Killed, 2018

American Racehorses Killed in Action, 2018:

Lust for Money, January 2, Parx, race 1
unidentified, January 1-January 7, Santa Anita
Electric Alphabet, January 8, Mahoning, race 6
Leavem in Malibu, January 8, Palm Meadows (Florida), training
Alex the Terror, January 9, Belmont, training
Honor the Empire, January 9, Mahoning, race 3
Oversized, January 10, Mahoning, race 7
Arunachala, January 12, Santa Anita, race 5
Nick A.D. Mass, January 14, Golden Gate, training
No Love Lost, January 14, Laurel, race 8
Double Cabernet, January 15, Gulfstream, race 8
yet-to-be-named, January 16, Santa Anita, training
Old Dubai, January 19, Belmont, training
Spiritual Warrior, January 19, Santa Anita, prior to race 2
Verraco, January 19, Santa Anita, race 8
Upsidedwnpineapple, January 21, Turf, race 7
Time to Shine, January 25, Charles Town, race 2
Dominic the Quick, January 25, Charles Town, race 2
Marilyn’s Passion, January 25, Penn, race 2
I Dream of Bugsy, January 26, Golden Gate, race 1
Sing the Dream, January 27, Aqueduct, race 5
Purring On Empty, January 28, Aqueduct, race 9
unidentified, January 22-January 28, Santa Anita
R Kinsley Doll, January 28, Tampa Bay, race 2
My Cotton Jones, January 29, Parx, race 2
Wind Spirit, January 30, Parx, race 9
Offlee Charmer, February 1, Penn, race 2
Barbwirebilly, February 6, Mahoning, race 4
Syndrome, February 11, Golden Gate, race 8
Tribal Fighter, February 15, Santa Anita, race 7
The Brick, February 15, Turfway, race 5
Industry Leader, February 16, Charles Town, race 7
Del Mar Darling, February 16, Santa Anita, race 4
unidentified, February 12-February 18, Santa Anita
Brenda J, February 21, Charles Town, race 7
Game Piece, February 23, Los Alamitos, race 1
Destiny’s Song, February 23, Tampa Bay, race 4
Goliath’s Girl, February 24, Golden Gate, race 1
Send It In, February 24, Gulfstream, race 12
Paiges Magic Man, February 24, Mahoning, race 6
unidentified, February 19-February 25, Santa Anita
Silverado Mist, March 1, Santa Anita, race 8
Caladonia, March 2, Mahoning, race 4
Boo Boo Bear, March 3, Turf, race 3
Western Tryst, March 5, Mahoning, race 1
Ciaran, March 6, Belmont, training
Warren’s Tricia R., March 7, Mahoning, race 1
A Fleet Attitude, March 10, Aqueduct, race 3
Turbulent Power, March 10, Charles Town, race 8
We Have a Favorite, March 10, Los Alamitos, race 8
Motown Sound, March 11, Aqueduct, race 2
Troublewithatee, March 12, Mahoning, race 4
Mourinho, March 12, Santa Anita, training
Lawgiver Hanover, March 13, Yonkers, race 10
Portent, March 14, Charles Town, race 2
Threefortyfive, March 15, Aqueduct, training (euthanized March 16)
Ellashoo, March 15, Fair Grounds, race 8
Cleopatra’s Gold, March 15, Oaklawn, race 7
Cash Prize, March 17, Golden Gate, race 7
Coxswain, March 17, Gulfstream, race 4
Onde Ah Mo, March 17, Santa Anita, race 1
The Truth Or Else, March 17, Turfway, race 8
Boom Boom Bango, March 18, Santa Anita, race 9
unidentified, March 12-March 18, Santa Anita
unidentified, March 12-March 18, Santa Anita
Love Rules, March 19, Parx, race 9
Foxtrot Romeo, March 23, Golden Gate, race 2
Dial Me In, March 23, Santa Anita, race 3
You’re a Daisy, March 24, Los Alamitos, race 2
Giles Fair, March 24, Parx, race 1
unidentified, March 19-March 25, Santa Anita
Getaway Car, March 31, Mahoning, race 6
unidentified, March 26-April 1, Santa Anita
unidentified, March 26-April 1, Santa Anita
Russian Greek, April 2, Mahoning, race 1
Pappy’s Pal, April 2, Yonkers, race 7
New Road, April 3, Parx, race 1
Milo Milo, April 7, Aqueduct, race 4 (euthanized April 9)
Maydaymaydaymayday, April 7, Golden Gate, training
Celestial Image, April 10, Mahoning, race 2
Clooney Drummond, April 11, Buffalo, race 8
Valerie Victoria, April 12, Penn, race 5
Overdraft, April 13, Aqueduct, race 2 (euthanized June 3)
Hazel Ann I Am, April 14, Keeneland, race 11
Tango Delta, April 14, Laurel, race 6
North Ocean, April 14, Parx, race 2
My Sweet Emma, April 15, Santa Anita, race 5
unidentified, April 9-April 15, Santa Anita
Native Jaylo, April 20, Golden Gate, race 4 (died April 22)
Xten, April 20, Santa Anita, training
Bullards Alley, April 21, Keeneland, race 9
Ten Blessings, April 21, Santa Anita, race 5
unidentified, April 20-April 22, Los Alamitos, racing
