The following racehorses were killed on New York tracks in 2017.

Massena, early January, Belmont, training (euthanized January 23)
“severe laminitis due to post-op complications”

Upside Brown, January 17, Belmont, training
“fx RF leg”

Prince Zurs, January 21, Aqueduct, race 5 (euthanized February 2)
“RF suspensory issue”

Charming Vicky, January 22, Aqueduct, training
“fx RF sesamoids”

Lost Note, January 22, Aqueduct, race 1
“stumbled and fell, stood up and ran loose; fx RF leg – euthanized on track”

Kristi Q, January 22, Aqueduct, prior to race 9
“flipped over hitting head and died walking up ramp to track”

Yankee Tales, January 27, Belmont, training
“injured…ran loose, caught on horse path; fx LF sesamoids”

Big Unit, February 8, Buffalo, race 9
“pulled up, trailored off; fx LF leg”

Blameiton Brooklyn, February 10, Aqueduct, race 5
“LF carpal slab fx”

Frat Star, February 12, Aqueduct, race 4
“fell after wire; fx RF cannon bone and sesamoids – euthanized on track”

Regulus, February 12, Aqueduct, race 5
“fx RF sesamoids, ran loose, caught at 1/4 pole – euthanized on track”

Wheretheparty’sat, February 21, Monticello, race 8
“fx LF pastern”

Missy’s Hat Trick, February 27, Belmont, training
“fx shoulder”

Read the Dream, March 12, Aqueduct, race 7
“RF carpal slab fx – euthanized on track”

Second City, April 1, Aqueduct, race 3
“fx LR leg – euthanized on track”

Incognito, April 1, Saratoga Harness, race 2
“disrupted distal sesamoidian ligament”

Mac’s Posse, April 9, Belmont, training
“fell…several attempts to stand unsuccessful; severe traumatic back/pelvic injury – euthanized on track”

Cespedes, April 10, Aqueduct, training
“fx RF leg”

Receiver, April 22, Belmont, training
“RF suspensory ligament rupture”

Flatterfly, April 23, Aqueduct, race 5
“fell, stood up and ran loose; fx RF leg – euthanized on track”

All Class, April 24, Finger Lakes, training
“flipped and fractured its back” (nine years old, 61 races)

Mere Aglise, April 27, Finger Lakes, training
“horse collapsed and died on track”

Cornedbeefncabbage, April 28, Belmont, training
“fx both LF sesamoids – euthanized on track”

Choice Indian, April 29, Finger Lakes, training

Aragonite, April 30, Belmont, race 6
“suffered a musculo-skeletal injury”

Puissant, May 7, Belmont, training
“fx LR cannon”

Silk Spinner, May 15, Finger Lakes, race 7
“fx sesamoid”

Classy Chris, May 17, Belmont, prior to race 5
“ran through rail, sustained fx LR leg”

Yo Adrienne, May 22, Finger Lakes, training
“horse lethargic after training…fell and died” (three years old)

R Sleeping Beauty, May 24, Finger Lakes, race 2
“severe suspensory ligament tear”

On the Deadline, May 27, Finger Lakes, race 1
“suffered catastrophic injury LF fetlock”

Storm the Shore, May 28, Belmont, race 1
“fx LF leg”

Lakalas, May 28, Saratoga, training
“collapsed and died”

Happy Match, June 3, Belmont, race 1
“fx LF sesamoids”

Sharp as a Tack, June 10, Tioga, training
“death in backstretch barn following an on-track warm up”

Chrome Finish, June 18, Buffalo, prior to race 10
“reared up in stall, slipped, struck head on wall – collapsed and died”

Sporty Big Boy, June 22, Saratoga Harness, race 4
“collision with another horse; fx RR leg”

Non Stop, June 25, Belmont, race 5
“rider attempted to pull up but jumped off, horse ran loose, caught, vanned to barn; fx RF sesamoid with ligament rupture”

Flying Bullet, June 27, Belmont, training
“fx RF leg”

Ed’s Dream, June 29, Saratoga Harness, race 10
“died on track after race – possible heart problem”

Dream Player, July 2, Belmont, prior to race 10
“flipped over inside rail of training track sustaining blunt trauma”

Small Print, July 3, Finger Lakes, training
“unseated rider, ran to barn; torn/rupture tendon LR leg”

Queen B, July 6, Saratoga, training
“fx RR leg”

Sapporo, July 14, Belmont, race 10
“right carpal slab fx”

Regal Babe, July 15, Buffalo, race 8
“multiple fxs RF P1”

Rule the City, July 16, Belmont, race 1 (euthanized September 29)
“euthanized…following surgery”

Wanztbwicked, July 22, Saratoga, training
“RF suspensory rupture”

Fashion Delight, July 23, Yonkers, race 12
“shattered pastern – euthanized on track”

Angels Seven, July 28, Saratoga, race 3
“fx LF leg – euthanized on track”

Howard Beach, July 29, Saratoga, training
“unseated rider, ran loose; fx to RF leg”

Positive Waves, July 29, Saratoga, training
“fx to his RF leg”

Brooklyn Major, July 31, Saratoga, race 9
“collapsed after wire…and died – suspected CV event” (four years old)

Marshall Plan, August 2, Saratoga, training
“fx condylar bone”

Fall Colors, August 3, Saratoga, race 1
“horse fell at second fence and died on track from trauma sustained in fall”

Munjaz, August 3, Saratoga, race 8
“horse took bad step – fx LR leg”

Lakeside Sunset, August 5, Saratoga, training
“fx RR leg”

Unbroken Chain, August 6, Saratoga, race 11
“fx LF leg – euthanized on track”

Cougar Hanover, August 9, Monticello, race 6
“collapsed and died after race – suspected aortic rupture”

Love You Bad, August 9, Monticello, race 11
“collapsed and died in stall after racing”

Hot Cajun Sauce, August 10, Finger Lakes, training
“ran off track over embankment, sustained spinal injury”

Sweetneida, August 11, Saratoga, race 1
“took bad step – fx LF sesamoids”

Meteoroid, August 16, Saratoga, race 1
“injured RF leg prior to 6th fence – euthanized on track”

Sayonara Rose, August 17, Saratoga, race 9
“fx LF sesamoids – euthanized on track”

Travelin Soldier, August 19, Saratoga, training
“fx RR leg”

That’s Amore, August 23, Finger Lakes, race 9
“euthanized” (no other information given)

Wanna Rock N Roll, August 30, Batavia, prior to race 8
“horse collapsed and died in barn after lasix administration”

Alpha Dance, August 30, Finger Lakes, race 4
“pulled up…exited track – collapsed and died” (four years old)

Aggie’s Honor, August 31, Saratoga, training
“suffered a fx to RF leg”

Karen Kan, September 1, Belmont, training
“fx humeral bone”

Irish Prayer, September 2, Belmont, training
“fx LF sesamoids”

