Through a FOIA request to the Ohio State Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following kills on that state’s tracks in 2018. Please note, however, that the Commission did not send “non-racing” deaths, so this list tells but a part of the story.

Electric Alphabet, January 8, Mahoning R
“fractured cannon (open, displaced), euthanized on track”

Honor the Empire, January 9, Mahoning R
“fractured knee (comminuted); blood drawn before euthanasia”

Oversized, January 10, Mahoning R
“fractured sesamoids”

Saenger, January 26, Mahoning T
“double sesamoid fracture”

Barbwirebilly, February 6, Mahoning R
“fractured sesamoid”

Forever Just, February 19, Northfield R
“comminuted P2 fracture”

Paiges Magic Man, February 24, Mahoning R
“fractured cannon (open, comminuted, displaced)”

Caladonia, March 2, Mahoning R
“fractured cannon, euthanized on track; blood collected before euthanasia”

Western Tryst, March 5, Mahoning R
“fractured cannon (open, displaced); blood collected before euthanasia”

Warren’s Tricia R., March 7, Mahoning R
“fractured/disarticulated ankle; blood collected before euthanasia”

Troublewithatee, March 12, Mahoning R
“fractured/dislocated ankle, euthanized on track; blood drawn before euthanized”

Irst, March 16, Mahoning R
“fractured knee (multiple bones); vanned and euthanized after xrays”

Getaway Car, March 31, Mahoning R
“fractured ankle and ruptured tendon after wire”

Russian Greek, April 2, Mahoning R
“fractured ankle (open, dislocated), euthanized on track”

Lastofthe Moniqns, April 11, Mahoning T
“fractured ankle”

Rockin Finish, April 17, Miami Valley R
“pulled up lame, grave prognosis – owner agreed to euthanasia”

Up Front Out the Door, April 23, Miami Valley R
“fractured P1 – euthanized at the owner’s request”

Hatter’s Run, April 29, Thistledown T
“complete, open fracture ankle”

Hold On Hattie, May 13, Belterra R
“bilateral fracture of sesamoidean apparatus”

Ollygundon, May 23, Belterra T
“fractured shoulder”

Put It Back Jack, May 23, Thistledown R
“fractured [and] dislocated ankle; blood collected before euthanasia”

Major Hit, May 29, Thistledown R
“fractured both [italics added] knees during race; blood collected before euthanasia”

Un Bandido, May 30, Thistledown T
“fractured pastern”

Tasmania, June 2, Belterra R
“fractured both sesamoids, avulsed ligaments, dislocated fetlock joint”

My Erin, June 9, Belterra R
“fetlock was completely dislocated, open fractures, sesamoids and supporting ligaments completely avulsed”

Winning Edge, June 13, Thistledown R
“fractured and dislocated ankle; blood collected before euthanasia”

El Chiflado, June 20, Thistledown R
“fractured and dislocated ankle; blood collected before euthanasia”

Frensham, June 29, Belterra R
“sesamoid fracture and tendon avulsion”

Clever Thunder, June 30, Belterra R
“sesamoid fracture with avulsion of ligaments”

Planned Escape, July 4, Thistledown R
“fractured knee; blood collected before euthanasia”

Lady Arya, August 12, Belterra R
“fracture of sesamoids, subluxation of fetlock joint”

Dallas Seelster, August 14, Northfield R
“fracture P2, distal large slab”

Rise Above It, August 18, Thistledown R
“fractured/dislocated ankle; blood collected before euthanasia”

Tootsonine, August 26, Belterra T
“sesamoidean apparatus failed and fetlock joint completely luxated; jockey ok”

Incense, September 2, Belterra T
“ruptured ligament in stifle”

Gotanorangecrush, September 2, Belterra R
“open, compound [fracture] of cannon”

Pay My Feed Bill, September 5, Thistledown R
“fractured and dislocated ankle; blood collected before euthanasia”

Windy Cape, September 29, Belterra R
“fracture with avulsion of sesamoidean apparatus”

Financing Dreams, October 13, Thistledown R
“fractured cannon and sesamoid; blood collected before euthanasia”

Tiz Hot, October 17, Thistledown R
“fractured sesamoids, euthanized on track; blood collected before euthanasia”

Very Elegant, November 3, Mahoning R
“fractured ankle, euthanized on track; blood collected before euthanasia”

Protostar, November 6, Mahoning R
“fractured ankle, euthanized on track; blood collected before euthanasia”

Trigger Warning, November 19, Mahoning R (euthanized November 20)
“fractured ankle; surgery [next day]…complications”