Yosemite Camn, April 28, Buffalo, race 12
Belt High, May 3, Belmont, training
Desert Affair, May 6, Belmont, race 1
unidentified, April 30-May 6, Santa Anita
Blackhawk Beauty, May 11, Golden Gate, race 1
Bound to Windsor, May 12, Charles Town, race 6
Rare Mix, May 12, Percy Warner, race 4
Hold On Hattie, May 13, Belterra, race 3
unidentified, May 7-May 13, Santa Anita
The Berber, May 14, Finger Lakes, training
Prime Number, May 14, Presque Isle, race 2
Frazier Double, May 16, Evangeline, race 6
Colonel Crawford, May 17, Pimlico, race 6
Dreaming of Jo Jo, May 19, Gulfstream, race 8
Fast Munny, May 19, Santa Anita, race 6
yet-to-be-named 2-year-old, May 20, Timonium
Mark My Style, May 24, Belmont, training
Turf Prince, May 24, Charles Town, race 1
Awesome Alma, May 24, Pimlico, race 4
Mile Street, May 24, Presque Isle, race 1
Street Passage, May 26, Fair Hill, race 9
unidentified, May 23-May 28, Golden Gate, training
Major Hit, May 29, Thistledown, race 2
unidentified, May 30, Golden Gate, training
My Pal Archie, May 30, Mountaineer, race 6
Califo Cat, June 1, Golden Gate, race 6
Special Candy High, June 2, Remington, race 10
Waya Ed, June 2, Santa Anita, race 7
unidentified, June 3, Golden Gate, training
unidentified, June 3, Golden Gate, training
unidentified, May 28-June 3, Santa Anita
Cash Poor, June 3, Saratoga Harness, race 4
Montauk, June 7, Belmont, training
Amada Rafaela, June 7, Santa Anita, race 7
Schomberg, June 12, Finger Lakes, training
Cha Cha Charlie, June 12, Louisiana, race 7
Winning Edge, June 13, Thistledown, race 6
Classy Cara, June 14, Belmont, training
Big Kid, June 16, Golden Gate, training
Freeze the Account, June 17, Belmont, race 4
Digits, June 17, Gulfstream, race 8
Tiffany Diamond, June 17, Santa Anita, race 10
unidentified, June 11-June 17, Santa Anita
Mr. Euro, June 18, Delaware, race 5
Run Juja Run, June 19, Finger Lakes, race 8 (euthanized June 27)
El Chiflado, June 20, Thistledown, race 2
Goodrockingirl, June 21, Evangeline, race 5
Mary Pray for Us, June 21, Finger Lakes, race 1
New Pass, June 23, Belmont, race 7
Dashing Roja, June 23, Oak Tree, race 1
Luzinski, June 27, Belmont, race 3
Phantom Flyer, June 27, Golden Gate, training
Exotic Sin, June 29, Evangeline, race 5
Payntermaniac, June 30, Churchill, race 7
Noregretsfornow, June 30, Delaware, race 2
Imperial Legacy, June 30, Los Alamitos, race 5
Dominance Period, July 1, Arapahoe, race 9
Dream Host, July 4, Finger Lakes, race 3
Magic Mark, July 4, Los Alamitos, race 8
Summer King, July 5, Prairie, race 4
Preachers Money, July 7, Arapahoe, race 2
Somewhere Outthere, July 7, Charles Town, race 3
David’s Elaine, July 7, Finger Lakes, race 8
Marathon Boy, July 7, Monmouth, race 9
Presumptuous, July 7, Saratoga, training
Anatevka, July 7, Suffolk, race 12
Seared, July 8, Los Alamitos, race 8
Stella’s Honor, July 9, Louisiana, race 4
Minor Legend, July 14, Laurel, race 1
Bookofmatches, July 14, Los Alamitos, race 5
Markeesa, July 15, Laurel, race 8
Amigo, July 15, Laurel, race 9
Wild Lil Rebel, July 18, Louisiana, race 7
Cadillac Express, July 21, Golden Gate, training
Bobby Abu Dhabi, July 22, Del Mar, training
Archie’s Revenge, July 22, Laurel, race 10
unidentified, July 20-July 22, Los Alamitos (possibly Im Ur Cutie Pie, July 20, race 4)
My Giant, July 25, Delaware, race 4
Oso Strong, July 25, Golden Gate, training
Heartspoke, July 25, Saratoga, race 6
Menorah Lora, July 28, Laurel, race 1
Macho Citizen, July 28, Saratoga, race 5
Skidazzle, July 29, Golden Gate, training
Unusual Kiddy, July 29, Los Alamitos, race 8
unidentified, July 27-July 29, Los Alamitos, racing
unidentified, July 27-July 29, Los Alamitos, racing
Charlonique, July 30, Belmont, training
Maddie’s Revenge, July 30, Finger Lakes, race 2
Mairis, August 1, Delaware, race 8
Irish Spring, August 4, Del Mar, race 10
unidentified, August 2-August 5, Los Alamitos, racing
unidentified, August 2-August 5, Los Alamitos, racing
Rewired, August 5, Santa Rosa, race 9
Your Flys Down, August 5, Wyoming, race 1
Gabriella, August 6, Belmont, training
My Perfect Gem, August 8, Finger Lakes, race 4
unidentified, August 8-August 12, Del Mar
unidentified, August 8-August 12, Del Mar
Amplify, August 16, Laurel, race 6

