Through a FOIA request to the Delaware Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following deaths at Delaware tracks in 2016:

Charger, February 25, Dover racing, “suspected fatal cardiac event”

Don’t Knock Woody, April 2, Delaware training, “fractured shoulder”
(being prepped for first race)

Five Point Star, April 6, Delaware training, “complete open fracture distal limb”
(being prepped for first race)

Book the Bet, April 16, Delaware training, “open wounds [two] fetlocks, stifle wounds”

Lone Cat, May 20, Delaware training, “condylar fracture, sesamoid fracture”

Pefiolo, from June 2 Penn 6 (euthanized June 27 at Delaware), multiple fractures

Expert City, June 4, Delaware training, “sesamoid fracture, suspensory injury”
(being prepped for first race)

Proulette, June 6, Delaware 5 (euthanized June 7), “spinal shock like syndrome”
(chart said, “fell after the race…vanned off”)

Prospecting Road, June 6, Delaware 6, “sudden collapse post race”
(three years old)

Benny’s Diamond, June 15, Delaware 8, “multiple comminuted carpal bone fractures”
(second race in ten days)

Stay Stay Stay, June 18, Delaware training, “sesamoid fractures”

Miss Giacomo, June 26, Delaware training, “flipped on walking machine – trauma, hind leg paralysis”

Holy Soldier, June 29, Delaware 6, “open comminuted fracture MCIII”

Zofia’s Prayer, July 21, Delaware 3 (euthanized September 21), “tendon sheath infection post surgery”

Starles, July 27, Delaware training, “fractured sesamoids”
(being prepped for first race)

El Tio Piano, August 6, prior to Delaware 4, “flipped in paddock, fractured pelvis”; “ambulance to barn, ambulance to pit”

Awesome Vacation, August 17, Delaware training, “dorsal displacement”
(coming off first race)

Unblunted, August 29, Delaware 2 (euthanized August 30), “carpal fracture”

Insurance Premium, September 10, Delaware training (euthanized September 16), “slab fractures carpal [bones]”

Playncardswitroddy, September 20, Harrington racing, “suspected cardiac event”

Princess Melania, October 10, Delaware 5, “slab fracture, ruptured ligament”

In addition, the following horses died on track grounds from what the industry calls “non-racing” causes. While this may be technically true, morally they are no less casualties of this vile business than the ones above.

Majestic Number, April 9, Delaware, “colic”
(seven years old, 33 races)

Fashion Designer, May 18, Delaware, “septic cellulitis, possible joint infection”
(three years old)

Honest Abe, May 23, Delaware, “bowel evisceration secondary to a castration surgery earlier in the day”
(two years old)

Global Moon, July 7, Delaware, “pneumonia”
(last raced seven days prior)

Ruthless Love (pony), July 23, Delaware, “colic”

Beauty Girls Dream, September 16, Delaware, “acute laminitis both front feet – rotation and sinking”
(five years old, 18 starts, last raced July 31)

Hi Summerbird, November 3, Delaware, “laminitis”
(two years old)

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