Through a FOIA request to the West Virginia Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following kills on that state’s tracks in 2017. Unless otherwise noted, immediate cause of death was limb break of one kind or another – underlying cause, of course, horseracing itself. Unless otherwise noted, horse was, in the Commission’s words, “humanely destroyed.” Final note: this staggering toll comes from but two tracks.

Ground Control, January 12, Charles Town, race 8
“ankle dislocation”

First Notion, January 14, Charles Town, training

Latent Fire, January 20, Charles Town, race 4

Becky’s Boy Brian, January 26, Charles Town, training

Chromed Out, January 27, Charles Town, training
(coming off a last-of-11, 47 lengths-back at Gulfstream)

Boparoundtheclock, January 27, Charles Town, training

Gotta Try, February 10, Charles Town, training

Northern Exchange, February 15, Charles Town, race 3

Mr. Ripken, February 15, Charles Town, race 4

Bullet Thief, February 24, Charles Town, race 1

Windsor Pitch, March 2, Charles Town, race 6 (euthanized March 4)

Adorable Man, March 3, Charles Town, training
“sudden death” (two years old, being prepped for first race)

Groom Scholarship, March 18, Charles Town, race 6
“ankle dislocation”

Don’t Be Coy, March 24, Charles Town, race 2

Blanchfield, March 30, Charles Town, race 5
“ankle, open dislocation”

Spring Ahead, April 3, Charles Town, training

Cyclic, April 8, Charles Town, race 5
“ankle dislocation”

Zephyrous, April 20, Charles Town, race 5
“sudden death”

Martha Again, May 3, Mountaineer, training

Be Wild, May 6, Charles Town, race 2
“shattered pastern”

Savanali, May 6, Mountaineer, training
(coming off a “fell, DNF” in only race three weeks prior)

Oshie, May 14, Mountaineer, race 7

Sky Changer, May 17, Charles Town, race 1
“shattered carpus”

In Giants’ Boots, May 21, Mountaineer, race 9 (euthanized May 30)

Dutchie Baby, May 24, Mountaineer, race 6

Slip the Cable, June 8, Charles Town, race 8

Avenue Road, June 10, Charles Town, race 5

Amber Dubai, June 11, Mountaineer, race 1 (euthanized June 12)

San Nicolo, June 11, Mountaineer, race 3

Madam Machen, June 14, Mountaineer, training
“contact with manure dumpster”

Fiveoclocksomwhere, June 29, Charles Town, race 5 (euthanized June 30)

Ciao Amore, June 30, Mountaineer, training

Timna, July 1, Charles Town, training (euthanized July 27)

Do the Nae Nae, July 9, Mountaineer, race 5
“collapsed and died” (three years old)

Pagan Exchange, July 13, Charles Town, race 5 (euthanized July 18)

Belle’s Candy, July 15, Charles Town, race 3

Noble Change, July 16, Mountaineer, race 6

Atlantic Bull, July (illegible date), Mountaineer, training

Odie My Man, July 22, Charles Town, training
“sudden death” (four years old)

Win Tuscany, July 24, Mountaineer, race 7

My Brother Johnny, July 28, Charles Town, training

Zipping By, August 3, Charles Town, race 5

Generous Woman, August 7, Mountaineer, prior to race 7
“skull fracture, paddock”

Shem Creek, August 8, Mountaineer, race 9 (euthanized August 9)

Golden Panther, August 9, Mountaineer, training

La Dominadora, August 12, Mountaineer, training
(in July, was raced twice in nine days – finishing a combined 76 lengths back)

Triple Net, September 2, Charles Town, race 6 (euthanized September 4)

Holy Zendaya, September 9, Charles Town, race 5
“shattered [leg]”

She’s Lit Up, September 11, Mountaineer, race 2

Mucho Paso, September 15, Charles Town, race 3
“sudden death” (three years old)

Bullet Bobby, September 15, Charles Town, race 6
“died after involved in spill – internal injuries”