Bay City Blues, September 4, Finger Lakes, race 5
“fx RF sesamoid – euthanized on track”

Top Fortitude, September 17, Belmont, race 6
“fell at 3/8 pole; fx LF sesamoid – euthanized on track”

Hank Who, September 18, Finger Lakes, race 5
“fx both RF sesamoids”

Somekindasexy, September 18, Saratoga, training
“fx both RF sesamoids”

Submit, September 20, Belmont, race 9
“fx LF cannon bone – euthanized on track”

Legal Tendora, September 21, Finger Lakes, race 4
“fx LF sesamoid – euthanized on the track”

Madgirl, September 22, Belmont, training
“fx RF sesamoids”

Al’s Nightmare, September 23, Belmont, training
“sustained injury to LF cannon bone”

Scootin Bay, September 27, Batavia, prior to race 10
“came off track after warm-up – collapsed in paddock area”

Red Cash, September 29, Saratoga Harness, race 3
“fx LR pastern”

Falcon’s Chance, October 7, Saratoga Harness, race 5
“fx in left pastern and fetlock”

Roberta Brooks, October 14, Saratoga, training
“fx to LF cannon”

Judge Maggie, October 18, Finger Lakes, race 5
“fx RF limb – euthanized on track”

Bourbonfuhrme, October 21, Belmont, race 6
“fx LR cannon bone”

Saratoga Swayz, October 26, Belmont, training
“humeral fx”

Hyde Park Express, October 31, Belmont, training
“was struck by horse [below] – euthanized on the track”

Elite Kid, October 31, Belmont, training (euthanized November 11)
“collided with [above]…euthanized after no improvement”

Ronnie’s Whey, October 31, Finger Lakes, race 7
“fx LF limb – euthanized on the track”

Papa Freud, November 3, Aqueduct, race 7
“vanned off and euthanized” (no other information given)

Left the Galaxy, November 6, Finger Lakes, training
“fx LF sesamoid”

Hy Brasil, November 11, Aqueduct, race 2
“suffered a fatal musculo-skeletal injury – euthanized on the track”

Ogan’s Runner, November 16, Belmont, training (euthanized November 17)
“closed fracture”

Momma’s Moonshine, November 16, Finger Lakes, training (euthanized December 1)
“condylar fxs both front legs”

Turcotte, November 18, Belmont, training
“condylar fx”

Act Surprised, November 20, Finger Lakes, race 10
“fx LF shoulder – euthanized on the track”

Iggy Loco, November 22, Aqueduct, race 8
“vanned off and euthanized” (no other information given)

Winter Wish, November 24, Finger Lakes, race 4
“fx LF sesamoids – euthanized on the track”

Bail, November 25, Belmont, training
“fx LF cannon bone and sesamoid”

Fusaichi Red, December 9, Aqueduct, race 8
“fx RR P1”

Lucky Sugar, December 9, Belmont, training
“suffered a fx to her RF cannon bone – euthanized on the track”

In addition, these still-very-much-active racehorses died on track grounds from what the industry craftily calls “non-racing” causes. Technically true, perhaps, but morally they are no less casualties of this vile business than the ones above.

Fortune Faded, January 16, Aqueduct
“euthanized for chronic severe laminitis”

Jules, January 27, Belmont
“squamous cell carcinoma, developed secondary complications”

Fabulous Kid, February 26, Belmont
“euthanized for severe laminitis” (last raced February 11)

Shotgun Love, March 7, Aqueduct
“euthanized for severe laminitis both front feet” (last raced July 17)

Maelstrom, March 28, Saratoga Harness
“severe colic, unresponsive to treatment”

Rich ‘n’ Tuck, April 28, Belmont
“died [apparently, not euthanized] from a case of severe colic” (last raced April 9)

Quick Coconut, May 19, Finger Lakes
“being treated for a cold – found dead in stall” (last raced May 7)

Malibu Squeeze, June 21, Belmont
“severe laminitis” (last raced March 21)

Adirondack Dancer, June 28, Belmont
“severe laminitis” (last raced November 12)

Hidden Accounts, June 29, Belmont
“horse spooked, fell awkwardly, would not stand – euthanized”

Dr. Stone, July 26, Finger Lakes
“reared up, fell backwards, began to have seizure – euthanized” (last raced June 26)

Duquesne Whistle, August 7, Saratoga
“colic” (three years old, last raced July 30, Saratoga)

Girlslovechocolate, August 25, Finger Lakes
“laminitis” (was raced three times in 26 days in November)

That Mr. P, August 26, Saratoga
“acute colic” (three years old, last raced July 31, Saratoga)

Timber, September 6, Finger Lakes
“paralyzed arytenoids” (last raced June 21)

Ice Maker, September 12, Finger Lakes
“colic” (three years old)

Sherlock’s Hope, September 25, Belmont
“acute severe laminitis in all four feet” (two years old, raced twice)

Hold On Momma, October 14, Belmont
“suffered a severe case of colic” (four years old, last raced October 5)

Freudian Dilemma, October 18, Finger Lakes
“found deceased in stall – gastric/digestive issues” (nine years old, 64 races; last one came just six days prior to dying)

Rip Loves Maize, October 24, Finger Lakes
“collapsed in stall and expired” (three years old, last raced October 10)

Rainy Night, November 22, Belmont
“found lame in her stall on 11/15; euthanized on 11/22 for severe hemorrhage from gastrocnemius tear/trauma” (last raced October 12)

(source: NYS Gaming Commission)

Through a FOIA request to the New York State Gaming Commission, I have confirmed the following deaths at New York tracks in 2016:

Sharyn’s Dream, January 2, Belmont training, “fractured leg – euthanized on track”

Uncle Duncan, January 10, Aqueduct 4, “sesamoid fracture – euthanized”

Bellamy Xpress, January 16, Aqueduct 9, “fractured leg – euthanized”

Police Camp, January 22, Belmont training, “fractured cannon – euthanized on track”

Mini Muffin, January 22, Belmont training, “fractured both LF sesamoids – euthanized”

Power Crazed, January 29, Belmont training, “shoulder injury, developed nerve damage – euthanized March 24”

Songa, January 30, Belmont training, “fell, fractured leg – euthanized on track”

Wild Target, February 6, Aqueduct training, “collapsed and died after breezing – suspected cardiovascular event”

Alysaro, February 7, Aqueduct 7, “fractured leg – euthanized”

Scatoosh, February 18, Belmont training, “fractured leg – euthanized on track”

Art of Darkness, February 19, Buffalo 12, “fractured leg – euthanized”

Kibble, February 21, Aqueduct 7, “pulled up lame, suspected pelvic fracture, went into shock – euthanized”

Report For Duty N, March 11, Yonkers 2, “fell to the ground, chest compressions and meds administered unsuccessfully – suspected ruptured aorta”

