Animal abuse at Penn, again. From Equibase: “ANNA RAE had a comfortable lead most of the way while cruising in the two and three paths, came up empty at the quarter pole all while being struck by the whip thirty times inside the five sixteenths pole.”

“came up empty all while being struck by the whip thirty times”

Anna Rae is a cheap (she was “For Sale” at $4,000 prior to this race) claimer who was under the whip for the second time in a week. Her exploiters and abusers: trainer, Timothy Kreiser; owner, Chris Brent; jockey, Emilio Flores.

In the most recent Stewards Minutes for Los Alamitos, “one equine death was reported due to racing injuries” for the weekend October 12-October 14. The dead “athlete,” however, was left unidentified.

Then this from the 6th at Belterra September 30. Watch as #3 In My Mind “slams into the rail.” The 2-year-old filly was under the whip for the first time. Although she is said (by Equibase) to have “walked off on her own,” she has not been heard from since.

For the second time in a week, an active racehorse has been felled by “colic without resolution” at Finger Lakes. According to the Gaming Commission, Field Sense, six, was “humanely euthanized” yesterday – a mere six days after he brought up the rear in a $5,000 claiming race at that same track. Owner/trainer, Kevin McCarthy.

I have also confirmed that Lazy Daisy May is indeed dead after “[taking] a bad step, falling” and being “vanned off” at Mountaineer Wednesday. She was seven; ’twas her 51st time under the whip.

Finally, this from Equibase for the 5th at Penn last night: “ARCTIC MIA broke in the air…bore out on the turn while falling back, was put to whip through the lame [sic] despite appearing lame, pulled up shortly after the wire and was vanned off.” “Put to whip despite appearing lame.” Abuser atop, Stephanie Sheroski.

This is horseracing.

Two days ago, I posted about the ongoing abuse of two horses, Lethal Lil Lady and Smiling Charlie. It has gotten worse.

Lethal Lil Lady was raced again, yesterday at Delaware, and once again she finished last (15 lengths back). As her torture continues, her miscreant master, Bassam Captan, goes on cashing checks. And there’s no end in sight: Lethal Lil Lady is slated to go under the whip for the 81st time – this Sunday at Monmouth, on two days rest. Share your outrage: Monmouth Park; New Jersey Racing Commission.

After being raced on September 2 at Sweetwater, Smiling Charlie was sold (or transferred) to a new set of abusers, John Ness and Stan Brewer Jr, vanned to a different state (Idaho), and raced at Black Foot – the very next day. He, too, is scheduled to be raced again on Sunday – back at Sweetwater in Wyoming. I am almost without words. Wyoming Horse Racing.

Two more horses being run into the ground:

Lethal Lil Lady is a 9-year-old mare. First put to the whip over six years ago, she has been made to endure 79 races – each and every one of the “claiming” variety, meaning she has been in an almost-constant state of “For Sale.” Even having been run, exclusively, in the cheapest races at the lowest tracks, she has not finished first or second since October 2014 – 48 races ago.

Last October, Lethal Lil Lady brought up the rear, some 18 lengths back, at Delaware Park. Then, nothing, as trainer/owner Bassam Captan deactivated her for ten months, reason unknown. She then resurfaced in mid-August at Monmouth Park…

August 16: last, 27 lengths back
three – yes, three – days later: last, 17+ lengths back
six days after that: last, 23+ lengths back

So that’s three races in ten days resulting in three last-place finishes and a combined 68 lengths back. And yet – because Monmouth pays first through last, this animal abuser masquerading as a “horseman” came away with $1500 ($500 each time out).

Smiling Charlie is a 7-year-old gelding; he has been raced 52 times. Over the past three months, he has been treated unconscionably, even by this wicked industry’s standards. In June, he was raced at Chippewa Downs on the 9th, the 17th, and the 23rd. In July, he was raced at Great Falls on the 21st, the 27th, and the 29th. In August, he was raced at Sweetwater Downs on the 24th and the 26th. In the latter, he finished last, almost 30 lengths back. And the cruelty has begun anew this month with a race on the 2nd. As if not enough, Smiling Charlie has been made to suffer the stress and anxiety of being shuffled among three sets of trainers/owners – in 2018 alone:

through May 18 – Troy Bethke, Rodney Miller
June – Junior Dolphus (doubling as both)
July-present – Gilbert Ecoffey, Darren Ducheneaux

The apologists oft argue that it is unfair of us to paint with such broad strokes – that there are plenty of “good people” within the Racing ranks. So I wonder, as Lethal Lil Lady and Smiling Charlie continue to suffer, physically and psychologically, and quite likely march toward painful death, where are these people? Because you know, it’s not just the above reprobates involved here: As these horses get moved from track to track and state to state, many men and women have had, continue to have, ample opportunity to stop this – commission officials, racing stewards, and, worst of all, both public and private vets who are supposed to care. To my mind, complicit, all.