Lighthouse Reef, September 16, Charles Town, training
“sudden death” (four years old, last raced August 10 – last of 9, 43 lengths behind)

Rolling Tizway, September 20, Mountaineer, race 2

Wildwood Nafir, September 27, Mountaineer, race 9

Tap Step, October 4, Charles Town, training

High Dive, October 7, Charles Town, training

Mashpee Pond, October 15, Mountaineer, race 6 (euthanized October 16)

Tevere, October 21, Charles Town, race 1
“fracture” and “dislocation”

Turkey Creek, October 22, Mountaineer, race 7
“collapsed and died” (three years old)

Caspian Winner, October 23, Charles Town, training

Ferdie’s Fedora, November 2, Charles Town, training

Windsor’s Clouds, November 2, Charles Town, race 9 (euthanized November 3)

Peggys Music Maker, November 3, Charles Town, race 2
“fractured hip/pelvis”

Hazel Meadow, November 8, Mountaineer, race 1
(this was her second race in 10 days; trainer/owner, Burton Sipp)

Muay Thai, November 18, Charles Town, race 1 (euthanized November 25)

El Comander, November 19, Mountaineer, race 7

Francesca Cristina, November 21, Mountaineer, race 7

Twilight Danz, November 22, Charles Town, training
(two years old, being prepped for first race)

Lizzie’s Cat, November 24, Charles Town, training
(two years old, being prepped for first race)

Mountain Hawk, November 24, Charles Town, race 6 (euthanized November 28)

Green Time, November 25, Charles Town, race 2

Officer Ridge, December 1, Charles Town, training

Our Ship Is In, December 7, Charles Town, race 6

Forrest Grump, December 9, Charles Town, race 1 (euthanized December 13)

That’s Who I Am, December 9, Charles Town, race 8 (euthanized December 11)

Bad Grammar, December 16, Charles Town, race 5

Not My Style, December 30, Charles Town, training
“sudden death” (four years old)

In addition, these still-very-much-active racehorses died on track grounds from what the industry craftily calls “non-racing” causes. Technically true, perhaps, but morally they are no less casualties of this vile business than the ones above.

Comeonletsplay, January 12, Charles Town
“septic” (last raced October 8)

Little Sparrow, March 28, Charles Town
“colic” (one year old)

Mac North, April 6, Charles Town
“colic – died” (apparently, not euthanized; last raced March 10)

Individuality, May 22, Mountaineer
“colic, laminitis” – yes, both colic and laminitis (three years old, last raced April 28)

Anthony the Saint, June 30, Charles Town
“chronic edema/lameness” (three years old, last raced April 8)

Shadows of Love, October 1, Charles Town
“colic” (last raced September 10 – last of 9, 42 lengths back)

Mias Mark, October 6, Mountaineer
“flipped in washrack, fractured skull – dead on arrival” (had been raced three times – all last place, combined 90 lengths back; trainer/owner, Burton Sipp)

Ana Ruth, October 28, Charles Town
“died – possible infection/poison” (39 races, last one September 14)

Myarchangel, October 30, Mountaineer
“flipped in street, fractured skull” (two years old, coming off first race October 23)

D’forest Diva, October 30, Mountaineer
“found dead in stall” (last raced October 15)

Goldies Nugget, November 21, Mountaineer
“foreign body pneumonia” (last raced October 31)

Isle Master, November 22, Charles Town
“colic” (two years old)

Prospector Road, December 27, Charles Town
“colic – died” (apparently, not euthanized; three years old, last raced December 15)

Through a FOIA request to the West Virginia Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following deaths at Mountaineer in 2016:

Nofinancingneeded, April 20, training, “collapsed and died”

Margin, May 2, race 6 (euthanized May 16), “MCIII fracture”

Luck of Irish, May 3, race 9, “biaxial fracture – humanely destroyed”

Early Glory, May 10, race 1, “slab fracture – humanely destroyed”

Sue’s Nice Shadow, May 22, training, “accident in gate – humanely destroyed”

