3-year-old Just Dance With Me died while training at Hoosier Park Tuesday. Nothing unusual there; what is is how this particular kill transpired: The Standardbred “veered off the track,” went through a fence – and drowned in an infield pond.

Imagine that scene.

Like clockwork, when a track death garners (unwanted) attention, repugnant spin follows. Rick Moore, Hoosier GM (Hoosier website): “Our condolences go out to the Wilfong family for their loss. In the sport of horse racing, racehorses are very much part of the family and are cared for as such.” And: “Horse racing, much like any other racing sport, has its inherent risks that we must continue to keep in mind.”

“Family.” Yes, because lots of parents force their children into grave – mortal, even – danger, then sell, trade, or trash them as economics dictate. “Sport.” Sure, because all sports forcibly restrain, socially isolate, drug, and whip their athletes – then send a large percentage to slaughter when no longer profitable.

Look, I know this exercise grows tiresome, but each and every time they vomit this vileness, it must be addressed. So, again: Horseracing is neither sport nor pastime; it is a (largely) failing 20th Century gambling business. It is $2 bets. Racehorses are neither athletes nor family members; they are private property, commodities – things to be used and expended. Enough, America. Enough.

Shedrow Secrets

Wayne Pacelle, president/CEO of The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), has penned a blog post that should shock and enrage every (true) animal advocate on the planet, as he betrays, once more, the very creatures he purports to defend.

Calling for tighter regulation – reform – Pacelle makes clear (again) that the HSUS is not at all interested in the end of Racing, just a better (cleaner) version of it. Even worse, to him Racing is a sport: “This is a national industry, and like football or baseball or other major American sports – perhaps more so, since the equine athletes cannot speak up for themselves – we need national standards…” “Like football or baseball.” “Equine athletes.” Pacelle goes on to say that in order “for this sport to retain credibility with the American public,” blah, blah, blah.

As an advocate, I recognize the great challenges – hurdles – presented by food and testing. It’s why I understand, though remain conflicted on, a subtler, more incremental approach: “Meatless Monday,” “Vegan Before 6,” “Replace, Reduce, Refine.” But animal entertainment – that is, the enslavement, exploitation, suffering, and, sometimes, killing of animals as a way to pleasantly pass time? We – 21st Century America – should be ashamed at even having this conversation. It must end. Yesterday. Thing is, Pacelle and the HSUS agree as it pertains to…

circuses, acting: “The HSUS opposes the use of captive wild animals as performers in circuses, film and television, and commercials.”

marine-mammal shows: “It is unacceptable for marine mammals to be held in captivity for the purpose of public display. The HSUS…believes that…it should be rejected outright.”

rodeos: “The HSUS opposes rodeos…bull riding, bronco riding, steer roping, calf roping, ‘wild horse racing,’ chuck wagon racing, steer tailing, and horse tripping.”

bullfighting: “The HSUS opposes…bullfighting.”


greyhound racing: “The HSUS opposes greyhound racing. This practice leads to an unacceptable level of greyhound exploitation and suffering solely for profit. The industry promotes and tolerates an overproduction of dogs, resulting in an annual surplus numbering in the thousands, many of whom will end up being destroyed. The sheer waste of life is a scandal.”

Everything, that is, except for horseracing (and other “equine events”), even as all they’ve written on dogracing clearly – at least to those with functioning brains – applies to the equine version. (Worse, actually: Most “surplus” racehorses die violent, terrifying deaths in foreign slaughterhouses. Talk about “scandal.”)

So the question becomes, why? A theory: Either Wayne Pacelle is a closet fan (or can’t quite shake a fandom past) or he counts Racing people, most likely rich and powerful ones, as close friends. Whatever, at least where horses are concerned, both he and the organization he represents – an organization, by the way, sitting on over $200 million in assets – are fakes. But it’s even deeper: By (very publicly) endorsing The Big Lie, by refusing to repudiate this vile-to-the-core industry, the HSUS, with its almost incalculable reach, is helping to ensure that all of Racing’s inherent, other-than-drugging evils – the commodification, the social and emotional deprivation, the abuse (whipping?), the maiming, the destruction – continue, ad infinitum. Betrayal, Mr. Pacelle, is too kind a word. What you are doing to racehorses is unforgivable.


Horseracing kills horses – every day, scores over the course of a year. For an industry whose long-term economic outlook is ominous (see recent Newsweek piece “Horse Racing Fading in Revenue, Popularity”), this simple fact should in time help sound Racing’s death knell. It’s why I do what I do (focus on the day-to-day killing).

Mostly, and understandably so, Racing people avoid dead-horse talk at all costs. When addressed, it’s usually within the context of some supposedly positive “trend” – “catastrophic-injury rate down on turf surfaces in April…” Ludicrous, of course, but it can and does get worse. In a WDRB (Kentucky) article on the previously exposed “Equine Injury Database,” owner Ken Ramsey attempts to dismiss the killing thus: “I hate to have to say it, but any time that you race any kind of an animal or a human being – anything, basketball players, football players – you’re always going to get some injuries. Just try to keep it to a minimum the best you can.”

Well, Mr. Ramsey, let’s review some fundamental facts (again). First, and how sad that this needs repeating, human athletes willingly participate in sport; horses, as owned things, do not – can’t ever. Second, injuries are one thing, deaths in the arena an entirely other matter. Major League Baseball: one death (from a beaning) in 140 years. The National Football League: one death (from advanced arteriosclerosis) in 96 years. The National Basketball Association: zero deaths in 70 years. According to my data, roughly 2,000 horses died on U.S. tracks last year alone. Insanity.

Then this from horseracing “fan” Nicole Meiner (speaking on Shore Runner’s breakdown last October): “…the worst that I ever saw happen live… As a fan, it’s difficult to talk about. Although some extremist groups would try to say we don’t care about the animals, it’s hard to see a horse go down… Fans of the sport ARE fans of the animals, and we care about their well being.”

First, as former Woodbine CEO David Willmot once readily admitted, there’s basically no such thing as racing “fans,” just racing gamblers. As for the rest, how exactly does one reconcile “difficult to talk about/hard to see” with “Winner’s Circle” photos in the wake of a dying/dead horse back on the track? How is it that while bad weather may cut a card short, death on the field does not? “We care,” they say, yet their fallen “athletes” don’t even rate a perfunctory moment of silence. In a word, rubbish.

Fact is, Ms. Meiner, those truly distressed by seeing (hearing) a racehorse snap a leg don’t come back for more. Fact is, Ms. Meiner, but for “fans of the sport (much like yourself),” there would be no Shore Runners. Fact is, Ms. Meiner, you can love horseracing; you can love horses – but you can’t love them both.

th (1)

My great challenge here is to get people – the American public, or at least a tipping-point section of it – to see through the distractions, the deceits – the lies. This, of course, is no easy task, for if nothing else Racing boasts a finely-tuned propaganda apparatus. How else to explain the fact that an industry that regularly (every day) maims and kills animals for $2 bets has been able to survive – even thrive at times – for 150 years? Masterful manipulation – “The Sport of Kings.”

images (4)

Today is Kentucky Derby Day, a day in which the racing ruse is at its most obscene. Bob Costas and NBC Sports. Mint juleps and loud hats. “The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports.” And all the while, the Racing people talk of the primacy of their “athletes.” We care (love, in fact), they say; our horses’ well-being shall not be compromised. In an April 29 news release, Churchill Downs rolled out this year’s “Safety from Start to Finish” program. Included: extra vets, extra exams, a bursting support team, three “state-of-the-art” equine ambulances, a board-certified veterinary surgeon (“should there be a need for immediate critical care response”), and “a triage facility, with x-ray equipment, will be available for patient evaluation.”

“Patient evaluation.”

Or as Mary Scollay, Kentucky’s equine medical director, puts it (Blood-Horse): “Safety is safety and integrity is integrity. Neither one is negotiable.”