Dowager Countess, November 24, Mahoning R
“fractured knee, euthanized on track; blood collected before euthanasia”

Gonnarockyourworld, December 1, Northfield R
“fracture cannon bone”

La Relampago, December 4, Mahoning R
“fractured knee (comminuted); blood collected before euthanasia”

Major Drama, December 10, Mahoning R
“fractured sesamoids, euthanized on track; blood collected before euthanasia”

The Hero Within, December 26, Mahoning R
“broke down suspensory/ankle; previous fracture of knee; vanned and euthanized; blood collected before euthanasia”

Through a FOIA request to the Ohio State Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following kills there in 2017. (Note: The Commission did not forward what the industry calls “non-racing” deaths. Surely, though, there were plenty of those, too.)

Ruhl Paul, January 3, Mahoning, race 5
multiple fractures – euthanized on track

Jackie Jo, January 7, Mahoning, race 5
(previous two races: last of 11, last of 10 – combined 48 lengths back)

Super Rich, January 10, Mahoning, race 2
(previous five races: combined 102 lengths back)

Judith’s Novel, January 20, Mahoning, training
“broke shoulder”

Kiasma, February 6, Northfield, race 11
“vanned off – euthanized”

Furious Lil Miss, February 13, Mahoning, race 6
“[euthanized] on the racetrack” (chart merely said “went wrong, vanned off”)

Callmeback, March 14, Mahoning, race 8
(60th race)

Johannah Jo, April 5, Mahoning, race 2
“broke down around half mile pole then continued to run half mile; repeated trauma caused ankle to [become] dislocated and destroyed soft tissues; ran to finish line where she was put down on track”

Cobra Kiss, May 13, Thistledown, race 2
“[euthanized] on the racetrack”

Danika P, May 16, Scioto, race 6
“suffered fracture – euthanized on the grounds”

Greelaterra, May 27, Thistledown, training
“broke [leg] at the wire during work” (two years old, being prepped for first race)

Sentosa Island, June 3, Scioto
“bandaged and trailered from racetrack – euthanized later that night”

Erascritto, June 11, Belterra, race 6
“catastrophic breakdown sesamodian apparatus with luxation of fetlock”

Sky Princess, June 18, Belterra, race 2
(breakdown came a mere 8 days after finishing last – almost 20 lengths back – at Churchill; trainer, Madelyn Royal)

Deliberate Diamond, June 24, Thistledown, training
“horse fractured ankle [at wire] of morning work”

Stef and Me, June 25, Belterra, race 8
“tendon attachment ruptured causing [it] to deviate laterally” (40th race, but third in 16 days – trainer/owner, Daniel O’Hallaron)

Strange Brew, July 8, Belterra, race 6
“severe slab fracture – humanely euthanized” (previous two races: last, last – combined 60 lengths back; trainer/owner, Jac Tomasello)

Crown Domenica, July 12, Thistledown, race 1
“vanned off – euthanized”

Baytown Princess, July 14, Belterra, race 4
“compound, open, complete transverse fracture of both front cannon bones just below the knees” (three previous, and only, races: combined 60 lengths back)

Cherokee Callie, July 14, Belterra, race 5
“closed, compound transverse fracture of pastern”

Leathers Slappin, July 15, Thistledown, race 2
“vanned off – euthanized”

Bobby Z, July 17, Thistledown, race 3
“horse broke ankle at 1/4 pole”

Cold Hearted Shark, July 18, Northfield, race 11
“fractured pastern (multiple, displaced) – he was euthanized on track”

Sonof a Monstercat, July 20, Belterra, race 6
“multiple fractures of the sesamoids as well as subluxation of the fetlock; horse was loaded on ambulance – humanely euthanized”

Evasive Maneuver, July 26, Thistledown, race 6
“[euthanized] on the racetrack”

Mister Tom Tom, July 26, Thistledown, race 8
“horse fractured limb – [euthanized] on the racetrack” (chart said “walked off”)

Limoges, July 28, Belterra, race 5
“complete, open, compound fracture just above mid-cannon”

Raysunett, August 9, Thistledown, race 5
“[euthanized] on the racetrack”

Straitouttathefunk, August 12, Thistledown, race 2
“vanned off – euthanized”

Ronson, August 19, Thistledown, race 4
“fractured sesamoids (open, disarticulated) and was euthanized on track”

Dreamy, August 19, Thistledown, race 8
“[euthanized] on the racetrack”