Fool To Cry, March 31, Yonkers 4, “fractured cannon – euthanized”

It’s Elementary, April 8, Belmont training, “fractured leg – euthanized on track”

Cndiana Jones, April 9, Saratoga Raceway training, “fractured leg – euthanized on track”

What the Frost, April 10, Finger Lakes training, “fractured sesamoids – euthanized”

Loomin Lori Lou, April 12, Finger Lakes training, “fractured sesamoid – euthanized”

Cuantos, April 13, Aqueduct 1, “fell, sustained fractures of cannon and sesamoids – euthanized on track”

Copper Forest, April 22, Finger Lakes training, “collapsed and died while galloping out after breezing – suspected cardiovascular event”

Ideal Brandi, April 29, Saratoga Raceway 11, “collapsed and died on track, possibly bled internally or heart condition”

Hypnotist, May 12, Yonkers 3, “died on track after race – suspect cardiac event”

Big Time Rocks, May 14, prior to Buffalo 11, “”horse reared in stall, hit head – died”

Tug River Dylan, May 15, Saratoga Raceway 1, “collapsed and died on track after race – possible cardiac event”

Karenina Gal, May 18, Belmont 9, “fractured cannon, sesamoids; sedated, vanned off – euthanized”

Rock Show, May 20, Belmont 6, “sesamoid fracture and suspensory rupture – euthanized”

Soho Highroller A, May 23, Yonkers 4, “collapsed and died after race – possible cardiac event”

Quaralia, May 26, Belmont training, “pulled up lame, fractured cannon and sesamoid – euthanized”

Hadeed Fi Hadeed, May 30, Saratoga training, “pulled up lame, fractured leg – euthanized”

Feels Like Magic N, May 30, Yonkers 1, “shattered pastern – euthanized”

Noble’s Whim, June 1, Belmont training, “suffered a fracture to her left shoulder – euthanized”

Precise Accusation, June 1, Buffalo 9, “sustained unrepairable fracture to leg – euthanized”

Riding the Rails, June 4, Belmont training, “fractures – euthanized”

Mordi’s Miracle, June 4, Belmont 4, “pulled up, ambulanced off – euthanized”

Smile a Little, June 5, Tioga 2 (euthanized/died June 10)

Rose Bern, June 8, Belmont training, “fractured leg – euthanized on track”

Bustin, June 10, Finger Lakes training, “suffered an injury to fetlock – euthanized on track”

Xtreme Marine, June 11, Buffalo 7, “fracture(s) of the pastern, non repairable – euthanized”

Majestic Joe, June 12, Belmont training, “cannon and sesamoids fractures – euthanized”

Sixth Man, June 12, Saratoga Raceway, “bone fracture, fetlock chip; treated for 3 weeks without improvement – euthanized”

Anchorwoman, June 13, Finger Lakes 7, “fractured sesamoids – euthanized on track”

Bonita Luna, June 17, Belmont 3, “leg fracture – euthanized”

Escape to Vegas, June 18, Belmont training, “fractured sesamoids – euthanized”

Todo Onota, June 20, Belmont training, “fractured both LF sesamoids – euthanized”

Sweet Hot Toddy, July 5, Finger Lakes 4, “fractured sesamoids – euthanized on track”

Mary’s Legacy, July 9, Finger Lakes 5, “fractured sesamoids – euthanized on track”

Futurazo, July 14, Finger Lakes 4, “fractured sesamoid – euthanized on track”

Hisnameisdash, July 16, Finger Lakes training, “bowed tendon – euthanized”

Squire Creek, July 16, Saratoga training, “fell, fractured ulna – euthanized on track”

Was It Worth It, July 19, Finger Lakes 6, “left stifle swelling, ligament rupture – euthanized August 8”

Stradivari, July 22, Saratoga training (euthanized December), “fractured leg” (note: this info came from the Paulick Report)

Zamjara, July 23, Saratoga 1, “fractured leg – euthanized”

Rootformejustin, July 23, Saratoga 5, “pulled up, ambulanced off – euthanized”

Indian Nobility, July 27, Saratoga 3, “ruptured ligaments – euthanized”

Domestic Warrior, August 1, Saratoga 4, “fractured both RF sesamoids – euthanized on track”

Jesse’s Story, August 2, Yonkers 7, “horse fell, sustained severe skull fracture and died”

Iwannabejustlikeu, August 3, Batavia 2, “fractured leg, surgery; morning of August 20 found in duress, x-ray revealed leg fracture [same leg] – euthanized”

Jonrah, August 3, Saratoga training, “fractured cannon – euthanized on track”

Midnight Visitor, August 4, prior to Saratoga 4, “reared up while being walked to Assembly Barn, fell suffering head trauma – euthanized next morning”

Wheels Up Now, August 5, Saratoga training, “fractured sesamoids – euthanized” (note: this info came from the Daily Racing Form)

Recepta, August 5, Saratoga training (euthanized November), “fractured pelvis” (note: this info came from the Daily Racing Form)

Victorious Lover, August 15, Finger Lakes training, “fractured sesamoid – euthanized on track”

Tighten Up, August 19, Yonkers 3, “fractured pastern – euthanized on track”

Prince Corredor, August 20, Saratoga training, “collapsed and died after breezing – cardiovascular event”

Git On Bob, August 22, Finger Lakes 5, “collapsed and died”

Elusive Neko, August 24, Saratoga training, “fractured cannon – euthanized”

Bob Le Beau, August 25, Saratoga 1, “fractured cannon – euthanized”

Ring of Truth, August 25, Saratoga 10, “humeral fracture – euthanized on track”

Desert Trial, August 28, Saratoga training, “collapsed and died – suspect cardiovascular”

Private Thrill, September 3, Finger Lakes 5, “fractured sesamoid – euthanized”

Sayalittlprayrfrme, September 7, prior to Batavia 7, “rough trip in trailer to track, sustained laceration over L eye, seemed ok initially but was found down in stall and in extreme distress later that afternoon, vet treated without improvement – euthanized”

McDynamite, September 8, Yonkers 9, “pulled up, off on right hind; xrays later revealed extent of injury – horse euthanized”

Black Doblin, September 9, Aqueduct training, “fractured leg – euthanized”

Its Only Fair, September 9, Saratoga training, “collapsed and died after breezing – suspect cardiovascular event”

unnamed 2-year-old, September 17, Belmont training, “fractured humerus – euthanized”

Indiana Stones, September 17, Finger Lakes 3, “fractured knee – euthanized”

Sgt. Major Ross, September 17, Finger Lakes 4, “fractured sesamoids – euthanized”

Core Competency, September 19, Saratoga training, “fractured leg – euthanized”

Cam Dan Kadandy, September 23, Saratoga Raceway 3, “fell, fractured pastern and cannon – euthanized”

Dontevnthnkaboutit, September 26, Finger Lakes training, “ran loose, impaled shoulder on rail, extensive tissue & muscle damage – euthanized”

