified, March 20, Hoosier, training
“craniodorsal luxation hip”

unidentified, March 29, Indiana, training
“sudden death, aneurysm”

unidentified, April 1, Indiana, training
“sesamoid fracture, luxated fetlock”

unidentified, April 12, Indiana, training
“flipped into a bench, hit head”

unidentified, April 12, Indiana, training
“humerus fracture”

unidentified, April 20, Indiana, training
“sudden death, died on track”

unidentified, April 25, Indiana, training
“cannon fracture”

unidentified, May 9, Hoosier, racing
“P1 total fracture”

unidentified, May 10, Indiana, racing
“collapsed and died on track”

unidentified, June 9, Hoosier, racing
“cannon bone fracture”

unidentified (most likely Flyin My Corona), June 9, Indiana, racing
“shoulder fracture, humeral fracture, scapular fracture”

unidentified (most likely Mandalorian), June 27, Indiana, race 2
“open fetlock fracture”

unidentified, July 8, Hoosier, racing
“collapsed and died”

unidentified (most likely E Nine), July 26, Indiana, racing
“fetlock fracture”

unidentified, July 29, Indiana, training
“loose horse collision at full speed”

unidentified, July 29, Indiana, racing
“collapsed and died after race”

unidentified (most likely Spy Dancer), August 5, Indiana, race 5
“fetlock fracture”

unidentified (most likely Sucess Is Racing), August 23, Indiana, race 7
“sudden death – collapse” (chart merely said “pulled up, vanned off”)

unidentified, September 5, Indiana, training
“died in stall after working”

unidentified, September 8, Indiana, training
“fractured shoulder”

unidentified (most likely Key to the Bank), September 23, Indiana, race 5
“fetlock fracture”

unidentified (most likely Capriza), October 7, Indiana, race 6
“cannon bone fracture”

unidentified, October 19, Hoosier, race 4
“died on the track after race”

unidentified, October 21, Indiana, training
“fractured humerus”

unidentified, October 22, Indiana, training
“seizure, cranial trauma”

unidentified (most likely Way Down the Line), October 25, Indiana, racing
“carpus fracture”

unidentified (most likely Handfuls Gem), October 27, Indiana, racing
“cannon fracture”

In addition, these still-very-much-active racehorses died on track grounds from what the industry craftily calls “non-racing” causes. Technically true, perhaps, but morally they are no less casualties of this vile business than the ones above.

unidentified, July 14, Indiana
“previous injury…not improving”

unidentified, October 7, Hoosier
“colic – died in stall”

Through a FOIA request to the Indiana Horse Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following kills at Indiana tracks in 2016. The response, however, came with this proviso: “All information made confidential by IC 25-38-1-4-5.5 has been redacted.” Hence, no names. (“Indiana” is Indiana Grand.)

unidentified, March 16, Hoosier, “fractured pastern”
unidentified, April 16, Hoosier, “fractured pastern”
unidentified, May 16, Indiana training, “humerus fracture”
Just Dance With Me, June 7, Hoosier training, “drowning incident”
unidentified, June 8, Hoosier, “rupture”
unidentified (probably Hiddai), June 10, Indiana 5, “fractured fetlock”
unidentified, June 14, Indiana 2, “fractured fetlock”
unidentified, June 18, Indiana training, “suspensory”
unidentified (probably Bansky), June 24, Indiana 5, “fracture”
unidentified, June 25, Indiana training, “sudden death”
unidentified, June 25, Indiana training, “tibia fracture”
unidentified, June 29, Indiana training, “sudden death”
unidentified, July 14, Indiana, “horse flipped…suspect cranial fracture, hemorrhaged”
unidentified (probably Hey Bud), July 19, Indiana 2, “sudden death during race”
unidentified, July 27, Indiana training, “shoulder”
unidentified, August 18, Indiana training, “fracture”
unidentified (probably Conrad), August 25, Indiana 7, “fracture”
unidentified, September 24, Indiana training, “fractured pelvis”
unidentified (probably Forty Purrs), October 12, Indiana 3, “fracture”
unidentified (probably Prodding), October 26, Indiana 8, “dislocation/fracture”

In addition, the following horses died on track grounds from what the industry calls “non-racing” causes. While this may be technically true, morally they are no less casualties of this vile business than the ones above.

unidentified, June 15, Indiana, “diarrhea, septicemia, laminitis”
unidentified, August 8, Indiana, “colic/torso entrapment?”
unidentified, August 19, Indiana, “colic”
unidentified, September 16, Indiana, “found [italics added] in stall – suspect colic”
unidentified, September 17, Indiana, “flipped in stall – head trauma”


There can be no justification for the killing of animals for $2 bets. End it. Now.