Mizz Quoted, August 23, Thistledown, training
“horse involved in head-on collision during morning training hours; fractured shoulder and was euthanized”

Color Me Blush, August 26, Belterra, race 5
“slab fractures in both the upper and lower row of carpal bones with deviation of accessory carpal bone with drop of fetlock”

Cody Coy, September 6, Northfield, race 10
“vanned off – euthanized”

Lady Lilyann, September 12, Thistledown, race 4
“horse fractured cannon (open, displaced)…euthanized on track”

Zulu Echo, September 15, Belterra, race 5
“multiple fractures [of pastern]…unable to bear weight; the left hock was also lacerated and the joint was exposed (most likely caused by right rear leg when horse was scrambling to recover)”

What’s Up JP, September 20, Thistledown, race 1
“vanned off, euthanized”

Beeswacker, September 26, Thistledown, race 3
“horse fractured ankle and cannon bone (open, displaced)…euthanized on racetrack”

Ouray, September 27, Thistledown, race 4
“horse fractured ankle (open, dislocated) at finish line…euthanized on track”

Tizquick, September 30, Belterra, race 7
“broke from gate and rider immediately tried to pull horse up – sesamoidean fracture with subluxation of fetlock; rider was unable to pull up until middle of first turn – this may have contributed to severity of injury” (this was Tizquick’s third race in 24 days)

Princess Bossy, October 4, Belterra, race 6
(five races leading up to death: combined 88 lengths back)

Ruth’s Lotus, October 30, Mahoning, race 3
“horse fractured both knees at 3/8 pole – euthanized on track”

Granites Peak, November 1, Mahoning, race 8
“horse fractured knee at 1/8 pole and euthanized on track”

Black Jules, November 21, Mahoning, race 4
“horse fractured knee at 1/4 pole and was euthanized on track”

Classic Reward, November 22, Mahoning, race 4
“horse fractured both sesamoids left front ankle with severe displacement and disarticulation of joint”

Jury Wise, December 13, Mahoning, race 6
“fractured left front cannon bone (open, displaced) and right front sesamoid (open)”

Through a FOIA request to the Ohio State Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following kills at Ohio tracks in 2016:

Maxwell Hill, January 2, Mahoning 7, “fractured knee”
Allthatgltrsisgold, February 6, Miami Valley 9, “comminuted, displaced ankle fracture”
Polaris, February 15, Mahoning training, “fractured ankle”
Aaron Again, February 15, Mahoning 6, “fractured ankle”
Twelve Noon, February 29, Mahoning training, “fractured leg”
Macachee Run, March 5, Mahoning training, “fractured shoulder”
Dangerous Times, March 5, Northfield 8, “comminuted, displaced pastern fracture”
Iyamwhatiyam, March 8, Northfield 13, “fractured cannon”
Don Tillo, April 4, Mahoning 4, “fractured cannon”
KD’s King Kong, April 4, Mahoning 5, “fractured sesamoids”
Sawyers Mickey, April 27, Thistledown 6, “fractured ankle”
All Snuffed Up, April 30, Thistledown 2, “fractured ankle”
Spoils of War, May 6, Belterra training, “fractured cannon”
Twentycarattenpin, May 8, Belterra 3, “complete fracture of cannon”
Glint, May 8, Belterra 4, “complete dislocation of fetlock”
Mr. Mostly, May 8, Belterra 4, “fractured cannon”
Turn It On Friskie, May 11, Scioto 5, “comminuted pastern fracture”
Naughty Scotty, May 20, Belterra 6, “avulsion of distal ligament”
Ambitious At Noon, June 19, Thistledown training, “comminuted cannon fracture”
Jigsaw, June 23, Belterra 6, “sesamoid fracture”
Indiscreetness, July 1, Thistledown 8, “comminuted knee fracture”
Princess Sela, July 29, Thistledown 3, “comminuted, open cannon fracture”
Believe in Kitten, August 4, Belterra 7, “quadricep tear, possible femoral fracture”
Bad Asset, August 5, Belterra 6, “sesamoid fracture”
Charlie Renee, August 6, Thistledown training (euthanized August 11), “broken pelvis”
Warriors Roar, August 26, Belterra 3, “sesamoid avulsion fracture”
Alittlebitofmagic, September 9, Belterra 2, “open compound fracture with dislocation”
Bayou Royalty, September 16, Belterra 5, “sesamoid fracture with dislocation”
Cute Boy, September 17, Thistledown 2, “pulled up lame – suspensory”
Princess Talia, September 17, Thistledown 6, “fractured knee”
Three’s a Trump, September 19, Thistledown 2, “open, displaced sesamoids fracture”
Phil’s Wildcat, September 22, Belterra 4, “sesamoids fracture”
Sky Crew, October 3, Thistledown 1, “fractured ankle”
The Real Tone, October 8, Northfield 10 (euthanized October 10), “condylar fracture”
Given the Chance, October 8, Thistledown 6, “fractured knee”
Keyed for Speed, October 12, Thistledown 5, “fractured knee”
Golden Empress, November 7, Mahoning 1, “comminuted, displaced fracture”
True Bayou, November 16, Mahoning 3, “fractured sesamoids and cannon”
Perfect Spot, December 7, Mahoning 4, “fractured cannon; ankle exposing bone”
Bruner, December 7, Mahoning 8, “fractured knee”
Dynamy Road, December 10, Mahoning 4, “fractured, dislocated ankle”
Considered Opinion, December 12, Mahoning 7, “fractured shoulder”
Nevada Kid, December 21, Mahoning 2, “fractured sesamoids and dislocated ankle”
Knight of Sun, December 29, Mahoning training, “condylar fracture of cannon”
Starcrossed, December 30, Mahoning training, “came back lame – tendon”