Notwhoiseemtobe, September 27, Finger Lakes 4, “fractured sesamoids – euthanized”

Apostles Creed, September 27, Yonkers 11, “started race, broke stride, pulled up – laid down and died”

Fort Smith, October 2, Belmont 4, “fractured leg – euthanized”

Onlytheshadowknows, October 3, Belmont training, “fractured sesamoids – euthanized”

unnamed 2-year-old, October 8, Finger Lakes training, “fractured pelvis, treated for couple days without improvement – euthanized”

Take Me Away, October 11, Finger Lakes 9, “fractured knee – euthanized on track”

Cinder Block, October 15, Belmont 2, “leg fracture – euthanized”

The Silver Frisby, October 17, Belmont training, “leg fracture – euthanized”

Sachicomula, October 17, Finger Lakes 8, “severe swelling upper femur/pelvic region, suspect fractured hip/pelvis – euthanized on track”

A Chip and a Chair, October 19, Belmont training, “fractured both RF sesamoids – euthanized on track”

She’s My Ghibli, October 19, Belmont 9, “fractured carpus – euthanized”

Baccelo, October 20, Belmont training, “fractured leg – euthanized”

Winter Games, October 20, Belmont training, “suffered fracture to leg – later euthanized”

Long Blooming Rose, October 21, Belmont training, “suffered ruptured suspensory – euthanized”

Spectacular Shirin, November 5, Finger Lakes 4, “fractured leg – euthanized on track”

Daves Gone Bananas, November 12, Belmont training, “fractured leg – euthanized”

Englehart, November 12, Belmont training, “fractured leg – euthanized on track”

Zingarella, November 16, Finger Lakes 6 (euthanized November 17), “fractured leg”

Our Sweet Lilly, November 18, Aqueduct training, “leg fracture – euthanized”

Kim Royale, November 25, Aqueduct 9, “pelvic fracture, no improvement overnight – euthanized next morning”

Flat Out Licked Em, November 29, Finger Lakes 1, “fractured carpus – euthanized”

Justenuffaddie, November 30, Finger Lakes 4, “fractured scapula – euthanized on track”

Flaming Fever, November 30, Finger Lakes 4, “hard collision out of gate, fractured sesamoid – euthanized”

Sinistra, December 5, Belmont training, “pulled up after breezing – collapsed and died”

Crystal Belle, December 10, Belmont training, “fractured both LF sesamoids – euthanized”

Condo Prince, December 31, Aqueduct 3, “fractured cannon – euthanized on track”

In addition, the following horses died on track grounds from what the industry calls “non-racing” causes. While this may be technically true, morally they are no less casualties of this vile business than the ones above.

Lemon Iceking, January 29, Belmont, “being treated for recurring bronchopneumonia without resolution – found dead in stall”

Klassic Pat, February 24, Belmont, “euthanized due to colitis”

Basanite, March 20, Belmont, “died 10 minutes after being medicated with Prednisolone and Acepromazine – adverse drug reaction”

Alexa’s Miracle, April 9, Belmont, “euthanized for vertebral disease”

Yodelmesomemagic, May 27, Finger Lakes, “found dead in stall – suspect colic”

Go Go Jo (pony), June 4, Belmont, “found recumbent in stall, rolled multiple times, unable to rise, aggressively medicated w/o improvement – humanely euthanized”

The Grey Bullet, July 14, Vernon, “found dead in stall”

Lebowski, August 2, Saratoga, “found dead outside stall, treated previous day for gastrointestinal issue, endotoxemia”

Lost in D Shuffle, September 25, Finger Lakes, “leg caught on walking machine, treated for cellulitis and lameness without improvement – euthanized”

unnamed 2-year-old, September 30, Belmont, “found dead in stall, fractured pelvis with hemorrhaging”

Willy, October 11, Belmont, “treated for colic without improvement – euthanized”

Surreal Dream, November 5, Finger Lakes, “treated for septicemia of unknown origin without any improvement – euthanized”

Actively, November 19, Aqueduct, “died in stall – apparent colic”

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There can be no justification for the killing of animals for $2 bets. End it. Now.

(Please note: What follows is surely an incomplete reckoning, for in NY only on-site deaths must be reported to the Gaming Commission. How many more were killed at off-site training facilities? How many more, still, were euthanized for race-related injuries back at the owner’s farm or after being acquired by a rescue? And, of course, this list says nothing of the many recently “retired” who met brutally violent ends in Canadian abattoirs. The upshot: NY has a whole lot of equine blood on its hands.)

Killed on New York tracks in 2015:

2-year-old Golden Bay, January 2, Aqueduct 6
“fx RR leg”

5-year-old Shewreckstheplace, January 4, Aqueduct 5
“fx LF sesamoids”

9-year-old Reminic, January 7, Monticello 4 (euthanized January 8)
“fx LF leg”

2-year-old Channel of Love, January 9, Aqueduct, training
“fx RF leg”

4-year-old Apex, January 9, Aqueduct 2
“fell…fx LF leg”

9-year-old Italian Rules, January 9, Aqueduct 2
“ambulanced off where exam revealed torn RF suspensory”

4-year-old You Take the Cake, January 15, Aqueduct 2
“fell…medicated; ambulanced to Ruffian Equine Hospital; exam revealed fx neck”

4-year-old One More Chief, January 16, Belmont, training
“fx LF cannon bone and sesamoids”

3-year-old Senso, January 18, Aqueduct, training
“unseated rider and ran loose, ran into rail – possible pelvic fx”

3-year-old Miss Macarena, January 22, Aqueduct 1
“fx LF leg”

2-year-old Tornado City, January 26, Belmont, training
“sustained LF leg fx while breezing”

She’s a Cowgirl, March 6, Saratoga Raceway
“fx RR leg; surgery performed next day – euthanized due to complications”

3-year-old Risk the Moon, March 12, Aqueduct 5
“fell…stood up – fx RF leg”

2-year-old Summer Hawk, March 19, Belmont, training
“sustained fx to LF medial sesamoid while breezing”

On The Brink, April 9, Yonkers 1
“fx RF leg”

Fashion Shark, April 9, Yonkers 3
“collapsed and died on track (artery rupture)”

4-year-old Subtle Humor, April 12, Aqueduct 3
“pulled up, splint applied, ambulanced off to barn – fx RF leg”

2-year-old Con Sneaky, April 12, Aqueduct 4
“fell…fx L tibia”

2-year-old Zenstone, April 16, Aqueduct 1 (euthanized April 17)
“ambulanced off; x-rays next day revealed fx RF leg”

Make a Friend, April 17, Buffalo 8
“took bad step…walked off track – vet exam revealed fx LR leg”

2-year-old Uninfluenced, April 19, Belmont, training
“sustained fx RF leg while breezing”