Juxtapose that – a hollow one-day dog and pony show – against this – a cold, violent, merciless everyday reality…

Killed In Action, 2015:

2-year-old Golden Bay, January 2, Aqueduct 6
3-year-old Generous George, January 2, Golden Gate 7
4-year-old Pop Pop Kiss, January 2, Laurel, training
5-year-old Devil’s Issue, January 2, Los Alamitos 2
4-year-old Sharp Harbour, January 2, Tampa Bay 4
3-year-old Humble Hero, January 3, Gulfstream, training
6-year-old Calvados, January 3, Parx 9 (euthanized January 4)
5-year-old Shewreckstheplace, January 4, Aqueduct 5
2-year-old Stuffed Animal, January 4, Santa Anita 4
3-year-old Hiclass Local, January 4, Sunland 3
2-year-old Sparkling Form, January 5, Hialeah 5
11-year-old Tejano Trouble, January 6, Turf 4
2-year-old Discreet Romance, January 7, Calder, training
2-year-old Good Problem, January 7, Delta 6
9-year-old Reminic, January 7, Monticello 4
TSM Lil Orphan Andy, January 7, Pompano 9
8-year-old Can’touchthisgal, January 8, Fair Grounds 9
5-year-old Warren’s Assassin, January 8, Santa Anita 3
2-year-old Channel of Love, January 9, Aqueduct, training
4-year-old Apex, January 9, Aqueduct 2
9-year-old Italian Rules, January 9, Aqueduct 2
4-year-old Ear D’Rhythm, January 9, Laurel 7 (euthanized January 10)
6-year-old Dual Exhauzt, January 9, Pimlico, training
3-year-old Princess Marcela, January 9, Pimlico, training
5-year-old Big Swig, January 10, Golden Gate, training
3-year-old Mar de Mares, January 10, Parx, training
6-year-old Pick Four, January 10, Penn, training
4-year-old Rusty Raven, January 11, Fair Grounds 2
4-year-old For All the Kathys, January 11, Parx 6
3-year-old Bob and Louie, January 11, Tampa Bay, training
4-year-old Solomon’s Sun, January 12, Fair Grounds 6
7-year-old Boy’s Brother Bob, January 13, Mahoning 7
3-year-old Volage, January 13, Turf 6
4-year-old Master’s Champion, January 14, Charles Town, training (euthanized Jan 15)
4-year-old Pinpoint Pal, January 14, Tampa Bay 1
4-year-old You Take the Cake, January 15, Aqueduct 2
3-year-old One Step Higher, January 15, Delta 3
4-year-old One More Chief, January 16, Belmont, training
11-year-old St Lads Kingpin, January 16, Cal Expo 2
7-year-old Shop Smart, January 16, Charles Town, training
2-year-old Jazz Track, January 16, Charles Town 1
3-year-old Under Study Career, January 16, Golden Gate, training
5-year-old Top Partner, January 16, Tampa Bay, training
3-year-old Mt Everest, January 17, Calder, training
2-year-old Bah Zinga, January 17, Hialeah 8
5-year-old She Be Bunny, January 17, Penn 3
5-year-old Warrens Venedalucy, January 17, Sunland 7
3-year-old Senso, January 18, Aqueduct, training
5-year-old Highly Rated, January 18, Golden Gate 7
4-year-old Ratso Rizzo, January 18, Gulfstream 5 (euthanized January 19)
2-year-old Go See Too, January 18, Sunland 7
3-year-old Brooks Gift, January 18, Tampa Bay 8
3-year-old Hidden Angel, January 20, Turf 3
2-year-old Warrior Forever, January 21, Charles Town 4
3-year-old Boston Brute, January 21, Delta 2
3-year-old Cattagirl, January 21, Laurel, training
First After Me, January 21, Northfield 14
3-year-old My Uncle Frank, January 21, Tampa Bay 4
3-year-old Miss Macarena, January 22, Aqueduct 1
3-year-old Trail’satwosteppin, January 23, Charles Town 7
4-year-old Flying Jessica, January 23, Hialeah 5
2-year-old Snaff, January 24, Fair Grounds 3
4-year-old Paramounts Fortune, January 24, Sunland 4
3-year-old Colstons Leaving U, January 25, Louisiana 7
2-year-old American Sun, January 25, Santa Anita 6
2-year-old Tornado City, January 26, Belmont, training
3-year-old Birdie Brew, January 26, Sunland 10
3-year-old Time for a J, January 27, Turf 2
5-year-old Fronkonsteen, January 28, Charles Town 2 (euthanized January 29)
4-year-old Save This Dance, January 29, Penn 8
2-year-old Katelynn’s the One, January 30, Sam Houston 8
3-year-old Alexis Charm, January 31, Fair Grounds 1
2-year-old St Peter of Rome, January 31, Gulfstream, training
3-year-old Bounty for Devon, January 31, Sunland 10
3-year-old Sergush, February 1, Fair Grounds 2
3-year-old Lazy Lightnin, February 1, Golden Gate, training
4-year-old Pacific Coast, February 1, Sunland 7
3-year-old Force Nine, February 1, Tampa Bay, training
4-year-old Strawberry Park, February 2, Sunland, training
2-year-old Peaceful Quiet, February 4, Golden Gate, training
4-year-old Cobalto, February 5, Charles Town, training
2-year-old Leroy Rose, February 5, Gulfstream, training
Beach Speech, February 5, Miami 1
3-year-old Saint Rafael, February 6, Sunland, training
4-year-old La Ranchera, February 6, Tampa Bay 6
3-year-old Carol Ann, February 6, Tampa Bay 6
5-year-old Drew Clear, February 7, Delta 3
5-year-old Badman of the Brazos, February 7, Sunland 4
3-year-old Wildly Quiet, February 8, Sunland 10
4-year-old Silic Oui, February 8, Tampa Bay, training
5-year-old Strike It Cody, February 9, Louisiana 7
4-year-old Rock Shaft, February 9, Parx 4
4-year-old Trust in Tebow, February 9, Parx 4
4-year-old Astral, February 10, Parx 9 (euthanized February 11)
5-year-old Goldonspotofgold, February 10, Sam Houston 8
3-year-old Zen Zai Sun, February 10, Turf 4
7-year-old Cowtown Star, February 10, Turf 4
6-year-old Razmataz, February 12, Penn, training
5-year-old Belonging, February 12, Santa Anita 1
7-year-old Drink With Pride, February 13, Penn 8
3-year-old Delphia, February 13, Sunland, training
6-year-old Indian Flag, February 13, Sunland 10
3-year-old Wild Moon, February 13, Tampa Bay 10 (euthanized February 14)
4-year-old I Jus Wana Hav Fun, February 14, Fair Grounds 1
4-year-old Wonderfella, February 14, Laurel 4
3-year-old Cosmic Gold, February 14, Laurel 7
3-year-old Okey Dokey Smokey, February 14, Parx, training
3-year-old Sendme Some Lovin, February 14, Parx, training
6-year-old Praise a Native, February 14, Rillito 5
4-year-old Way to Go Gerda, February 14, Sunland 9
3-year-old Mac’shouseofhearts, February 15, Emerald, training
2-year-old Lord of Fire, February 15, Hialeah 7
2-year-old Lookatu, February 15, Tampa Bay, training
7-year-old Rule Breaker, February 16, Golden Gate, training
9-year-old Royal Blue Miracle, February 16, Louisiana 2
3-year-old Honey Boy, February 16, Sam Houston 4
5-year-old Ms P K Blue, February 16, Turf 2
2-year-old Fastique, February 18, Parx, training
4-year-old Penny Ante Cat, February 18, Sunland, training
3-year-old Brendon’s Pic, February 20, Fair Grounds 9
3-year-old Wild Tchoupitoulas, February 21, Fair Grounds 12
3-year-old Sprague River, February 21, Santa Anita 4
4-year-old Doubly Smart, February 22, Parx 3
3-year-old Hurricane Turn, February 22, Parx 3 (euthanized February 28)
1-year-old Over the Fence, February 22, Sunland, training
3-year-old Exquisite Monarch, February 22, Tampa Bay, training
3-year-old Dylbug, February 22, Turf 5
4-year-old Aerial Dancer, February 23, Turf 4
3-year-old Fuzz, February 25, Charles Town 4
3-year-old Heretodaygonetmrow, February 25, Penn, training
3-year-old Seeking Sallie, February 25, Tampa Bay, training
2-year-old Lovin It, February 26, Charles Town 4
2-year-old Indict, February 26, Fair Grounds 7
