The Equibase chart notes for 4-year-old Stone Cross in the 8th at Presque Isle last night: “…took a bad step, broke down and was humanely destroyed.”

“Broke down, destroyed.” Sport? Entertainment? Apologists, reflect on that.

Also, 9-year-old Non Stop had this in the 5th at Belmont Sunday: “…took bad steps coming to the five-sixteenths pole, spun very wide into the lane under a light gallop, head cocked severely to the left, took even worse steps…resulting in the rider bailing off, was reeled in…and subsequently vanned off.” We know now (Gaming Commission), however, that Non Stop’s “bad and worse steps” were the result of or resulted in a break and a rupture, and he is dead – euthanized back in the barn. ‘Twas his 65th time under the whip.