4-year-old American Hero, April 25, Belmont, training
“sustained fx RF leg while breezing”

5-year-old Lunar Tales, April 26, Belmont, training
“collapsed and died after breezing – possibly cardiovascular event”

5-year-old Spider Bride, April 29, Finger Lakes, training
“palpable R shoulder fx”

3-year-old You Gotta Believe, May 1, Saratoga, training
“unseated rider…ran loose…impaled R stifle on rail”

2-year-old Jay Bird, May 5, Saratoga, training
“collapsed and died on the training track – sudden death, pulmonary hemorrhage”

4-year-old Otoy, May 8, Aqueduct, training
“fell after sustaining L humeral fx while galloping”

4-year-old Prime Time City, May 16, Finger Lakes 4 (euthanized May 22)
“came off track lame; later diagnosis showed multiple chip fractures LF knee”

5-year-old Mr. O’Leary, May 17, Aqueduct, training
“sustained fx LF leg while breezing”

4-year-old Sunshine Bliss, May 18, Finger Lakes 7 (euthanized May 19)
“suffered injury to LR limb…non-weight bearing; overnight in obvious distress”

4-year-old Zzaj, May 21, Saratoga, training
“sustained R tibial fx while breezing”

3-year-old Fancy Pancy, May 24, Finger Lakes, training
“collapsed and died on track after workout – suspected cardio-vascular event”

3-year-old Gabbole, May 28, Belmont, training
“fx LF sesamoid while breezing”

Big Sky Paradise, May 28, Monticello
“broke at gate, again after 1st turn; stopped, returned to paddock; vet exam revealed LF tendon severed by rear foot/shoe – decision made to euthanize”

5-year-old Icprideicpower, May 29, Finger Lakes, training
“collapsed and died during morning workout, suffering a catastrophic cardiac event”

5-year-old Soul House, May 30, Belmont 6
“collapsed after being unsaddled, vet administered medication; horse died – cardiovascular collapse”

7-year-old Hughes Next, June 4, Finger Lakes 6
“fx LF leg”

4-year-old Helwan, June 6, Belmont 4
“fx LF leg – investigation continues”

3-year-old Animal Kracker, June 20, Belmont 5
“fx both RF sesamoids”

2-year-old Coast of Carolina, June 22, Finger Lakes, training
“fx LF sesamoid”

8-year-old Looks R Deceiving, June 28, Vernon
“fx RR leg”

3-year-old Defined, June 30, Saratoga, training
“fx RF sesamoids”

7-year-old Katmai Unleashed, July 6, Finger Lakes 5
“fx LF sesamoids”

4-year-old Lord Cashel, July 11, Belmont 3
“fx RF leg”

4-year-old Retaking, July 11, Finger Lakes 6 (euthanized July 16)
“fracture LF ankle”

3-year-old Leverage, July 13, Finger Lakes, training
“fx RF cannon bone”

3-year-old Miss Lucky Lauren, July 15, Belmont, training
“fx L shoulder”

9-year-old Bettors Curse, July 18, Saratoga Raceway 1
“ambulanced off; vet exam showed RF ankle instability likely due to fractures”

4-year-old Imposing Figure, July 20, Finger Lakes 8
no cause given

Rainin Fire, July 28, Monticello, training
“fell warming up, sustained fx L shoulder”

3-year-old Image of Luck, July 28, Yonkers 2
“horse walked off; exam revealed laceration to F/L cannon bone”

3-year-old Jackson N Leonard, August 1, Saratoga, training
“fractured LF sesamoids breezing”

3-year-old Kathy’s Reward, August 1, Saratoga, training
“fractured LF cannon bone while breezing”

4-year-old Innovation Economy, August 1, Saratoga 9
“fractured RF leg”

5-year-old It’s All Your Fault, August 9, Batavia, training
“took bad step, ambulanced off – fx LR leg”

4-year-old On a Snowy Evening, August 14, Saratoga 8
“fx LF sesamoid”

8-year-old Big Looie, August 16, Saratoga, training
“fx both LF sesamoids”

3-year-old Mondor, August 20, Finger Lakes 1
“fx LF leg”

Warranee Prince, August 21, Tioga
“fx LF leg”

12-year-old Divine Fortune, August 27, Saratoga 1
“fell over last jump – fx L humerus”

2-year-old Country Muse, August 30, Saratoga, training
“fx both RF sesamoids”

2-year-old Sicilia Nino, August 31, Belmont, training
“fx both LF sesamoids”

5-year-old Wild Hardships, August 31, Finger Lakes 7
“fx RF carpus”

2-year-old Disappear Here, September 19, Belmont, training
“fx both LF sesamoids”

4-year-old Chase the Giant, October 1, Finger Lakes 6
“fx RF sesamoid”

9-year-old Nine Innings, October 2, Batavia 7
“fx RF ankle – unrepairable”

2-year-old Marked Bills, October 11, Belmont, training
“collapsed and died while breezing – investigation continues”

6-year-old Jade Run, October 15, Finger Lakes, prior to race 5
“found down in stall, unable to stand; in distress; possible reaction to pre-race [left blank] – euthanized”

3-year-old Dilly Magilly, October 16, Belmont, training
“fx both RF sesamoids”

2-year-old Sky Devil, October 17, Finger Lakes 5
“fell…ran loose; sustained fx RF sesamoid”

2-year-old Flynn Bug, October 19, Belmont, training
“collapsed and died after breezing – cardiovascular collapse”

7-year-old Blue Sixty Four, October 26, Belmont, training
“crashed into rail and fell while training; sedated and stood up; ambulanced to barn, treated for head trauma; seized in afternoon – euthanized”

5-year-old In Haste, October 30, Belmont, training
“collapsed and died after jogging on training track – cardiovascular collapse”

4-year-old Bam Bam, October 30, Belmont 4
“fx RR cannon bone”

2-year-old Reyana an Reya Act, November 4, Aqueduct, training
“R carpal slab fracture”

5-year-old R Free Roll, November 27, Belmont, training
“fx RH leg”

6-year-old D Terminata, November 28, Saratoga Raceway 2
“horse fell and died on the track due to suspected cardio-vascular event”

3-year-old Banker’s Boss, November 30, Belmont, training
“fx LF leg”

8-year-old Bettor Again, December 5, Batavia 4
“fx RF sesamoid”

3-year-old Little Love, December 17, Aqueduct 5
“RF leg fracture”

4-year-old Blooper, December 27, Aqueduct 1
“collapsed and died – investigation continues”

4-year-old Successful Sweep, December 27, Aqueduct 1
“fell…sustaining LF bilateral sesamoid fx with dislocation of fetlock”

In addition, these 20 horses died from what the industry calls “non-racing” causes. But make no mistake, they are no less casualties of Racing than the ones above.