4-year-old Mullers Canyon, February 27, Fonner 6
3-year-old Inspeightofthings, February 27, Gulfstream W, training
2-year-old Hostile Nation, February 27, Mahoning, training
3-year-old Let’s Dance, February 27, Sunland, training
4-year-old Derby Hat, February 27, Sunland 7
3-year-old Macho Mia, February 28, Louisiana 5
2-year-old King Arien, February 28, Mahoning 2 (euthanized March 11)
2-year-old Supreme Sissy, February 28, Sam Houston 1
7-year-old Bracket Buster, March 1, Parx 1
4-year-old Stormy Dan, March 1, Parx 2
4-year-old Take It Out Back, March 2, Louisiana 3
2-year-old Heza Fast Lajolla, March 2, Louisiana 5
4-year-old Hecky Dorn, March 2, Mahoning 8
2-year-old Wise Option, March 2, Sunland, training
8-year-old Golden Fizz, March 3, Clendining Farms (NJ), training
4-year-old Sweet Gem, March 6, Fonner, training
5-year-old Zenaro, March 6, Oaklawn 2
2-year-old Moonshine Express, March 6, Penn, training
She’s a Cowgirl, March 6, Saratoga Raceway
3-year-old Caton’s Cruise, March 7, Gulfstream, training
3-year-old Mm Paul Revere, March 7, Louisiana 7
5-year-old Mr Weaver, March 7, Mountaineer 9 (euthanized March 8)
2-year-old Splitterr, March 7, Remington 9
4-year-old Dandy Guy, March 7, Sunland, training
3-year-old Texas Rapper, March 7, Sunland 8
5-year-old Happy Harvey, March 8, Gulfstream 2
4-year-old Diabolic Diva, March 9, Sunland 3
5-year-old Lady Angel, March 10, Hawthorne, training
3-year-old Noble Metal, March 10, Turf, training
2-year-old Lovin It, March 11, Charles Town 3
3-year-old Fuzz, March 11, Charles Town 3
Head of the Barn, March 11, Meadows (pre-race)
3-year-old Risk the Moon, March 12, Aqueduct 5
3-year-old Leo the Lion Tamer, March 12, Delta 1
7-year-old Mr. Flexible, March 13, Laurel 7
7-year-old Shes Got to Run, March 13, Mountaineer, training
3-year-old Irish Jones, March 13, Parx, training
3-year-old Sovereign Desire, March 13, Sunland, training
3-year-old Hot Dom, March 13, Sunland (pre-race)
6-year-old Rollthediceagain, March 13, Tampa Bay 9
3-year-old Lookin At Daisy, March 14, Fair Grounds 4
3-year-old Sheezflippinsexy, March 14, Fair Grounds 11
2-year-old No One Is Like Me, March 14, Gulfstream 2
3-year-old Polish Justice, March 14, Sunland 10
8-year-old Varsity, March 14, Tampa Bay 4
5-year-old Who Dat Fans, March 15, Fair Grounds 3
2-year-old Jess Roses, March 15, Remington 8
2-year-old Libertyville, March 15, Tampa Bay, training
2-year-old Big Bad Max, March 17, Charles Town, training
4-year-old Golden Friendships, March 17, Gulfstream 3
4-year-old Quietly Prim, March 17, Parx, training
3-year-old Cowgirl Star, March 17, Will Rogers, training
3-year-old Irish Media, March 18, Gulfstream 8
5-year-old Elena’s Dreamboy, March 18, Mountaineer 9
3-year-old Miss Siphon, March 18, Penn, training
2-year-old Summer Hawk, March 19, Belmont, training
8-year-old Riding the River, March 19, Gulfstream 7
4-year-old Second Round, March 19, Laurel 9 (euthanized March 23)
3-year-old Saratoga Sundae, March 19, Parx, training
2-year-old Afleet Monster, March 20, Charles Town 9 (euthanized March 21)
2-year-old Jake, March 20, Gulfstream, training
8-year-old El Commodore, March 20, Santa Anita 4
12-year-old That’s Justice, March 21, Freehold 8
6-year-old Eltham, March 21, Laurel 9 (euthanized March 26)
5-year-old Wild Kiss, March 21, Tampa Bay 6
3-year-old Iron Media, March 21, Tampa Bay 6
3-year-old Mizzo’s Gold, March 21, Turf, training
4-year-old Macho Mio, March 22, Laurel 4
2-year-old Letshaveacocktail, March 23, Gulfstream W, training
4-year-old Ciao Valentina, March 24, Fonner, training
5-year-old Take Heart, March 24, Hawthorne, training
3-year-old Mdt Backstreet Bully, March 24, Louisiana 3
1-year-old Jetrunaway, March 24, Louisiana 4
2-year-old Sir Santino, March 25, Remington, training
5-year-old Soft Shoulders, March 25, Turf 1
3-year-old Homeward Calling, March 26, Charles Town 9 (euthanized March 28)
3-year-old Dancing Lo, March 26, Fonner, training
3-year-old I Forget, March 26, Penn 7
4-year-old Developer, March 26, Tampa Bay, training
3-year-old Cheers for Sidney, March 27, Gulfstream 5
3-year-old Albert P., March 27, Penn 4 (euthanized March 30)
4-year-old New Splash, March 27, Sam Houston 11
6-year-old Quiet Title, March 28, Penn, training
2-year-old Stolis Bud, March 28, Sunland 5
5-year-old Carson City Brew, March 29, Gulfstream, training
3-year-old Undercover Kitten, March 29, Gulfstream 12
10-year-old Lisasfinishline, March 29, Rillito 5
4-year-old Only Josie Knows, March 29, Santa Anita 7
4-year-old Criminal Element, March 29, Sunland 7
5-year-old Axle, March 30, Sunland, training
4-year-old There’s a Dream, March 30, Sunland 7 (euthanized April 3)
6-year-old Had to Happen, April 1, Mahoning 5
4-year-old Starstruck Slew, April 1, Tampa Bay 6
3-year-old Emmett, April 2, Lone Star, training
4-year-old Toolatetotwostep, April 2, Mahoning, training
5-year-old Landry Jack, April 3, Penn 2
2-year-old I’ll Be Dom, April 3, Sunland 7
5-year-old Lucy’s Tacos, April 3, Sunland 10
5-year-old Gentleman’s Kitten, April 4, Gulfstream, training
5-year-old Ellies Tattle Tale, April 4, Pimlico 1
3-year-old Two Times Flashy, April 4, Remington 1
2-year-old Rekindle, April 4, Remington 2
4-year-old Conquest Two Step, April 4, Santa Anita, training (euthanized April 6)
2-year-old Tres Seis Luvbug, April 4, Sam Houston 2
7-year-old Cherokee Empire, April 6, Laurel, training
3-year-old Formal Call, April 6, Parx, training
4-year-old Mr. Giovanna, April 6, Parx 1
3-year-old Holy Quill, April 8, Charles Town 8
1-year-old Off Looks Alone, April 9, Golden Gate, training
2-year-old Good Year for a Rose, April 9, Remington, training
On The Brink, April 9, Yonkers 1
Fashion Shark, April 9, Yonkers 3
3-year-old Starrific Is Ours, April 10, Evangeline 6
3-year-old My Sweet Ellierose, April 10, Pimlico 5
3-year-old Dans Pot of Gold, April 10, Sunland, training
2-year-old Empire’s Court, April 10, Tampa Bay 10
7-year-old Sweet Elation, April 11, Hawthorne 9
5-year-old Cyclone Warrior, April 11, Laurel, training
3-year-old Mytrack Marie, April 11, Laurel, training
3-year-old Ziddle, April 11, Lone Star, training
2-year-old Cowboy Con, April 11, Oaklawn 3
Bubs Desire, April 11, Pocono 13
4-year-old Weekendwithbernie, April 11, Santa Anita 3
4-year-old Subtle Humor, April 12, Aqueduct 3
2-year-old Con Sneaky, April 12, Aqueduct 4
2-year-old Flashyoursix, April 12, Remington 4
4-year-old Crowned Heart, April 13, Gulfstream W, training
3-year-old Charm City Dancer, April 13, Parx 7
5-year-old Daybreak Dreamer, April 13, Will Rogers 9
4-year-old Wise Remark, April 14, Parx 6
3-year-old Mo’s a Wine Snob, April 14, Turf 5
5-year-old South Floyd, April 15, Gulfstream, training
Oakley Sydney, April 15, Pompano Park
2-year-old Zenstone, April 16, Aqueduct 1
5-year-old Diamond Flush, April 16, Golden Gate 1
2-year-old Devils Splash, April 16, Lone Star, training
Make a Friend, April 17, Buffalo 8
5-year-old Snub, April 17, Charles Town 7 (euthanized April 29)
6-year-old Dreaming of Danny, April 17, Gulfstream 4
4-year-old Circular Drive, April 17, Penn 7