There can be no justification for the killing of animals for $2 bets. End it. Now.

Through a FOIA request to the Ohio State Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following 36 kills on Ohio tracks in 2015. (Please note: These are racing and training only, as Ohio did not include “non-racing” deaths – colic, laminitis, etc. – in the FOIA documents. Surely, though, there were plenty of those too.)

7-year-old Boy’s Brother Bob, January 13, Mahoning 7
disarticulated ankle

First After Me, January 21, Northfield 14
fractured limb

Beach Speech, February 5, Miami 1
displaced comminuted fracture

2-year-old Hostile Nation, February 27, Mahoning, training
complete fracture of cannon

4-year-old Hecky Dorn, March 2, Mahoning 8
fractured knee

6-year-old Had to Happen, April 1, Mahoning 5
fractured sesamoids

4-year-old Toolatetotwostep, April 2, Mahoning, training
complete open fracture of metacarpal and rupture of stifle

Gogetembrady, April 20, Northfield 2
fractured ankle

4-year-old Lia’s Miracle, April 25, Mahoning 9
fractured sesamoids

7-year-old Third Wish, May 7, Belterra, training
fractured pastern

Osborne’s Yankee, May 11, Northfield 6

4-year-old Red October, May 13, Thistledown 1
fractured sesamoids

Wilco Willy, May 18, Scioto
comminuted fracture of pastern – multiple pieces

6-year-old Trenton Street, May 22, Belterra 2
fractured pelvis

6-year-old Whiskey Rebellion, May 30, Thistledown 4

3-year-old Leader of the Pack, June 21, Belterra 8
fractured sesamoids

3-year-old River Lute, July 4, Belterra 4
suspensory apparatus failed – open fracture

8-year-old Zhivago, July 13, Thistledown, training
broke down right front leg

6-year-old Isadella, July 19, Belterra 7
fractured sesamoids

2-year-old Hardly Sweet, July 20, Thistledown, training
comminuted fracture of the humerus

Little Prince, July 20, Northfield 12
fractured sesamoids – open, comminuted, displaced

4-year-old Little Scoot, August 19, Thistledown 9
broke ankle

6-year-old Gar, September 7, Belterra 6
fractured sesamoid

7-year-old Love Bunny, September 19, Thistledown 1
fractured sesamoids

7-year-old Leisurely Stroll, September 20, Belterra 7
multiple comminuted fractures of pastern

5-year-old Boardwalk Baron, September 21, Thistledown 7
slab fracture

5-year-old Shesalilbitcountry, September 25, Thistledown 6 (euthanized Sep 26)
slab fracture

6-year-old Doyouseemecoming, October 10, Thistledown 1
luxated and fractured ankle

2-year-old Cassie Lou, October 10, Thistledown 6
fractured ankle – disarticulated, open

2-year-old Man in Black, October 11, Belterra, training
fractured sesamoid

4-year-old Spring Song, October 16, Thistledown 3
fractured ankle

6-year-old Captain Buddy L, November 3, Mahoning 7
fractured and dislocated ankle

3-year-old Can’thandletheheat, December 12, Mahoning 9
fractured cannon bone mid-shaft

4-year-old Redneck Lazy, December 19, Mahoning 4
fractured sesamoids

Rocky Mountain Guy, December 19, Dayton 4
fractured cannon bone – compound, through the skin

4-year-old No Exclusion, December 23, Mahoning 8
fractured sesamoids

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The following 43 racehorses were killed in action on Ohio tracks in 2014. This list, however, includes only those officially reported to the Ohio Racing Commission – there were surely others euthanized off-site; others, still, who simply fell through the cracks. Also, be mindful of the horses who would not have made our weekly casualty lists because Equibase had them as perfectly fine.