4-year-old Eastcoast Lights, March 29, Belmont
“severe colic, unresponsive to treatment – euthanized”

Morning Joe, April 19, Saratoga Raceway
“previously fx near LR pelvis, stall rest prescribed; 2 months later his health took a turn for the worse…found down in stall…got horse standing…demonstrated considerable distress – decision made to euthanize”

3-year-old Mr Reid, May 16, Aqueduct
“found dead in stall; previous surgery for severe colic – horse predisposed to colic”

5-year-old Sin Banderas, May 19, Finger Lakes
“backed into wheelbarrow and sustained laceration to LR DDFT & SDFT”

7-year-old Clever King, May 20, Finger Lakes
“found deceased in stall – being treated for colic”

6-year-old Sea Fighter, June 2, Finger Lakes
“being treated for chronic diarrhea, colitis and subsequently laminitis; grave prognosis – euthanized”

8-year-old Canadian Wish, June 8, Finger Lakes
“severe diarrhea, developed dehydration and endotoxemia due to elevated temperature – humanely euthanized”

3-year-old Ghostof Gettysburg, June 13, Belmont
“severe colic and diarrhea; unresponsive to medical treatment”

5-year-old Start It Up, July 10, Aqueduct
“laminitis both front feet”

Vroom Hanover, July 11, Tioga

5-year-old Painted Poney, July 16, Finger Lakes

4-year-old Bella Bamba, July 17, Finger Lakes
“history of kicking walls; fx R hip – poor prognosis, euthanized”

6-year-old Darling Bridezilla, August 25, Saratoga
“adverse drug reaction – sudden death due to cardiac incident”

2-year-old Totally Discreet, September 22, Saratoga
“laminitis both front feet”

4-year-old Logan’s Slogan, October 16, Finger Lakes
“arytenoid chondritis; treated without resolution; resultant edema caused difficulty breathing – euthanized”

Country Delight, November 6, Batavia
“suffered fx RR pastern”

Delightfully Mine, November 6, Saratoga Raceway
“being treated for colic without resolution”

3-year-old The Lewis Dinner, November 15, Aqueduct
“chronic throat infection from throat surgery 45 days ago – resistant to treatment”

7-year-old Rush Now, November 17, Finger Lakes
“diagnosed with colic – surgery not an option”

4-year-old Fashion Fund, December 1, Belmont
“found down in stall & removed to clinic where filly was diagnosed w/comminuted left femoral & pelvic fractures”

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In addition to the 99 racing/training kills, there were 27 other horses who perished at NYS tracks last year. While the Gaming Commission terms these “non-racing,” it is our unequivocal position that Racing bears full responsibility for these deaths. (Note how many were simply “found dead” in their stalls.)

5-year-old Shertzer, January 13, Belmont
“being treated for one month for infection LF leg (septic tenosynovitis) without success-euthanized” (last raced November 22, 2013)

2-year-old Weis Star, January 22, Belmont
“injured in stall-fractured LH P1-euthanized” (had yet to be raced)

Unnamed by McKenna Mae, January 28, Aqueduct

13-year-old Foreign Melody, February 21, Belmont
“severe colic-euthanized” (was being used as a pony)

7-year-old Striking Slew, March 23, Belmont
“fx left humerus on training track-euthanized” (was being used as a pony)

4-year-old Clawback, April 10, Aqueduct
“found lying down in stall-afibrile-medicated-unable to stand after multiple attempts-euthanized” (last raced December 22, 2013)

12-year-old Corvo, April 10, Belmont
“ex racehorse found dead in stall-treating colic for one week without resolution”

5-year-old Very Very Grateful, May 13, Finger Lakes
“had horse 1 week-notice problem-xrays revealed fx RF leg-euthanized” (last raced March 15)

4-year-old Just Mizzy, May 26, Finger Lakes
“observed having seizure like symptoms-drugs administered…in attempt to treat but horse died” (last raced May 10)

5-year-old Point Taken, June 14, Belmont
“had issue with R knee-sent to Hogan Clinic then Cornell Ruffian Clinic-returned w/ grave prognosis (septic arthritis)-euthanized” (last raced January 13)

2-year-old Run Katniss Run, June 23, Finger Lakes
“flipped in washbay-fx spine-euthanized” (had yet to be raced)

4-year-old Havana Sunrise, July 5, Finger Lakes
“suffered septic infection to RR Metatarsophalangeal-euthanized” (last raced June 21)

2-year-old The Lucky Dream, July 10, Finger Lakes
“collapsed and died in stall-suspected heart failure or aneurysm” (had yet to be raced)

Standardbred Majic Laughter, July 29, Batavia
“found dead in stall-history of colic”

Standardbred Superbe Rulah, August 6, Monticello
“horse not feeling well-found dead in stall-suspected acute colic”

7-year-old Banker Bailout, August 8, Finger Lakes
“foundered front legs/hooves-poor prognosis-euthanized” (last raced July 3)

Standardbred Genaro, August 11, Tioga
“colicky-unresponsive to treatment-died next day-ruptured intestine”

4-year-old Rubysandpearls, August 22, Finger Lakes
“got loose from stall-sustained deep lacerations-euthanzied due to post surgical complications hindering healing process” (last raced July 8)

4-year-old See See See, August 29, Belmont
“sustained injury racing @ Monmouth on 8/15/14-xrays revealed fx L knee-euthanized at Belmont”

Standardbred Monsterinthepaint, September 25, Vernon
“died after being removed from trailer-colonic ulceration with colitis”

6-year-old Beautiful Mimi, October 13, Finger Lakes
“flipped in stall-hit head fracturing neck-died” (last raced September 16)

4-year-old Perfect Danger, October 23, Belmont
“developed laminitis RFF after LK surgery 2 months previous-euthanized due to poor prognosis” (last raced August 11)

5-year-old Alison’s Wyn, November 2, Finger Lakes
“suffered avulsion fx LR leg-conservative therapy unsuccessful-euthanized” (last raced August 18)

3-year-old Astronomo, November 4, Finger Lakes
“suffered fx RR fetlock while in the pool-euthanized following poor prognosis” (last raced September 13)

3-year-old Demo, November 7, Finger Lakes
“being treated by vet for lumbosacral neuropathy with rectal/urinary disfunction-developed severe UTI and was found dead in stall” (last raced October 25)

4-year-old Wild Perfection, November 27, Finger Lakes
“horse found dead in stall-unattended death” (last raced October 23)

3-year-old Keen Katana, November 30, Belmont
“being treated for severe colitis and endotoxemia-euthanized” (last raced November 21)


The following 99 horses lost their lives racing or training on NYS tracks last year. (An additional 27 “non-racing” deaths will be addressed in a separate post.) The notes come directly from the NYS Gaming Commission.