8-year-old Down Town Allen, April 18, Charles Town 5
4-year-old Diversy Harbor, April 18, Santa Anita 7
2-year-old Uninfluenced, April 19, Belmont, training
2-year-old Ms Bricker, April 19, Pimlico, training
Gogetembrady, April 20, Northfield 2
5-year-old Dirty Diamond Jim, April 20, Turf 3
9-year-old GW Gizmo, April 21, Gales Way Farm (NJ), training
6-year-old Wakeup N Dash, April 22, Delta 4
6-year-old Awesome Bandit, April 23, Evangeline 8
5-year-old Revelation Song, April 23, Fonner, training
4-year-old Elda, April 23, Penn 2
3-year-old Tiz B the One, April 23, Pimlico 1
5-year-old Wildwood Perfect, April 24, Hawthorne 2
7-year-old E. Espee, April 24, Penn, training
7-year-old Above The Stars, April 24, Penn, training
3-year-old Eddie’sinthewoods, April 24, Penn 1
2-year-old Muniz, April 24, Pimlico 3
3-year-old Sab Vision, April 24, Prairie 3
3-year-old Katies Little Corona, April 24, Remington 1
3-year-old To the River, April 24, Tampa Bay 8
4-year-old Duneside Matt, April 25, Balmoral 2
4-year-old American Hero, April 25, Belmont, training
4-year-old Lia’s Miracle, April 25, Mahoning 9
6-year-old Who Dat Boy, April 25, Pimlico 5
3-year-old Gabis Fortune (probably sic), April 25, Ruidoso, training
5-year-old Lunar Tales, April 26, Belmont, training
2-year-old Cash in the Wagon, April 27, Ruidoso, training
unidentified, April 28, Indiana, training
4-year-old Devlins Flash Dance, April 29, Albuquerque 1
5-year-old Spider Bride, April 29, Finger Lakes, training
4-year-old Hooked On the Lady, April 29, Penn 7
5-year-old Kylie’s Cozy Kid, April 30, Pimlico 4
9-year-old Project Mayhem, May 1, Charles Town 8
6-year-old Sweet Silica, May 1, Golden Gate 8
3-year-old Delightful Molly, May 1, Los Alamitos 4
2-year-old Jess an Appeal, May 1, Remington 5 (euthanized May 2)
3-year-old You Gotta Believe, May 1, Saratoga, training
3-year-old Tres Coronas Please, May 2, Delta 8
9-year-old Chicka Wow Wow, May 2, Fonner, training
2-year-old Quincy Anne, May 2, Les Bois, training
3-year-old Sousaytherzachance, May 2, Lone Star 4
4-year-old Moonlight Blaze, May 2, Monmouth, training
2-year-old Maratik, May 2, Mountaineer 6
3-year-old Nasdaq Princess, May 2, Penn 8 (euthanized September 14)
5-year-old Fly Okie, May 2, Will Rogers, training
3-year-old Super Service, May 3, Arlington, training
6-year-old So So Worth It, May 3, Arlington 1
8-year-old Prince Ludovic, May 3, Winterthur 1
unnamed, May 4, Gulfstream, training
3-year-old Prayer Cloth, May 5, Laurel, training
2-year-old James Bordeaux, May 5, Ruidoso, training
2-year-old Jay Bird, May 5, Saratoga, training
3-year-old Jess Special Baby, May 6, Albuquerque 1
7-year-old Third Wish, May 7, Belterra, training
2-year-old Big Chestnut, May 7, Evangeline 1
4-year-old Otoy, May 8, Aqueduct, training
6-year-old Someday On Sunday, May 8, Penn 9 (euthanized May 9)
3-year-old Slynninberg, May 9, Gulfstream, training
4-year-old Afleet’s Hot Copy, May 10, Prairie 7
3-year-old Southern Rogue, May 11, Mountaineer 4
Osborne’s Yankee, May 11, Northfield 6
2-year-old One Sweet Marie, May 11, Remington 8
unidentified (probably 3-year-old Temple Fever), May 12, Indiana 2
3-year-old Slinkys Toast, May 12, Lone Star, training
8-year-old Kid Galahad, May 12, Mountaineer 7 (euthanized May 18)
2-year-old Short Fused Corona, May 12, Remington 8
4-year-old Red Mills, May 12, Ruidoso, training
4-year-old Red October, May 13, Thistledown 1
4-year-old In a Dispute, May 14, Delta 7
2-year-old Cool Vista, May 15, Les Bois, training
5-year-old Fire I Am, May 15, Parx, training
6-year-old Caviar N Champagne, May 15, Thistledown, training
5-year-old Good Tickled, May 16, Canterbury 4
4-year-old Prime Time City, May 16, Finger Lakes 4 (euthanized May 22)
5-year-old Ally Hawk, May 16, Mountaineer 9 (euthanized June 12)
8-year-old Streaks in the Dirt, May 16, Sam Houston 2
5-year-old Mr. O’Leary, May 17, Aqueduct, training
6-year-old Mr. Top Kat, May 17, Emerald 8
5-year-old Bluecam, May 17, Parx 6
4-year-old Sunshine Bliss, May 18, Finger Lakes 7 (euthanized May 19)
Wilco Willy, May 18, Scioto
unidentified (probably 7-year-old Najaseehimnajadont), May 19, Indiana 1
7-year-old Starlits Touch, May 19, Mountaineer 7
6-year-old Shoplift, May 19, Parx, training
4-year-old Zzaj, May 21, Saratoga, training
6-year-old Trenton Street, May 22, Belterra 2
2-year-old Hot Advice, May 22, Remington 9
3-year-old Dash of Class, May 23, Charles Town, training
4-year-old Moonlit Stroll, May 23, Churchill, training
7-year-old Tauphine Pass, May 23, Evangeline 2
2-year-old Elite Corona, May 23, Les Bois 1
8-year-old Winning Touch, May 23, Mountaineer, training
3-year-old Fancy Pancy, May 24, Finger Lakes, training
3-year-old Exceedingly, May 24, Monmouth 6
2-year-old Bossy Betty Lou, May 24, Presque Isle, training
3-year-old Fast Down the Track, May 24, Ruidoso 7
3-year-old My Lesson Learned, May 25, Lone Star 10
4-year-old It’s Charlie, May 25, Parx 2
4-year-old Yesterday Sings, May 25, Pimlico 1
5-year-old Bella Afleet, May 25, Presque Isle 7
4-year-old Phyilming, May 25, Ruidoso, training
6-year-old Hello Frankie, May 25, Santa Anita 4
4-year-old Wild Faith, May 26, Monmouth, training
7-year-old I Cee’s a Tiger, May 26, Mountaineer 2
4-year-old Pop’s Cajun Gold, May 27, Evangeline 9
5-year-old Global Risk, May 27, Penn, training
3-year-old Gabbole, May 28, Belmont, training
9-year-old Konowoc Pass, May 28, Emerald, training
4-year-old Mark’s Wings, May 28, Evangeline 5
Big Sky Paradise, May 28, Monticello
5-year-old Icprideicpower, May 29, Finger Lakes, training
3-year-old Centerville Slew, May 29, Lone Star 1
5-year-old Pickup Man, May 29, Louisiana 7
5-year-old Player to Be Named, May 29, Penn 8
4-year-old Thou Art Mary, May 29, Penn 8
5-year-old Soul House, May 30, Belmont 6
4-year-old Sharp Razor, May 30, Charles Town 2 (euthanized June 15)
3-year-old Ekatitude, May 30, Golden Gate 7 (euthanized June 3)
4-year-old Witt’s Demon, May 30, Lone Star 8
6-year-old Ladywood, May 30, Monmouth 12 (euthanized May 31)
4-year-old Thunder Bonnet, May 30, Mountaineer 3 (pre-race)
6-year-old Whiskey Rebellion, May 30, Thistledown 4
4-year-old Thebiddingisclosed, May 31, Albuquerque 8
2-year-old Wollemi, May 31, Arlington, training
4-year-old Yagouti, May 31, Lone Star, training
8-year-old [illegible name], May 31, Monmouth, training
5-year-old Wild Flash, May 31, Monmouth 11
6-year-old Widow’s Jewel, May 31, Penn, training
2-year-old Cowabunga, May 31, Presque Isle 2 (pre-race)
3-year-old Sweeping Tale, June 1, Mountaineer, training
8-year-old Vision of Romance, June 1, Presque Isle, training
5-year-old Try a Lemon Drop, June 2, Fairmount 5
4-year-old More Honey, June 2, Fairmount 7
5-year-old Pitch N Roll, June 2, Presque Isle 4
7-year-old Tiedandtrue, June 3, Charles Town 2
2-year-old Sir Tres Seis, June 3, Fair Meadows, training
4-year-old Ole Pete, June 3, Louisiana 5
2-year-old Also Mighty, June 4, Fair Meadows 7
3-year-old Iona Ivory, June 4, Fair Meadows 8
7-year-old Hughes Next, June 4, Finger Lakes 6
6-year-old Lewkodonia, June 4, Golden Gate 2