He’s a Delight, May 23, prior to race 4, “flipped in paddock, cranial fracture – dead on arrival”

Georgia Glitter, June 1, race 2, “biaxial fracture – humanely destroyed”

Bruno Cino, June 8, race 7, “spinal fracture – humanely destroyed”

Timely Pursuit, June 19, race 1, “biaxial fracture – humanely destroyed”

Gorgeous Sunrise, June 19, race 7, “slab fracture – humanely destroyed”

Amanda in Front, July 5, race 7 (euthanized July 14), “slab fracture”

Yari, July 20, race 4, “biaxial fracture – humanely destroyed”

Shakespeare’s Girl, July 27, race 1 (euthanized July 28), “slab fracture”

Awesome Group, July 30, race 1, “biaxial fracture – humanely destroyed”

Holey Molar, August 27, race 2, “biaxial fracture – humanely destroyed”

Fonepferesh, September 13, race 1, “biaxial fracture – humanely destroyed”

Why Argue, September 17, training, “suspensory”

Dreaming of Bella, September 19, race 8, “vascular accident”

Fan Demon, September 27, race 4, “biaxial fracture – humanely destroyed”

Hotrod Justice, October 10, race 6, “biaxial fracture – humanely destroyed”

My Silver Badge, October 11, race 9 (euthanized October 27), “biaxial fracture – humanely destroyed”

Kerisma, October 23, race 4, “biaxial fracture – humanely destroyed”

Profitable Lover, October 25, race 7 (euthanized November 4), “slab fracture”

Freudian Fantasy, October 25, race 9, “biaxial fracture – humanely destroyed”

Da Big Dawg, October 29, race 9, “sudden death” (10 years old, 82nd race)

Zee Note, November 1, training, “fractured pastern – humanely destroyed”

Suzy’s Storm, November 6, race 2, “biaxial fracture – humanely destroyed”

Way Out Willie, November 6, race 3, “slab fracture – humanely destroyed”

Flatter Talk, November 15, race 2 (euthanized November 22), “slab fracture”

Jo Dancer, November 20, race 2, “humerus fracture – humanely destroyed”

Suspecttommy, November 22, race 3, “compound fracture MCIII – humanely destroyed”

In addition, the following horses died on track grounds from what the industry calls “non-racing” causes. While this may be technically true, morally they are no less casualties of this vile business than the ones above.

Classic Kate, April 13, “penetrating abdominal wound – humanely destroyed” (was last raced March 23)

Silver Pigeon, July 19, “colic – humanely destroyed” (four “career” races: 12th, 7th, 9th, 9th)

C.C. Water Back, August 6, “enteritis – died” (yet-to-be-raced 3-year-old)

Mango Tart, August 15, “colic – humanely destroyed” (7-year-old, 29 races)

Bay Apache, August 26, “colic – died [not euthanized]” (was last raced just 19 days prior)

Holy Highway, October 18, “died from pneumonia” (7-year-old, 52 races)

Phoebe Moon, November 4, “colic, enteritis – found dead in stall” (7-year-old, 56 races – last one just two weeks prior)

There can be no justification for the killing of animals for $2 bets. End it. Now.

Through a FOIA request to the West Virginia Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following deaths at Charles Town in 2016:

Al’s May Girl, January 22, training, “MCIII fracture”
Dancing Wish, January 30, training, “compound condylar fracture”
Grand Mast, February 19, race 8, “sesamoid fractures, fetlock dislocation”
Big Hearted Deb, February 20, training, “MCIII fracture”
Caramel Creamsicle, February 25, race 6 (euthanized February 26), “slab fracture”
Purses Galore, March 3, race 4, “sudden death after race”
Imaflashyfellow, March 5, training, “shoulder fracture”
Pure Habit, March 11, race 7, “ankle dislocation and fracture”
Mommy Did It, March 11, race 8 (euthanized April 8), “sesamoids/tendon tear”
Cockeyed Cowboy, March 24, race 1, “open fracture, dislocation both front ankles”
Mrs Loud Mouth, March 26, race 6, “MCIII open fracture – shattered”
Chicsdigtheshark, March 26, race 7 (euth March 28), “MCIII, sesamoid fractures”
Ozzy, April 6, training (euthanized April 7), “scapula, humerus fractures”
Ace the Limit, April 8, race 2, “bilateral sesamoid fracture”
City Exit, April 8, race 4, “carpal fracture, partial fracture MCIII”
Malbros, April 23, race 7, “sesamoid fractures, dislocation of fetlock”
Nite Thunder, May 19, race 9, “sudden death during race”
View Tree, May 21, race 1, “open carpal fracture”
I Got Good Case, May 26, training (euthanized May 27), “ruptured tendon”
Such a Storm, June 2, training, “disarticulated carpal fracture”
Bravelikebetty, June 8, race 6, “sesamoid fractures, dislocation of fetlock”
Aplaingirl, July 2 (in Delaware race 2) (euthanized July 11), “slab fracture”
My Mans Out West, July 6, training, “sudden death” (two years old)
Aly’s Tap, July 21, race 6 (euthanized August 18), “carpus slab fracture”
Im a Corky One, July 22, race 8 (euthanized July 28), “multiple carpus fractures”
Leslie’s Dreamgirl, July 23, training, “open condylar fracture”
Sexy Boy, July 23, race 2 (euthanized August 20), “bowed deep flexor tendon”
King Windsor, July 29, race 2 (euthanized August 5), “condylar fracture”
Lew’s Legacy, August 5, race 5, “multiple carpal fractures” (first race)
Jennymeister, August 29, training, “open tibia fracture”
Illhuffanillpuff, September 7, training, “sesamoid fracture”
All About Attitude, September 28, training, “condylar fracture”
Michelle’s Trip, October 13, training, “P1 fracture” (57th race)
No Problem Paddy, October 13, race 3, “fell, died on track – neck fracture?”
Full Moon’s Mass, October 15, race 8, “carps shattered”
Sparkling Jewel, October 29, race 5 (euth December 12), “fetlock arthritis – chronic”
Hunt Basket, November 2, training, “open condylar fracture”
Miss Mountineer, November 16, training, “scapula fracture”
Boo Boo Dancer, December 7, race 5, “MCIII compound, comminuted fracture”
Really Mistya, December 9, race 6, “ankle dislocation and fracture”
Mean Streets, December 14, training, “complete fracture [of] tibia”
AK’s Candy, December 22, race 8, “ankle fracture/dislocation”
Little City Girl, December 31, training, “puncture wound, infection”


In addition, the following horses died on track grounds from what the industry calls “non-racing” causes. While this may be technically true, morally they are no less casualties of this vile business than the ones above.

Scarlet Coal, January 28, “colic – died [not euthanized]” (three years old)
Zumba It, January 31, “endotoxic shock – died [not euthanized]” (four years old)
Outtanker, February 8, “colitis” (four years old)
Packet Cat, February 15, “colitis” (four years old)
Longhairedhippie, February 20, “colic – died [not euthanized]” (four years old)
Page’s Promise, March 6, “botulism” (41 races)
Polar Sunrise, May 3, “died [not euthanized] in stall” (last raced two weeks earlier)
Malzahn, May 28, “founder” (four years old, last raced in March)
Waverly Force, June 4, “neurologic disease” (three, coming off first race)
J. Russell, June 16, “septic, laminitis” (three, never raced)
Generic, July 22, “founder” (three, never raced)
Comprehend Mystery, August 16, “EPM” (three, never raced)

There can be no justification for the killing of animals for $2 bets. End it. Now.