Through a FOIA request to the Indiana Horse Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following 23 deaths on or at Indiana tracks in 2015. The document, however, came with this: “As was the case in your request last year, please be advised that the names of the horses have been redacted as confidential pursuant to IC 38-1-4-5.5.” (Unless otherwise noted, fatal injury was a leg/foot fracture of one kind or another.)

unidentified, March 27, Hoosier
“colic symptoms”

unidentified, April 28, Indiana, training

unidentified (probably 3-year-old Temple Fever), May 12, Indiana 2

unidentified (probably 7-year-old Najaseehimnajadont), May 19, Indiana 1

unidentified, June 6, Indiana, training

unidentified (probably 5-year-old Far Away Moon), June 9, Indiana 3
“sudden death – collapsed on track”

unidentified, June 30, Hoosier, training
“sudden death – collapsed on track”

unidentified (probably 6-year-old Comotion Nda Ocean), June 30, Indiana 4

unidentified (probably 3-year-old Fixated), July 14, Indiana 4

unidentified (probably 4-year-old Cowgirl Rose), July 16, Indiana 9

unidentified, July 24, Indiana, training
“exercise-induced pulmonary hemorrhage”

unidentified (probably 5-year-old Summer Secret), August 11, Indiana 4

unidentified, August 15, Indiana
“dead in stall”

unidentified (probably 6-year-old Punch the Bookie), August 18, Indiana 2

unidentified (probably 4-year-old Hope On the Rocks), August 25, Indiana 2

unidentified (probably 5-year-old Michael With Us), August 28, Indiana 3
“sudden death on track”

unidentified (3-year-old Thunder Deville), September 1, Indiana 5
“fractured neck”

unidentified, September 5, Indiana, training

unidentified (probably 4-year-old Lilmissrita), September 8, Indiana 1
“sudden death on track”

unidentified (probably 2-year-old A Oh K), September 25, Indiana 6

3-year-old Irish Nuggets, September 30, Indiana 8

unidentified (probably 4-year-old Jukebox Johnny), October 3, Indiana 7
“sudden death on track”

unidentified (probably 4-year-old Apple Moonshine), October 30, Indiana 2

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Through an “Indiana Access to Public Records Act” request, I have confirmed the following 24 deaths at Indiana Grand in 2014. Please note that the Racing Commission redacted “identifying information about the horses,” claiming it to be a matter of law.

unnamed, April 11, Indiana, training
“pastern fracture”

unnamed, May 7, Indiana, racing
“suspensory rupture/sesamoid fracture”

5-year-old Looks Like a Saint, May 9, Indiana 6
“canon bone fracture”

unnamed, May 14, Indiana, training
“EIPH – collapsed/died during training”

unnamed, May 29, Indiana, training
“fractured sesamoids”

unnamed, June 7, Indiana, training
“ruptured suspensory”

unnamed – probably 3-year-old Tricky Ricardo, June 7, Indiana 5
“fractured sesamoids”

unnamed – probably 5-year-old Dakota’s Court, June 10, Indiana 2
“fractured elbow”

unnamed, July 13
“chronic liver disease”

unnamed, July 28
“cast in stall/ankle”

unnamed, July 31, Indiana, training
“fractured knee”

unnamed, August 22
“shoulder injury – got down in the gate”

unnamed – probably 4-year-old Unbridled Blossom, August 29, Indiana 4
“knee fracture”

unnamed, September 3
“diarrhea” – last race August 26

unnamed, September 18, Indiana, training

unnamed, September 25, Indiana, racing
“sudden death/EIPH”

unnamed, October 2, Indiana, racing
“pastern fracture”

unnamed, October 3, Indiana, training
“fractured canon bone”

unnamed – probably 3-year-old Eagle Illusion, October 11, Indiana 9
“fractured canon, carpal and medial splint”

unnamed, October 14
“cecal colitis”

4-year-old Platitude, October 14, Indiana 8
“elbow or canon fracture”

4-year-old Masaru, October 14, Indiana 8
“elbow or canon fracture”

unnamed, October 23, Indiana, racing
“fracture right knee”

unnamed, November 1, Indiana, racing
“aortic rupture?”