4-year-old US Scout, June 4, Prairie 9
4-year-old Affirmed Once More, June 5, Arlington, training
5-year-old Cajun Cosino, June 5, Delta 3
3-year-old Foggazzo, June 5, Retama 2 (euthanized June 6)
4-year-old Jedi Mind Trick, June 5, Santa Anita 1
3-year-old Jess One Kiss, June 6, Arapahoe 8
4-year-old Helwan, June 6, Belmont 4
unidentified, June 6, Indiana, training
3-year-old Kt Turtle Moves, June 6, Les Bois 3
5-year-old Sixteen Stone, June 6, Penn 7
Digital Z Tam, June 6, Pocono 3
3-year-old Lucie Brown, June 7, Gulfstream 7 (died June 10 from post-surgery stroke)
3-year-old Bye Bye Creek, June 7, Lone Star 4
4-year-old Pay the Debt, June 7, Santa Anita 7
4-year-old Total Talent, June 8, Parx, training
6-year-old Zenon’s Star, June 8, Ruidoso 2
3-year-old Veva Lightning, June 9, Charles Town, training
unidentified (probably 5-year-old Far Away Moon), June 9, Indiana 3
2-year-old Must See, June 10, Arapahoe, training
5-year-old I Got a Headache, June 10, Charles Town 4 (pre-race)
4-year-old Shayenut’ntonobody, June 10, Delaware 1
3-year-old Forestry’s Majesty, June 10, Delaware 6
4-year-old Doc’s Son, June 10, Evangeline 4
5-year-old This Kat of Mine, June 10, Parx, training
5-year-old Bijoulinn, June 11, Lone Star, training
4-year-old Propulsion, June 11, Prairie 9
4-year-old Lamar Special, June 12, Albuquerque 5
3-year-old Mariano Intheninth, June 12, Churchill 6
5-year-old Irish Villian, June 12, Mountaineer, training
3-year-old Penny’s Maeham, June 12, Oregon Livestock 2
4-year-old Jamisonsjester, June 12, Prairie 7
4-year-old Kicking Bear, June 12, Ruidoso 8
7-year-old Sea John’s Spirit, June 12, Santa Anita 4
4-year-old Hugh Knew, June 13, Santa Anita 3
5-year-old Might Be a Eagle, June 14, Ruidoso 5
4-year-old Dipping Diamonds, June 15, Delaware 2
Chiki, June 15, Gulfstream, training
4-year-old Aces Are Wild, June 15, Parx 3
5-year-old Light Weight, June 15, Parx 7
5-year-old Betty Mc, June 17, Louisiana 4
6-year-old Pepe’s Valentine, June 17, Mountaineer 5
6-year-old Pistoria, June 17, Penn 2
4-year-old Spasella, June 18, Charles Town 2 (euthanized June 25)
6-year-old Bluegrass Dan, June 19, Arlington 6
4-year-old My Sweet Tooth, June 19, Charles Town 1 (euthanized June 20)
7-year-old Umbraggio, June 19, Monmouth 5
4-year-old Double Jock Mount, June 19, Penn 7
8-year-old Bully Bullette, June 19, Prairie, training
2-year-old Smiling Seen (probably sic), June 19, Ruidoso, training
5-year-old Ace Away, June 20, Arapahoe 3
3-year-old Animal Kracker, June 20, Belmont 5
7-year-old Schilling, June 20, Oak Tree, training
8-year-old Im Royal Quick, June 20, Ruidoso 7
10-year-old Fire Chief, June 20, Thistledown 9
3-year-old Leader of the Pack, June 21, Belterra 8
3-year-old Run Like a Million, June 21, Oak Tree, training
2-year-old Coast of Carolina, June 22, Finger Lakes, training
2-year-old Amphipolis, June 22, Gulfstream, training
4-year-old Eneff’s Neff, June 24, Les Bois, training
2-year-old She Sings Along, June 25, Santa Anita 5
6-year-old Distinctive Yolie, June 26, Oak Tree 4
5-year-old Black Lagoon, June 26, Parx, training
3-year-old Stop the Nonsense, June 26, Penn 7 (euthanized June 30)
3-year-old Jaye’s Moondust, June 27, Arlington, training
5-year-old Oh So Proud, June 27, Charles Town 3
4-year-old Sir Riley, June 27, Emerald 2
6-year-old Show Me the Power, June 27, Fair Meadows 7
4-year-old Kriscraft, June 27, Oak Tree 7
3-year-old Willful, June 27, Parx 5
4-year-old Matted in Gold, June 28, Canterbury 5
2-year-old Flying Sapphire, June 28, Gulfstream, training
5-year-old Meleager, June 28, Gulfstream 1
3-year-old Havana Juile, June 28, Monmouth 1
5-year-old Face the Race, June 28, Monmouth 8
8-year-old Looks R Deceiving, June 28, Vernon
2-year-old State Scholar, June 29, Arlington, training
2-year-old Pass On the Locks, June 30, Arapahoe, training
unidentified, June 30, Hoosier, training
unidentified (probably 6-year-old Comotion Nda Ocean), June 30, Indiana 4
2-year-old Decisive Choice, June 30, Oak Tree, training
3-year-old Defined, June 30, Saratoga, training
3-year-old Broken In, July 3, Arlington 6
3-year-old River Lute, July 4, Belterra 4
5-year-old Test Program, July 4, Fair Meadows 7
4-year-old All Lucky Lynn, July 4, Gillespie 2
4-year-old Fiery Fast Dash, July 4, Gillespie 2
4-year-old Patty and Nooche, July 4, Gulfstream, training
3-year-old Soal, July 4, Gulfstream 10 (euthanized July 13)
4-year-old Evelyn’s Colors, July 4, Laurel, training
2-year-old Swinging Zealous, July 4, Monmouth, training
2-year-old Mo Valiant, July 4, Ruidoso 11
5-year-old Cut to the Front, July 4, Sunray 2
2-year-old DD Twist N Shout, July 4, Wyoming Downs 7
4-year-old Makin Babes Hot, July 5, Arapahoe 4
5-year-old Fonz, July 5, Los Alamitos 7
4-year-old Dr. Buffum, July 5, Oak Tree 7
2-year-old Lethal Sham Bo, July 5, Sunray 1
7-year-old Katmai Unleashed, July 6, Finger Lakes 5
5-year-old Cruz’n West, July 7, Arapahoe, training
6-year-old Awesome Life, July 8, Charles Town 3
5-year-old Dos Oro, July 8, Charles Town 7
2-year-old Patchouli, July 9, Presque Isle 1 (euthanized July 11)
3-year-old La Camorra, July 10, Gulfstream W, training
2-year-old Jessa Smoocher, July 10, Ruidoso 10
4-year-old Lord Cashel, July 11, Belmont 3
2-year-old One Fast Jet, July 11, Delta 10
2-year-old Blazen a Fire, July 11, Fair Meadows 10
4-year-old Retaking, July 11, Finger Lakes 6 (euthanized July 16)
5-year-old Thaaats Right, July 11, Mountaineer 5
2-year-old Wave Diamond, July 11, Retama 4
5-year-old Berts Carchy, July 12, Emerald 2
4-year-old Nevada City, July 12, Los Alamitos 9
4-year-old Grace Victoria, July 12, Ruidoso 2
3-year-old Leverage, July 13, Finger Lakes, training
2-year-old Arch/Orinoquia (probably sic), July 13, Gulfstream, training
7-year-old Cortado, July 13, Parx 3
4-year-old JB Concern, July 13, Ruidoso 6
8-year-old Zhivago, July 13, Thistledown, training
4-year-old U So Wild, July 14, Delaware 1
8-year-old Cherokee Mate, July 14, Fairmount 8
unidentified (probably 3-year-old Fixated), July 14, Indiana 4
6-year-old Slot Machine, July 14, Mountaineer 6
3-year-old Miss Lucky Lauren, July 15, Belmont, training
5-year-old Parrain, July 15, Mountaineer 5 (euthanized July 16)
9-year-old Hostile Waters, July 15, Sacramento, training
unidentified (probably 4-year-old Cowgirl Rose), July 16, Indiana 9
5-year-old Main Entrance, July 16, Parx, training
3-year-old Tiz Fee, July 16, Prairie, training
7-year-old Holy Royal, July 16, Presque Isle 5
5-year-old Lloyd Harbor, July 17, Gulfstream 9
5-year-old Shes a Evilwarrior, July 17, Hazel 6
5-year-old Gallant Version, July 17, Ruidoso 1
5-year-old Italian Harmony, July 17, Sacramento 7
4-year-old Decatur Princess, July 18, Emerald 8
3-year-old The Knight Arrival, July 18, Gillespie 11
9-year-old Bettors Curse, July 18, Saratoga Raceway 1
6-year-old Isadella, July 19, Belterra 7
4-year-old Echo Zulu, July 19, Emerald 8
4-year-old World Class Kitten, July 19, Gulfstream 10
4-year-old Imposing Figure, July 20, Finger Lakes 8
Little Prince, July 20, Northfield 12
2-year-old Hardly Sweet, July 20, Thistledown, training