5-year-old Uncle Smokey, January 2, Aqueduct 7
“took bad step-pulled up-fx LF cannon bone-euthanized on track”

8-year-old Caixa Eletronica, January 4, Belmont, training
“suffered a fx skull and died when Six Drivers unseated rider and collided with Caixa Eletronica”

3-year-old Six Drivers, January 4, Belmont, training
“unseated rider and collided with Caixa Eletronica-Six Drivers suffered a fractured neck and died”

3-year-old Go Canes Go, January 13, Belmont, training
“suffered fx LF leg while breezing-euthanized on track”

3-year-old Dixie Sparkle, January 26, Aqueduct 7
“fell-sustained fx LF mid shaft cannon bone-euthanized on track”

2-year-old Valar Dohaeris, January 30, Belmont, training
“suffered fx RF leg-euthanized on track”

4-year-old Flashy in Pink, February 1, Belmont, training
“suffered a fx RF leg while breezing on training track-euthanized on track”

3-year-old Andromeda’s Coming, February 22, Aqueduct 3
“collided with Pleasant Shaker-fx RF humerus-euthanized”

Standardbred Scottie C, February 22, Buffalo 3
“bad step-ambulanced off-fx LF leg-vet found fx to be inoperable-euthanized”

Standardbred Pay Tribute, February 26, Buffalo 7
“took bad step-pulled up-fx RF pastern-euthanized on track”

5-year-old Sound of Drums, March 1, Aqueduct 7
“pulled up-splint applied-medicated-ambulanced off-xrays reveal fx both LF sesamoids-euthanized”

2-year-old Changeinaction, March 5, Belmont, training
“fx RF Leg while breezing on training track-euthanized on track”

Standardbred Hickory Louie, March 12, Monticello 8
“sluggish and unsteady at the half-finished 2nd but died on backside of track after finish-possible cardiac event”

4-year-old Concept, March 15, Aqueduct, training
“fx L humerus while training-euthanized”

7-year-old Itsagoodtendollars, March 15, Belmont, training
“died from apparent cardiovascular collapse while breezing on training track”

2-year-old Jojonotjoelowe, April 3, Aqueduct, training
“sustained injury while galloping-ambulanced off-xrays reveal fx LF leg-euthanized”

4-year-old American Iron, April 15, Finger Lakes, training
“attempted to jump outside rail while in care of outrider-resulted in no use of RF leg-euthanized”

3-year-old Recovered, April 18, Finger Lakes 3
“xrays obtained at barn revealed fx 3rd carpal bone-euthanized”

Standardbred Southwind Tabor, April 21, Yonkers 12
“DNF-ambulanced to barn-suspected fx RF fetlock-euthanized that night”

6-year-old Aussi Austin, April 25, Aqueduct 8
“pulled up-ambulanced off-spiral fracture left front, sent to Cornell, but euthanized after operation”

3-year-old Handstand, May 1, Belmont 6
“pulled up-ambulanced off-fx RR leg-euthanized in necropsy area”

9-year-old Boston Chief, May 3, Finger Lakes, training
“collapsed after workout and died from skull fractures”

Standardbred Liberty Cruise, May 5, Yonkers 5
“found down in stall-died in receiving barn after Lasix administration [for race]”

3-year-old Lucky for You, May 18, Saratoga, training
“suffered fx RF leg while breezing-euthanized”

Standardbred KZ Too, May 20, Monticello 8
“pulled up after 1/2-ambulanced off-fx LF leg-euthanized”

3-year-old See the Music, May 21, Belmont 7
“collapsed at the 3/16 pole and died-to be continued”

3-year-old Intense Holiday, May 25, Belmont, training
“fx RF leg while training-sent to Hogan Equine Vet Clinic for surgery-developed laminitis both forelimbs-euthanized at Hogan Clinic”

4-year-old Kingston Jamaica, May 29, Belmont, training
“suffered fx LF leg while breezing on main track-euthanized on track”

5-year-old Kissinginthedark, May 30, Finger Lakes 1
“ambulanced off-exam revealed dropped L ankle with swelling & heat-after checking it was determined to be a torn flexor tendon-euthanized”

Unnamed Dam, June 4, Aqueduct, training
“suffered apparent cardiovascular event in barn and died after breezing on the main track”

5-year-old Samuels Blond Lady, June 5, Belmont 2 (euthanized June 8)
“finished race without incident-xrays revealed LK sagittal slab fx-euthanasia 3 days later”

5-year-old Lemon Sundae, June 7, Finger Lakes 1
“behind in race-eased up-finished race-collapsed and died enroute to test barn”

Standardbred Faith N Moon, June 8, Buffalo 5
“took bad step-fx LR leg-euthanized on track”

5-year-old Bear’s Spirit, June 12, Aqueduct, training
“pulled up-splint applied-ambulanced off-fx LF sesamoids-euthanized”

2-year-old Fran’s Kid, June 18, Belmont, training
“suffered fx LF leg while breezing on main track-euthanized on track”

Standardbred Dalglish, June 18, Monticello
“broke coming down stretch-crossed finish last-collapsed and died at paddock gate-suspected cardio vascular event”

4-year-old Rock and Roll Star, June 20, Finger Lakes, training
“suffered a fx LR leg while breezing-euthanized”

4-year-old Roses for Romney, June 25, Belmont 8
“clipped heels of Ballerina Belle-fell-horse died of apparent neck trauma”

7-year-old Elsaroarin, June 27, Finger Lakes 9
“pulled up before wire-fx RF Pastern-euthanized on track”

4-year-old Western Grit, June 28, Finger Lakes, training
“fx RF sesamoid while training-euthanized on track”

th (1)

3-year-old Michonne, July 4, Finger Lakes 9
“broke through gate and ran into rail fracturing leg-euthanized”

3-year-old This Guy Is Blue, July 6, Belmont 9
“pulled up-ambulanced off-fx RF leg-euthanized in necropsy area”

4-year-old Music Maid, July 13, Belmont 2
“pulled up-ambulanced off-fx RF leg-euthanized”

4-year-old Indomitable Woman, July 17, Finger Lakes 5
“vanned off after finish-xrays revealed fx RF medial sesamoid-euthanized”

3-year-old Missy Zelliott, July 20, Belmont, training
“collapsed and died while training-apparent cardiovascular collapse”

4-year-old Lifeguard On Duty, July 24, Saratoga, training
“pulled up badly during training-ambulanced to barn-xrays revealed fx RF sesamoids-euthanized”

3-year-old Double Gold, July 25, Saratoga, training
“spooked unseating rider-ran loose and fell over rail-suffering paralysis both hind legs due to trauma to lumbar spine-euthanized”

3-year-old Chichita, July 26, Finger Lakes 1
“pulled up-fx LF sesamoid-poor prognosis-euthanized”

7-year-old Gimmeanotherwink, July 28, Finger Lakes 2
“fx both RF sesamoid bones-euthanized on track”

3-year-old Father Johns Pride, July 28, Saratoga 7
“pulled up-DNF race-ambulanced off-euthanized in necropsy area”

