Follows is my FOIA recap for 2016.

California: request denied – “The CHRB has not changed its policy and therefore cannot provide a list of racehorses that died or were euthanized on or at California race tracks.”

Kentucky: unwilling to provide “horse identifying information.”

Maine: “Our Department does not possess this information as this is not something that is reported to nor tracked by our Department.”

South Dakota: “We do not keep those records.”

Arkansas: multiple attempts, no reply.

Montana: multiple attempts, no reply.

Virginia: multiple attempts, no reply.

Washington: request filled.

Wyoming: request filled.

Colorado: request filled.

Nevada: request filled.

Iowa: request filledbut without training deaths.

Massachusetts: request filled.

Ohio: request filled.

Illinois: request filled.

Arizona: request filled.

Maryland: request filled.

North Dakota: request filled – but no training fatalities reported.

New Jersey: request filled.

New York: request filled.

Indiana: request filled, but without names.

Florida: request filled.

Texas: request filled.

Oregon: request filledbut without training deaths.

Nebraska: request filledbut with serious irregularities.

Michigan: request filledbut without harness casualties.

Minnesota: request filled – but without names.

Oklahoma: request filled.

New Mexico: request filledbut with large gaps.

Louisiana: request filledbut without training deaths.

West Virginia: request filled – here, and here.

Delaware: request filled.

Pennsylvania: request filledbut without training deaths.