4-year-old Miss Woodburn, July 21, Delaware 3 (euthanized August 4)
2-year-old Lady Krew, July 21, Monmouth, training
5-year-old Our Day in Court, July 22, Mountaineer, training
10-year-old Out Drinkin’, July 22, Mountaineer 4 (euthanized July 23)
7-year-old Wicket Ewok, July 22, Penn 3
6-year-old Saidit Meanit, July 23, Belterra 2
3-year-old Glitternglory, July 24, Fair Meadows 5
unidentified, July 24, Indiana, training
5-year-old Single Handed, July 24, Monmouth 2
2-year-old Summer Mesa, July 24, Penn 1
4-year-old Stormy Stepper, July 24, Penn 2
3-year-old Inseperable Holland, July 24, Retama 5
3-year-old Wizards Clip, July 25, Charles Town 1
6-year-old Fit to Rule, July 25, Del Mar 2
4-year-old Have a Good Laugh, July 25, Monmouth 7
3-year-old Top Dead Center, July 25, Penn, training
5-year-old Rush In, July 26, Del Mar 4
10-year-old Dream Maestro, July 26, Parx 3
Rainin Fire, July 28, Monticello, training
6-year-old Mojo Workin, July 28, Mountaineer 1
3-year-old Image of Luck, July 28, Yonkers 2
5-year-old Manzutti, July 29, Delaware 4
7-year-old Strong and Tough, July 29, Evangeline 6
4-year-old Tribute to Buddy, July 29, Louisiana 5
3-year-old Birthday Girl, July 29, Monmouth, training
4-year-old To Erin Again, July 30, Charles Town 2
3-year-old Successful Diva, July 30, Gulfstream 4
3-year-old Queen Tracy Afleet, July 30, Louisiana 5
4-year-old Sleepy Jean, July 30, Penn 7
7-year-old Mr. Candy Bar, July 30, Santa Rosa 2
6-year-old Fast Moka Too, July 31, Los Alamitos 2
3-year-old So Trusty, July 31, Parx, training
2-year-old Kama Corona, July 31, Ruidoso 3
2-year-old Hello Johnny, August 1, Arapahoe 7 (euthanized August 2)
5-year-old Token of Dreams, August 1, Mountaineer, training
5-year-old Happy My Way, August 1, Mountaineer 2 (euthanized August 4)
3-year-old Jackson N Leonard, August 1, Saratoga, training
3-year-old Kathy’s Reward, August 1, Saratoga, training
4-year-old Innovation Economy, August 1, Saratoga 9
5-year-old Mach Truck, August 2, Emerald, training
4-year-old Neutron, August 2, Gulfstream, training
2-year-old Ritzi Go Go, August 2, Remington, training
2-year-old Vf Corona N Fire, August 2, Ruidoso 1 (died next day)
6-year-old Flashy Finish, August 3, Mountaineer 5
3-year-old Jn Takethehardcash, August 3, Ruidoso 3
5-year-old Passionate Concern, August 4, Laurel, training (euthanized August 5)
2-year-old [illegible name], August 4, Monmouth, training
5-year-old Jay Eye See, August 4, Parx 7 (euthanized August 5)
2-year-old Arranmore Girl, August 6, Del Mar, training
4-year-old Fake Charm, August 6, Monmouth, training
2-year-old Nichols Hillbilly, August 6, Remington, training
3-year-old Urloveneverfails, August 7, Del Mar 4
3-year-old North Lake Tahoe, August 7, Los Alamitos 5
4-year-old Duck Duck Goose, August 7, Penn 8
5-year-old Beyond Compare, August 8, Canterbury 6
4-year-old Dead Ringer, August 8, Charles Town 5
6-year-old Charlie in Charge, August 8, Gulfstream 6
6-year-old Minescape, August 8, Laurel 2 (euthanized August 11)
9-year-old Au Moon, August 8, Monmouth 9 (euthanized later in month)
5-year-old It’s All Your Fault, August 9, Batavia, training
6-year-old Peppy Bolly, August 9, Del Mar 9
4-year-old Hertzalot, August 9, Laurel 8 (euthanized August 12)
7-year-old Flyin Fish, August 9, Ruidoso 8
4-year-old Silver Reward, August 10, Presque Isle 8
2-year-old Hot Royal in Rio (probably sic), August 10, Ruidoso, training
7-year-old R Seeker, August 11, Golden Gate, training
unidentified (probably 5-year-old Summer Secret), August 11, Indiana 4
5-year-old Bow Street Runner, August 11, Mountaineer 9
4-year-old Judo, August 14, Emerald 5 (euthanized August 20)
5-year-old Sharp Richard, August 14, Laurel 5
5-year-old Empire Star, August 14, Parx, training
7-year-old Espresso Royale, August 14, Penn 8
4-year-old On a Snowy Evening, August 14, Saratoga 8
6-year-old Song Ahead, August 15, Mountaineer 1 (euthanized August 18)
2-year-old Rinks Last Rodeo, August 15, Sunray 5
2-year-old Spooky Ghost, August 16, Ellis 7
3-year-old Jetslegacy, August 16, Los Alamitos 5
3-year-old Conference, August 16, Mountaineer 2
8-year-old Big Looie, August 16, Saratoga, training
3-year-old Dr. Suer, August 17, Delaware 5 (euthanized at Parx next day)
3-year-old Kismet, August 17, Gulfstream, training
4-year-old Mabee Able, August 18, Fairmount 2
unidentified (probably 6-year-old Punch the Bookie), August 18, Indiana 2
3-year-old Helton, August 19, Charles Town 6
4-year-old Last Kid, August 19, Charles Town 8 (euthanized August 26)
7-year-old Its Champagne Time, August 19, Evangeline 2
4-year-old Little Scoot, August 19, Thistledown 9
4-year-old Added Reward, August 20, Charles Town 8
3-year-old Mondor, August 20, Finger Lakes 1
3-year-old Stephanie’s Dream, August 21, Gulfstream 5
3-year-old Storming Sixty, August 21, Laurel, training
4-year-old Lainy’s Sweetness, August 21, Remington 9
2-year-old Listalicious, August 21, Ruidoso 7
Warranee Prince, August 21, Tioga
2-year-old DB, August 22, Balmoral 6
3-year-old Get the Sensation, August 22, Charles Town 7
4-year-old Jrs Special Feature, August 22, Fair Grounds 3
3-year-old Steady Azshegoes, August 22, Golden Gate 1
2-year-old One Lucky Shot, August 22, Gulfstream, training
3-year-old Docs My Friend, August 22, Prairie 3
6-year-old Pure Tactics, August 23, Del Mar 8
2-year-old Hawkeye Cartel, August 23, Prairie, training
unidentified (probably 4-year-old Hope On the Rocks), August 25, Indiana 2
6-year-old Knock Rock, August 25, Mountaineer 4
4-year-old The Mooche, August 25, Presque Isle 7
5-year-old King’s Fortune, August 27, Arlington 5
12-year-old Divine Fortune, August 27, Saratoga 1
6-year-old Acceptance Letter, August 28, Charles Town 4
unidentified (probably 5-year-old Michael With Us), August 28, Indiana 3
4-year-old Boss Cat, August 28, Parx, training
5-year-old Circus Train, August 28, Remington 5
2-year-old Mystic Star, August 29, Remington 6
5-year-old Lagi Lagi, August 29, Timonium 3
5-year-old Divine Tale, August 30, Del Mar 10
3-year-old Michelle Noelle, August 30, Ferndale 9
2-year-old Country Muse, August 30, Saratoga, training
2-year-old Sicilia Nino, August 31, Belmont, training
5-year-old Wild Hardships, August 31, Finger Lakes 7
unidentified (3-year-old Thunder Deville), September 1, Indiana 5
5-year-old Walk the Tango, September 2, Louisiana 1
Four Starz Skate, September 2, Plainridge
3-year-old Mary’s Mercedes, September 5, Emerald 9 (euthanized September 18)
3-year-old Jls Alyssas Story, September 5, Fair Grounds 2
unidentified, September 5, Indiana, training
3-year-old Action Tonight, September 5, Monmouth 2 (euthanized September 8)
3-year-old Dash, September 5, Parx 1
3-year-old Love On the Road, September 6, Del Mar 5
2-year-old Lookin for Luck, September 6, Emerald 6
5-year-old Bigreds Thrillshow, September 6, Golden Gate 1
6-year-old Gar, September 7, Belterra 6
6-year-old Dark Brahms, September 7, Columbus 7
3-year-old Tirpitz, September 7, Del Mar 3
unidentified (probably 4-year-old Lilmissrita), September 8, Indiana 1
8-year-old Mr Hempens Feature, September 11, Prairie 7