5-year-old Quorum, July 29, Finger Lakes 6
“following completion race-ambulanced off-xrays revealed fx RF sesamoids-euthanized”

3-year-old Lavender Road, July 30, Saratoga (prior to race 7)
“collapsed on horse path leaving track-treated for heat exhaustion with no resolution-sent to vet hospital where xrays revealed a fx to the 7th vertebrae-euthanized next day”

2-year-old Sir William Bruce, August 2, Saratoga 5
“pulled up without incident-collapsed after unsaddling and died-sent for necropsy”

4-year-old Regretless, August 11, Saratoga 4
“pulled up-collapsed and died on track-apparent cardio-vascular event”

2-year-old Cashion, August 16, Belmont, training
“took bad step while training-xrays revealed fx LF leg-euthanized”

3-year-old M B and Tee, August 21, Saratoga 7
“won race-collapsed after finish unseating rider-died on track-suspected cardiovascular event”

2-year-old Kamarius, August 23, Saratoga, training
“pulled up after breezing on Oklahoma Track-splinted RF leg-ambulanced off-sustained fx RF leg-euthanized”

2-year-old Ludicrous, August 23, Saratoga 4
“suffered fx RF leg-euthanized on track”

3-year-old Elena Strikes, August 24, Saratoga, training
“suffered fx LF leg while breezing on training track-euthanized on track”

7-year-old Makari, August 25, Saratoga 1
“fell unseating rider after going over hurdle-died on track”

3-year-old Vanessa Halo, August 26, Finger Lakes, training
“suffered fx pelvis during training-euthanized”

2-year-old Divine Guidance, August 27, Saratoga 5 (euthanized August 29)
“pulled up-vanned off-previously submitted as Racing Incident-lame RF-xrays revealed fx RF leg-euthanized”

3-year-old Major Battle, September 5, Belmont, training
“fell and died while breezing-cause unknown at this time-case continues”

3-year-old Gerryland, September 7, Finger Lakes, training
“suffered fx RF leg while training-euthanized”

3-year-old Kitt’s Kool Katt, September 7, Finger Lakes, training
“suffered open fracture of the proximal humerus-euthanized”

4-year-old Ego Friendly, September 10, Belmont, training
“galloping on training track-collapsed and died-suspected cardiovascular event”

5-year-old Mulheb, September 10, Belmont 1
“pulled up-ambulanced off-radiographs revealed carpal slab fracture-euthanized 2 days later”

3-year-old Freddie Freud, September 13, Belmont, training
“pulled up while training-ambulanced off-xrays revealed fx LF leg-euthanized”

4-year-old DJ’s Hope, September 13, Finger Lakes 5
“suffered fx to LF leg-euthanized on track”

2-year-old Tale of the Spa, September 19, Saratoga, training
“while training on turf course-sustained fx RF leg-euthanized”

2-year-old Here in a Hurry, October 1, Belmont, training
“unraced 2 year old took a bad step during training-suffered fx L shoulder-euthanized”

4-year-old G W’s Hammer, October 3, Finger Lakes 5
“went down at finish-fx LF cannon bone-euthanized”

3-year-old Stenson, October 8, Belmont 1
“pulled up-splint applied-vanned off-xrays revealed fx RF sesamoids-euthanized”

4-year-old Endearing, October 9, Belmont, training
“fell at wire suffering fx RF leg while breezing-euthanized”

3-year-old Grand Arrival, October 10, Belmont, training
“fell at 1/8 pole while breezing-fx RF leg-euthanized on track”

2-year-old Giant Hearted Lee, October 13, Belmont 5
“pulled up-splint applied-ambulanced off-fx LF leg-euthanized”

4-year-old Zaikov, October 23, Belmont, training
“fell at 3/4 pole-stood up-ambulanced off-sustained fx L humerus-euthanized”

2-year-old Chase This Bandit, October 24, Belmont 10
“fell unseating rider-fx LF leg-euthanized on track”

2-year-old Saint Kris (sic?), October 25, Belmont, training
“collapsed and died while breezing-pulmonary hemmorrhage”

5-year-old Summer Sunset, October 31, Aqueduct 2
“pulled up-sustained fx LR leg-euthanized on track”

4-year-old Jesses Giant Dunk, October 31, Aqueduct 3
“stumbled after race-ran loose-horse ambulanced off-xrays revealed LF sesamoid ligament rupture-euthanized”

3-year-old Zo Sophisticated, November 3, Belmont, training
“collapsed and died while galloping-suspected cardiovascular event”

5-year-old Antone Suavey, November 3, Finger Lakes 2
“went down-fx RF leg-euthanized on track”

3-year-old Pete, November 11, Finger Lakes, training
“sustained fx RR Pastern while breezing-euthanized”

4-year-old Knockher Off, November 12, Aqueduct 5
“stumbled and fell after finish-horse died on the track-apparent neck trauma”

Standardbred Santa Baby, November 16, Yonkers 9
“walked back to paddock-non weight bearing lameness LR leg-vet exam revealed fx LR pastern-euthanized”

5-year-old Threetimes a Saint, November 26, Finger Lakes 2
“fx LF sesamoid-euthanized”

9-year-old Cherokee Artist, November 28, Aqueduct 6
“pulled up-ambulanced off-xrays revealed a fracture RF leg-euthanized”

4-year-old Princes On Thelake, December 3, Aqueduct 5
“fell at 1/4 pole-Fx LF cannon bone-euthanized”

4-year-old Carla Sweetrevenge, December 3, Finger Lakes 7
“went down-horse fx LF leg-euthanized on track”

3-year-old Warrior’s Hero, December 4, Aqueduct 3
“pulled up-ambulanced off-xrays revealed fx R carpus-euthanized”

7-year-old Quick Money, December 5, Aqueduct 8
“fell unseating rider after clipping heels-horse died on track due to neck trauma”

5-year-old Half Nelson, December 5, Aqueduct 8
“fell over fallen horse Quick Money-fx L shoulder-euthanized”

5-year-old Sage Valley, December 10, Aqueduct 8
“fell after finish-horse died on track”

5-year-old Ludo Bagman, December 11, Aqueduct 1
“stumbled unseating rider-ran loose-pulled up-fx LF sesamoids-splint applied-ambulanced off-euthanized”

2-year-old Deckers, December 15, Belmont, training
“unraced 2 year old-fx LF sesamoids while training-euthanized”

4-year-old Celebrate We Will, December 26, Aqueduct 1
“unseated rider Dylan Davis-ran loose-caught at wire-splint applied-ambulanced off-fx RF leg-euthanized”

5-year-old Wicked Irish, December 27, Aqueduct 2
“stumbled-splint applied-ambulanced off-fx LF sesamoids-euthanized”

3-year-old Soldier Inthe Rain, December 31, Belmont, training
“suffered fx RF leg while breezing-euthanized on track-investigation continues”

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