“Broken Back in Spill”

“Collapsed and Died [at] Finish Line”

“Pastern Shattered”

“Broken Neck”

“Flipped in Paddock, Fractured Skull – DOA”

“Sudden Death During Race”

“Carpus Shattered”

“Found Dead in Stall”

Through a FOIA request to the West Virginia Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following deaths on that state’s tracks in 2015:

4-year-old Master’s Champion, January 14, Charles Town, training (euthanized Jan 15)

7-year-old Shop Smart, January 16, Charles Town, training

2-year-old Jazz Track, January 16, Charles Town 1
“fell in race, possible neck fracture”

2-year-old Warrior Forever, January 21, Charles Town 4

3-year-old Trail’satwosteppin, January 23, Charles Town 7

5-year-old Fronkonsteen, January 28, Charles Town 2 (euthanized January 29)

4-year-old Cobalto, February 5, Charles Town, training

3-year-old Fuzz, February 25, Charles Town 4

2-year-old Lovin It, February 26, Charles Town 4

5-year-old Mr Weaver, March 7, Mountaineer 9 (euthanized March 8)

7-year-old Shes Got to Run, March 13, Mountaineer, training

2-year-old Big Bad Max, March 17, Charles Town, training

5-year-old Elena’s Dreamboy, March 18, Mountaineer 9

2-year-old Afleet Monster, March 20, Charles Town 9 (euthanized March 21)

3-year-old Homeward Calling, March 26, Charles Town 9 (euthanized March 28)

3-year-old Holy Quill, April 8, Charles Town 8

5-year-old Snub, April 17, Charles Town 7 (euthanized April 29)

9-year-old Project Mayhem, May 1, Charles Town 8

2-year-old Maratik, May 2, Mountaineer 6

3-year-old Southern Rogue, May 11, Mountaineer 4

8-year-old Kid Galahad, May 12, Mountaineer 7 (euthanized May 18)

5-year-old Ally Hawk, May 16, Mountaineer 9 (euthanized June 12)

7-year-old Starlits Touch, May 19, Mountaineer 7

3-year-old Dash of Class, May 23, Charles Town, training (coming off first race)

8-year-old Winning Touch, May 23, Mountaineer, training

7-year-old I Cee’s a Tiger, May 26, Mountaineer 2

4-year-old Sharp Razor, May 30, Charles Town 2 (euthanized June 15)

4-year-old Thunder Bonnet, May 30, Mountaineer 3 (pre-race)
“flipped in paddock”

3-year-old Sweeping Tale, June 1, Mountaineer, training

7-year-old Tiedandtrue, June 3, Charles Town 2

3-year-old Veva Lightning, June 9, Charles Town, training

5-year-old I Got a Headache, June 10, Charles Town 4 (pre-race)
“sudden death prior to race”

5-year-old Irish Villian, June 12, Mountaineer, training

6-year-old Pepe’s Valentine, June 17, Mountaineer 5

4-year-old Spasella, June 18, Charles Town 2 (euthanized June 25)

4-year-old My Sweet Tooth, June 19, Charles Town 1 (euthanized June 20)

5-year-old Oh So Proud, June 27, Charles Town 3

6-year-old Awesome Life, July 8, Charles Town 3

5-year-old Dos Oro, July 8, Charles Town 7

5-year-old Thaaats Right, July 11, Mountaineer 5

6-year-old Slot Machine, July 14, Mountaineer 6

5-year-old Parrain, July 15, Mountaineer 5 (euthanized July 16)

5-year-old Our Day in Court, July 22, Mountaineer, training

10-year-old Out Drinkin’, July 22, Mountaineer 4 (euthanized July 23)

3-year-old Wizards Clip, July 25, Charles Town 1
“broken back in spill”

6-year-old Mojo Workin, July 28, Mountaineer 1

4-year-old To Erin Again, July 30, Charles Town 2

5-year-old Token of Dreams, August 1, Mountaineer, training

6-year-old Flashy Finish, August 3, Mountaineer 5

4-year-old Dead Ringer, August 8, Charles Town 5

5-year-old Bow Street Runner, August 11, Mountaineer 9

6-year-old Song Ahead, August 15, Mountaineer 1 (euthanized August 18)