7-year-old Lloyd’s Baby, September 12, Clendining Farms (NJ), training
2-year-old Sugar Bou Peep, September 12, Emerald 2
5-year-old Blue Deep, September 12, Laurel, training
4-year-old Aunt Ellipsis, September 12, Parx 7 (pre-race)
5-year-old Zuma Moon, September 12, Penn, training
5-year-old He’s Not Bluffin, September 13, Laurel 4
2-year-old Shinefortheprimetime, September 13, Will Rogers 10
2-year-old Winners Vision, September 13, Zia 3
2-year-old Bold Talkin Victor, September 14, Emerald, training
5-year-old Kathy’s Limit, September 16, Charles Town 6
4-year-old Harvey’s Bear, September 16, Presque Isle 1
3-year-old Contangold, September 17, Louisiana 5
3-year-old Starry Madelyn, September 17, Louisiana 7
3-year-old Silver Or Gold, September 18, Charles Town 5
4-year-old Boccaccio, September 18, Charles Town 8
2-year-old La Victoria Light, September 18, Los Alamitos 2
2-year-old Disappear Here, September 19, Belmont, training
3-year-old Trending Topic, September 19, Gulfstream 2
7-year-old Love Bunny, September 19, Thistledown 1
8-year-old Al’s Best Boy, September 19, Zia 6
7-year-old Leisurely Stroll, September 20, Belterra 7
4-year-old Steel N Pack, September 20, Monmouth, training
5-year-old Swift Nettles, September 20, Presque Isle 2 (euthanized September 22)
5-year-old Boardwalk Baron, September 21, Thistledown 7
4-year-old Flashy Brass, September 22, Mountaineer 7
3-year-old Elite Flyer, September 23, Gulfstream, training
10-year-old Rough Road Ahead, September 23, Presque Isle, training
2-year-old She’s a City Girl, September 24-27, Golden Gate, training
4-year-old Windsor’s Graduate, September 25, Charles Town 4 (euthanized Sep 26)
3-year-old Red Ridge, September 25, Emerald 5
7-year-old Taras Ruler, September 25, Energy Downs 1
unidentified (probably 2-year-old A Oh K), September 25, Indiana 6
5-year-old Shesalilbitcountry, September 25, Thistledown 6 (euthanized Sep 26)
4-year-old Coolington, September 26, Emerald 11 (euthanized September 27)
8-year-old Victor Waco, September 26, Energy Downs 3
3-year-old The One We Stole, September 26, Los Alamitos 6
4-year-old Mr. Reattatude, September 26, Mountaineer 9 (pre-race)
3-year-old Blue Saphire, September 27, Gulfstream 1 (euthanized September 30)
4-year-old Katie’s Parade, September 27, Remington, training
3-year-old Irish Nuggets, September 30, Indiana 8
5-year-old Outhaul, September 30, Penn 3
3-year-old Charitable Star, October 1, Charles Town 4
4-year-old Chase the Giant, October 1, Finger Lakes 6
2-year-old Iron in the Fire, October 1, Gulfstream, training
9-year-old Nine Innings, October 2, Batavia 7
unidentified (probably 4-year-old Jukebox Johnny), October 3, Indiana 7
5-year-old Shore Runner, October 3, Keeneland 5
6-year-old Skyring, October 3, Keeneland 9
4-year-old Fleur de Savill, October 3, Mountaineer 5 (euthanized October 6)
6-year-old Gold Mantis, October 3, Penn 6
4-year-old Tacticus, October 4, Keeneland, training
2-year-old Candy Skirt, October 4, Parx, training
4-year-old Armani the Won, October 4, Parx 3
4-year-old Tizjohn, October 4, Parx 6
2-year-old Carson City Zip, October 4, Turf, training
2-year-old A Sweet Heart Deal, October 4, Will Rogers 8
5-year-old Morning Cigar, October 5, Parx, training
3-year-old Face, October 5, Presque Isle 2 (euthanized October 6)
3-year-old Great Smile, October 6, Laurel, training
3-year-old O’ Jackie, October 6, Mountaineer, training
5-year-old Unbridled’s Score, October 7, Remington 2
3-year-old Wild, October 8, Santa Anita 1
4-year-old Dashful, October 9, Hawthorne 6
5-year-old Crafty Chick, October 9, Monmouth, training
4-year-old Crossing, October 9, Parx, training
3-year-old Shadow Mountain, October 9, Turf, training
5-year-old Wildly Beautiful, October 10, Charles Town, training (euthanized Oct 13)
4-year-old Bogelia, October 10, Delaware 4
2-year-old Kodiak Kate, October 10, Gulfstream, training
3-year-old Mr. Kasdan, October 10, Hawthorne, training
4-year-old Give It to Mikey, October 10, Hawthorne 6
4-year-old Rock Fall, October 10, Keeneland, training
6-year-old Doyouseemecoming, October 10, Thistledown 1
2-year-old Cassie Lou, October 10, Thistledown 6
2-year-old Marked Bills, October 11, Belmont, training
2-year-old Man in Black, October 11, Belterra, training
2-year-old Ijudge, October 11, Fresno, training
4-year-old Oh Carter Go, October 11, Lone Star 4
2-year-old Duanes Little Frog, October 11, Will Rogers 4
5-year-old Margaret High, October 12, Laurel, training
4-year-old Holistic Remedy, October 13, Mountaineer 1
4-year-old Rebellious Dreamer, October 13, Mountaineer 7
3-year-old Dakota Fox, October 13, Parx, training
3-year-old California Storm, October 14, Fresno, training
3-year-old Gone Forever, October 14, Turf, training
6-year-old Jade Run, October 15, Finger Lakes, prior to race 5
3-year-old Dilly Magilly, October 16, Belmont, training
7-year-old Destiny Joy, October 16, Penn 8
4-year-old Spring Song, October 16, Thistledown 3
2-year-old Sky Devil, October 17, Finger Lakes 5
2-year-old Denali Teller Now, October 17, Will Rogers, training
4-year-old Smoke Police, October 18, Gulfstream W 1
4-year-old Heavenly Girl, October 18, Parx, training
5-year-old Surfcup, October 18, Santa Anita 4
2-year-old Pyc Miss Bama, October 18, Will Rogers 12
2-year-old Flynn Bug, October 19, Belmont, training
3-year-old One Em, October 19, Hawthorne, training
8-year-old Giopi, October 19, Parx 9
8-year-old Huff’n Hughes, October 20, Parx, training
4-year-old Capitano Storm, October 21, Charles Town 6
2-year-old Resident Nurse, October 22, Charles Town 1 (euthanized October 31)
4-year-old Pferd, October 23, Hawthorne 8
3-year-old Wl Mr Goodtime, October 23, Lone Star 5
Tamala, October 23, Northville
3-year-old Tee Tan Stan, October 24, Evangeline 7
3-year-old Me Darlin Jackie, October 24, Laurel, training
3-year-old Runnin Renee, October 24, Meadowlands 1 (euthanized October 25)
3-year-old Venture Capitalist, October 25, Santa Anita 8
7-year-old Blue Sixty Four, October 26, Belmont, training
2-year-old Once and Again, October 28, Remington, training
6-year-old Diamond Okie, October 28, Remington 2
4-year-old Miss Celeb, October 29, Delta 7
3-year-old Aut’s Maria, October 29, Delta 8
3-year-old Love That Eagle, October 29, Lone Star 4 (euthanized November 1)
5-year-old In Haste, October 30, Belmont, training
4-year-old Bam Bam, October 30, Belmont 4
5-year-old Tabled With Gold, October 30, Golden Gate 8
unidentified (probably 4-year-old Apple Moonshine), October 30, Indiana 2
3-year-old Star Actor, October 30, Parx 3
3-year-old Valdez Rare Corona, October 30, Will Rogers 7
3-year-old Classey Cash, November 1, Zia 7
2-year-old Wholelotanews, November 2, Gulfstream, training
3-year-old Bold N Grey, November 3, Hawthorne 9 (euthanized November 7)
6-year-old Captain Buddy L, November 3, Mahoning 7
4-year-old Surprise Success, November 3, Parx, training
3-year-old Gimme Da Lute, November 3, Santa Anita, training (euthanized Nov 4)
2-year-old Reyana an Reya Act, November 4, Aqueduct, training
3-year-old Hempin Strut, November 4, Evangeline 2