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Mystery Taste, Jan 14, Beulah 7, “complete comminuted cannon fracture…bone exposed”

Royal Affair, Jan 29, Beulah 1, fractured leg

Flyingpalm, Feb 1, Beulah, “snapped leg” while training

El Altanero, Mar 17, Beulah 7, “comminuted compound fracture of fetlock”

Ruby Lite, Apr 19, Thistledown, fractured sesamoids while training

Revelling, May 11 (euthanized May 18), Thistledown 5, undisclosed (according to chart, finished without incident)

Catawba Gray, May 18, Belterra 7, “comminuted compound fracture and luxation of fetlock” (according to chart, merely “vanned off”)

Sweet Teri K, Jun 7, Belterra 4, fractured sesamoid, ruptured distal suspensary, “unsalvageable”

Old World Order, Jun 8, Belterra 8, undisclosed shoulder injury (according to chart, merely “eased, vanned off”)

Lava Lei, Jun 8, Thistledown 8, fractured knee

Birthday Wish, Jun 21, Belterra 7, fractured sesamoids

Let’s Face It, Jun 27, Thistledown 7, fractured knee (according to chart, merely “pulled up lame, vanned off”)

Commandeer, Jun 28, Belterra 2, fractured fetlock, “comminuted sesamoid fractures”

Cozy Kieran, Jul 6, Belterra, “complete tibia fracture” while training

Piskacha, Jul 19, Belterra 4, fractured sesamoid

Lite Up My Dream, Aug 2, Thistledown 6, fractured sesamoid (according to chart, finished without incident)

Felixia, Aug 6, Thistledown 2, fractured leg (according to chart, finished without incident)

Mary’s Vow, Aug 20, Thistledown 8, “slab fracture, multiple pieces” (according to chart, merely “distanced, walked off”)

Runaway Bridle, Aug 31, Thistledown 4, fractured sesamoids

Florida Bull, Sep 3, Thistledown 8, fractured ankle

Funnys Man Dream, Sep 11, Belterra 1, fractured tibia

Kingliest, Sep 11, Belterra 6, fractured cannon

Tale of Lucknfame, Sep 12, Belterra 7, fractured sesamoids

Matched Ruler, Sep 13, Thistledown 8, fractured cannon

Squall Line, Sep 14, Belterra 3, fractured fetlock, fractured sesamoid (euthanized on-track but according to chart, finished without incident)

Lipstick Promises, Sep 15, Belterra, fractured leg/sesamoid while training

Tangible Assets, Oct 3, Thistledown 8, fractured sesamoids, dislocated/fractured ankle

Looklistenandlearn, Oct 4, Belterra 3, fractured sesamoid (according to chart, merely “vanned off”)

Bizzy EF, Oct 5, Thistledown 1, fractured knee

Locks of Gold, Oct 19, Belterra 3, fractured sesamoid (according to chart, merely “eased, vanned off”)

Mongol Boy, Nov 1, Thistledown, fractured sesamoids while training

Avalon Rose, Nov 1, Thistledown 5, fractured leg (according to chart, merely “pulled up lame, vanned off”)

Ansilta, Nov 2, Thistledown 8, fractured cannon

Unabiding Citizen, Nov 5, Thistledown 6, fractured cannon

Next Right Thing, Nov 8, Thistledown 6, “open disanticulated ankle”

Lefty Closer, Dec 10, Mahoning 7, fractured ankle

Sky Kerridge, Dec 10, Mahoning 8, “collapsed and died” (according to chart, merely “eased to the wire”)

(Although not killed in action, Lean On Lexi succumbed to colic at Mahoning December 2nd.)

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Ciem, Feb 4, Northfield, “collapsed and died in paddock immediately after race – gums white, no heartbeat detected”

Mega Hall, Feb 19, Northfield, fractured leg

I Ride Western, Mar 3, Northfield, fractured leg

Racetrack Diva, Jun 12, Northfield, fractured ankle

Hall’n Chips, Jun 17, Northfield, fractured pastern

To Tell the Truth, Sep 5, Northfield, fractured distal phalanx