The following seven racehorses died at New York State tracks in February:

Big Unit, February 8, Buffalo, “[was] pulled up in the 1st turn, trailered off the track; fractured L Front – euthanized”

Blameiton Brooklyn, February 10, Aqueduct, “horse vanned off after the finish and euthanized for a fracture to left front leg”

Frat Star, February 12, Aqueduct, “fell after the wire – euthanized on the track”

Regulus, February 12, Aqueduct, “ran down the backstretch – euthanized on the track”

Wheretheparty’sat, February 21, Monticello, “fractured pastern – euthanized”

Fabulous Kid, February 26, Belmont, “was euthanized for severe laminitis” (last raced just two weeks prior)

Missy’s Hat Trick, February 27, Belmont, “fractured shoulder while galloping – euthanized”

(source: NYS Gaming Commission)

The following nine horses died at New York State racetracks in January:

Fortune Faded (11-year-old being used as a “pony”), January 16, Aqueduct, “euthanized for chronic severe laminitis”

Upside Brown, January 17, Belmont, “fractured leg while breezing, ambulanced to Ruffian clinic – euthanized”

Prince Zurs, January 21, Aqueduct (injured racing, euthanized February 2)

Charming Vicky, January 22, Aqueduct, “pulled up at wire galloping on inner dirt…ambulanced to barn; x-rays revealed fractured sesamoids – euthanized”

Kristi Q, January 22, Aqueduct, “flipped over, hit head and died”

Lost Note, January 22, Aqueduct, “stumbled – euthanized on track”

Massena, January 23, Belmont, “severe laminitis due to post-op complications – euthanized”

Yankee Tales, January 27, Belmont, “breezing…fractured sesamoids – euthanized”

Jules J (10-year-old being used as a “pony”), January 27, Belmont, “diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma, developed secondary complications – euthanized”

(source: NYS Gaming Commission)