7-year-old Awesome Indy, November 4, Penn 8 (euthanized November 6)
3-year-old Beil Beil, November 5, Charles Town 8
6-year-old Bonnie Parker, November 5, Remington 1
2-year-old Road Cat, November 7, Gulfstream, training
3-year-old Rare Scheme, November 7, Lone Star 7
8-year-old Royal Looker, November 7, Turf 2
3-year-old Tygra, November 9, Laurel, training
2-year-old Squad Girl, November 9, Parx, training
Kiss My Cruiser, November 9, Plainridge
4-year-old Shakahari, November 9, Turf, training
6-year-old Quotable, November 10, Parx 4
3-year-old Fit to Keep, November 11, Penn 4 (euthanized November 12 at Parx)
5-year-old Jb Magnik, November 12, Evangeline 8
3-year-old Empty Backfield, November 14, Parx 9
4-year-old Thrill Show, November 14, Penn, training
2-year-old The Heisman Kid, November 15, Los Alamitos 3
6-year-old Keystone Wyatt, November 16, Pompano
4-year-old Norastone, November 17, Gulfstream, training
3-year-old Tip Toe Joe, November 17, Penn, training
3-year-old Stormin Angel, November 17, Portland 5
Super Yacht, November 18, Turf, training
4-year-old Fiddlers Elbow, November 19, Charles Town 7
3-year-old Beauregard Sopo, November 19, Delta 8
4-year-old Cuban Divide, November 19, Delta 10
3-year-old Gem of a Gal, November 19, Golden Gate 4
4-year-old Top Gold, November 19, Remington, training
8-year-old Explosive War, November 20, Charles Town 5 (euthanized November 21)
4-year-old Richter Con Jar, November 20, Delta 3
5-year-old Sweet Baby Gaines, November 21, Fair Grounds 6
3-year-old Second Prediction, November 24, Tampa Bay, training
7-year-old Awesome Arceno, November 25, Charles Town 7
4-year-old Hengist, November 25, Gulfstream, training
3-year-old Chide, November 26, Churchill 11
5-year-old R Free Roll, November 27, Belmont, training
4-year-old Kantina Kowgirl, November 27, Del Mar 5
2-year-old Skip the Romance, November 27, Gulfstream W, training
5-year-old Pro Gold, November 27, Gulfstream W 10
5-year-old Do It for Fun, November 27, Laurel 4
3-year-old Hooked On Track, November 28, Delta 6
2-year-old Carta Magna, November 28, Gulfstream W 11
6-year-old D Terminata, November 28, Saratoga Raceway 2
3-year-old Jo Jo Cool, November 28, Tampa Bay 3
2-year-old Film Juror, November 29, Del Mar 7
3-year-old Bounty On the Run, November 29, Golden Gate 3
2-year-old Frankie’s Kitten, November 29, Gulfstream, training
3-year-old Banker’s Boss, November 30, Belmont, training
5-year-old Dr Action, November 30, Hawthorne, training
3-year-old Tsunami Kidd, November 30, Portland 3
3-year-old Papa’s Angels, November 30, Portland 7
4-year-old Thick as Thieves, December 1, Penn, training
6-year-old Oursecretsparadise, December 2, Charles Town 8
4-year-old Christy’s Vow, December 2, Delta 6
3-year-old Silver Sundara, December 3, Charles Town 6
2-year-old Silver Tassel, December 3, Los Alamitos 3
9-year-old Diamond Dozen, December 4, Charles Town 3
3-year-old Forged in Gold, December 4, Charles Town 8
4-year-old El Tarto, December 4, Delta 10
5-year-old Sweet Ruby Kate, December 4, Remington 5
3-year-old Gabby’s Warrior, December 4, Tampa Bay 4
8-year-old Bettor Again, December 5, Batavia 4
4-year-old Democracy Rules, December 5, Golden Gate, training
5-year-old Freakin Rocket, December 5, Hawthorne 8
2-year-old Eagles Fly, December 5, Los Alamitos 9
3-year-old Cinderella Lady, December 5, Turf, training
3-year-old Hara Dasher, December 6, Los Alamitos 2
4-year-old Who’s Z Daddy, December 6, Parx 9 (euthanized December 16)
3-year-old Lucky Larry, December 6, Turf 1
6-year-old Cu At Sunup, December 7, Portland 6
4-year-old Zippin On By, December 10, Charles Town, training
4-year-old Supersizer, December 10, Charles Town 3
6-year-old Pigeon Chris, December 10, Charles Town 8
3-year-old Giant’s Lexis, December 11, Los Alamitos 7
6-year-old Zealevo, December 11, Penn 5
2-year-old Bayou Banker, December 12, Fair Grounds 11
4-year-old Onemoreatwilsons, December 12, Golden Gate 9
3-year-old Can’thandletheheat, December 12, Mahoning 9
4-year-old Saratoga Woods, December 12, Parx 4
3-year-old The Red Baron, December 14, Parx 8
4-year-old Oh Suzanna, December 15, Hawthorne 1
3-year-old Mine Forever, December 15, Hawthorne 3
3-year-old Zip’s Moondance, December 15, Hawthorne 7 (euthanized December 18)
3-year-old Little Love, December 17, Aqueduct 5
4-year-old Commander Seul, December 18, Delta 10
4-year-old Schuylercountyline, December 18, Hawthorne 8
6-year-old Sir Cypress Bend, December 18, Pompano, training
3-year-old Souper Social, December 19, Charles Town 5
Rocky Mountain Guy, December 19, Dayton 4
5-year-old Otoole Hero, December 19, Hialeah, training
2-year-old Getting Acquainted, December 19, Los Alamitos 1
4-year-old Redneck Lazy, December 19, Mahoning 4
3-year-old My Dutchess Kate, December 19, Parx, training
3-year-old Gangstress of Love, December 19, Parx 8
6-year-old Lady Now, December 20, Los Alamitos 4
4-year-old Dreaming of Andy A, December 20, Tampa Bay 3
2-year-old Kandy Andy, December 21, Parx, training (euthanized post-surgery)
3-year-old Lake Ouachita, December 21, Parx 3
2-year-old unnamed, December 21, Tampa Bay, training
3-year-old Joanie’s Ticket, December 22, Portland 6
4-year-old No Exclusion, December 23, Mahoning 8
5-year-old Carefully Worded, December 26, Delta 7
3-year-old Urtheoneeyelove, December 26, Fair Grounds 6
3-year-old Seaward Cottage, December 26, Golden Gate, training
4-year-old Lexham, December 26, Hawthorne 6 (euthanized December 27)
4-year-old Blooper, December 27, Aqueduct 1
4-year-old Successful Sweep, December 27, Aqueduct 1
3-year-old On Time Cat, December 27, Golden Gate 3
6-year-old Loverbil, December 27, Gulfstream W, training
3-year-old Red Phone, December 27, Turf 8
2-year-old Kind of Silver, December 29, Laurel, training
5-year-old Cowboy Clyde, December 29, Portland 3
5-year-old El Bandito, December 30, Hawthorne 6
2-year-old Susies Yankee Girl, December 31, Gulfstream, training
unidentified, Canterbury, racing or training
unidentified, Canterbury, racing or training
unidentified, Canterbury, racing or training
unidentified, Canterbury, racing or training
unidentified, Canterbury, racing or training

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Please don’t support animal cruelty today – don’t bet, don’t watch. Remember, what we do (or don’t do, in this case) defines us.

Wednesday at Penn National (from Equibase charts):

race 2: Stand by Your Man – “vanned off”

race 4: Arrest in Pieces – “ran off when he got to the gate, reluctant to load once they got him back”; finished last, 21+ lengths back

race 6: MJ Plus – “reluctant to load”; finished 7th of 9

same race: A. Rod Again – “reluctant to load…stopped”; finished last

race 7: Show Ya Luv – “pulled up lame, vanned off”

race 8: North Forest Star – “fractious in the gate…gave way”

same race: Gingers Hero – “fractious in the gate”; finished second-to-last

Yup, sounds just like every other sport in America – ambulances, non-willing contestants. It’s a (bad) joke, folks.

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