3-year-old Conference, August 16, Mountaineer 2
“collapsed and died [at] finish line – vascular accident”

3-year-old Helton, August 19, Charles Town 6
“pastern shattered”

4-year-old Last Kid, August 19, Charles Town 8 (euthanized August 26)

4-year-old Added Reward, August 20, Charles Town 8

3-year-old Get the Sensation, August 22, Charles Town 7

6-year-old Knock Rock, August 25, Mountaineer 4

6-year-old Acceptance Letter, August 28, Charles Town 4
“broken neck”

5-year-old Kathy’s Limit, September 16, Charles Town 6

3-year-old Silver Or Gold, September 18, Charles Town 5
“pastern shattered”

4-year-old Boccaccio, September 18, Charles Town 8

4-year-old Flashy Brass, September 22, Mountaineer 7

4-year-old Windsor’s Graduate, September 25, Charles Town 4 (euthanized Sep 26)

4-year-old Mr. Reattatude, September 26, Mountaineer 9 (pre-race)
“flipped in paddock, fractured skull – DOA”

3-year-old Charitable Star, October 1, Charles Town 4

4-year-old Fleur de Savill, October 3, Mountaineer 5 (euthanized October 6)

3-year-old O’ Jackie, October 6, Mountaineer, training

5-year-old Wildly Beautiful, October 10, Charles Town, training (euthanized Oct 13)

4-year-old Holistic Remedy, October 13, Mountaineer 1

4-year-old Rebellious Dreamer, October 13, Mountaineer 7

4-year-old Capitano Storm, October 21, Charles Town 6

2-year-old Resident Nurse, October 22, Charles Town 1 (euthanized October 31)

3-year-old Beil Beil, November 5, Charles Town 8

4-year-old Fiddlers Elbow, November 19, Charles Town 7
“sudden death during race” (chart said “eased, vanned off”)

8-year-old Explosive War, November 20, Charles Town 5 (euthanized November 21)

7-year-old Awesome Arceno, November 25, Charles Town 7

6-year-old Oursecretsparadise, December 2, Charles Town 8
“carpus shattered”

3-year-old Silver Sundara, December 3, Charles Town 6

9-year-old Diamond Dozen, December 4, Charles Town 3

3-year-old Forged in Gold, December 4, Charles Town 8

4-year-old Zippin On By, December 10, Charles Town, training

4-year-old Supersizer, December 10, Charles Town 3

6-year-old Pigeon Chris, December 10, Charles Town 8

3-year-old Souper Social, December 19, Charles Town 5

In addition, the following still-active racehorses died on track grounds from what the industry calls “non-racing” causes. Technically true, perhaps, but on a moral level, these horses are no less casualties of this vile business than the ones above.

2-year-old Louie Cat, January 2, Charles Town
“died [in other words, without euthanasia] – head injury” (yet to be raced)

3-year-old One Eyed Clyde, January 9, Charles Town
“euthanized – colic” (last raced December 27)

2-year-old Crafty Lil Devil, February 27, Charles Town
“died [in other words, without euthanasia] – neck abscess, colic” (last raced Jan 22)

7-year-old Our Hae, March 11, Charles Town
“died [in other words, without euthanasia] – colic” (last raced Feb 25; 61 races in all)

3-year-old Ruby Creek, March 11, Mountaineer
“humanely destroyed – colic” (yet to be raced)

6-year-old Kevins Gold, May 12, Charles Town
“euthanized – hock injury/infection” (last raced December 27)

3-year-old High Thighs, May 14, Charles Town
“euthanized – laminitis” (last raced March 20)

3-year-old Princess Birdie, August 22, Charles Town
“euthanized – founder” (last raced August 5)

3-year-old Cork Street, September 2, Charles Town
“died [in other words, without euthanasia] – acute enteritis” (yet to be raced)

6-year-old Montana Dream, September 6, Mountaineer
“humanely destroyed – colic” (last raced August 10)

