Through a FOIA request to the Nevada Gaming Control Board, I have confirmed the following four kills on Nevada tracks in 2017. It should be noted, however, that Nevada is one of the lightest racing-states, with but nine days of live racing in 2017. So, that’s four kills in nine days. With more gambling options than any other state, hasn’t the time at long last arrived for Nevada to eliminate the only form that kills animals in its normal course of business? Mercy, Nevadans. Mercy.

Mr Lane, August 18, White Pine, race 3
“broke down (shoulder) on the track following the race”

Siberian Rush, August 19, White Pine, race 8
“collapsed and died exiting the track following the race”
(9-year-old, 51st race, but coming off a nearly one-year layoff – “collapsed and died”)

Eb Traffic Rock, August 20, White Pine, race 3
“impact to the track caused the horse to severely injure both front shoulders”
(this was his second race in three days – trainer/owner, Rodger Ewell)

Big Daddy Etb, August 27, Elko Fair, race 2
“broke down (fractured left humerus) following the race”

Through a FOIA request to the Nevada Gaming Control Board, I have confirmed the death of 6-year-old One Seven One in the 10th race at the White Pine County Fair August 20. The Board gave this description: “While being pulled up in the turn after the race, the horse hit the outside rail of the racetrack. According to the State Vet, the horse…ruptured/dislocated the right hind pastern joint and probably fractured the second digit, which may have contributed to his hitting the rail. He was subsequently humanely euthanized in the horse ambulance on the race track.”

It should be noted that Nevada is the lightest of racing states, with but two days of live racing each August.