3-year-old Catana, October 5, Mountaineer
“found dead in stall” (last raced September 27)

3-year-old Temple of Doom, October 5, Mountaineer
“found dead in stall” (last raced September 30)

4-year-old Too Many Pockets, October 12, Mountaineer
“humanely destroyed – colic” (last raced September 7)

5-year-old Dakota Sun, October 23, Mountaineer
“died [in other words, without euthanasia] – colic” (last raced September 7)

4-year-old Riding That Train, October 30, Charles Town
“euthanized – wobbler” (last raced August 28)

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Through a “West Virginia Freedom of Information Act” request, I have confirmed the following 33 deaths at Mountaineer in 2014. Please note that while this data comes from the same request that produced the Charles Town post, the latter included training and “non-racing” deaths; Mountaineer did not. So this list is far from complete (doubling the 33 would be a reasonable estimate).

4-year-old Ide Better Pray, March 1, Mountaineer 2 (euthanized March 4), “tendon injury”

2-year-old Syeshacat, March 1, Mountaineer 4, “compound fracture”

4-year-old Know This, March 4, Mountaineer 2, “slab fracture”

2-year-old Junkyard Eddie, March 4, Mountaineer 8 (euthanized March 5), “carpal fracture”

5-year-old Thegallopingghost, March 5, Mountaineer 4, “compound fracture, dislocation”

5-year-old D’wildbill, March 8, Mountaineer 1, “slab fracture”

6-year-old Tawdry, March 10, Mountaineer 8, “sesamoids fracture”

3-year-old Passport Denied, March 11, Mountaineer 9, “slab fracture”

5-year-old Tanjero, March 17, Mountaineer 7, “sesamoids fracture”

3-year-old HJD’s Prize, March 22, Mountaineer 1, “finish line”

6-year-old Crystallo, April 6, Mountaineer 3, “compound fracture”

6-year-old Big Boy Tyson, April 26, Mountaineer 3 (euthanized April 27), “sesamoids fracture”

4-year-old Win Machine, April 28, Mountaineer 3, “sesamoids fracture”

3-year-old Zion Hill, May 4, Mountaineer 6, “compound condylar fracture”

5-year-old Transatlantic, May 13, Mountaineer 2 (euthanized May 14), “carpal slab fracture”

5-year-old Blushing Martha, May 18, Mountaineer 8, “sesamoids fracture”

5-year-old Berrymeaux, May 31, Mountaineer 2, “sesamoids fracture”

5-year-old Hot Necker, June 14, Mountaineer 5, “sesamoids fracture”

9-year-old Streaterville, July 6, Mountaineer 6, “fetlock open dislocation”

7-year-old Back Talking, July 9, Mountaineer 5, “MC3 fracture”

5-year-old Finally Together, July 14, Mountaineer 9, “sesamoids fracture”

3-year-old Ifihadalady, July 19, Mountaineer 6, “sesamoids fracture”

3-year-old Ithink I Can Dance, July 22, Mountaineer 6, “MC3 fracture”

7-year-old Maji Moto, August 4, Mountaineer 7, “sesamoids fracture”

8-year-old Cross Village, August 31, Mountaineer 8, “slab fracture”

4-year-old Feeling Naughty, September 1, Mountaineer 5, “sesamoids fracture”

5-year-old Manis, September 3, Mountaineer 2, “sesamoids fracture”

7-year-old Dream Rocker, September 13, Mountaineer 1, “cardio vascular accident”

3-year-old Kat Alpha, September 22, Mountaineer 3, “MC3 fracture”

5-year-old Mi’Kelseys Pride, October 4, Mountaineer 3, “sesamoids fracture”

5-year-old That’s the Answer, October 21, Mountaineer 5, “sesamoids fracture”

7-year-old Auditorium, October 22, Mountaineer 7, “sesamoids fracture”

3-year-old Cloud Cutter, October 26, Mountaineer 4, “MC3 compound dislocation”