In addition, these still-very-much-active racehorses died on track grounds from what the industry craftily calls “non-racing” causes. Technically true, perhaps, but morally they are no less casualties of this vile business than the ones above.

Steve’s Image, January 7, Belmont
“horse died in stall from apparent colic” (last raced December 22)

Jeter, February 6, Aqueduct
“horse died while being treated for acute colic” (last raced January 28)

Dragon Dread, February 14, Monticello
“found deceased in barn stall this morning” (last raced January 25)

Ladies Day, February 16, Belmont
“was recumbent and could not rise – euthanized following day” (last raced January 13)

Shelby’s Ideal, March 13, Monticello
“found dead following treatment for acute colic the day prior” (last raced March 1)

You’llrememberwhen, April 3, Finger Lakes
“died in stall – possible colic” (two years old, being readied for first race)

Anchor, April 6, Belmont
“horse was found dead in stall” (four years old, last raced February 16)

Terry O Geri, May 18, Belmont
“found dead in stall two days after having colic surgery” (last raced March 10)

Baby Lightweight, May 21, Finger Lakes
“laminitis both front limbs – euthanized” (yet to be raced)

Fairway Tom, June 6, Finger Lakes
“colic – euthanized”

Untrapped, June 25, Kentucky farm
“laminitis, colic” (last raced May 18)

Chanted, July 3, Golden Gate
“severe right hind cellulitis; opposite foot: severe laminitis” (last raced June 9)

Livid Luke, July 22, Monticello
“horse found unresponsive outside Barn A; believed to have escaped from stall and died during overnight hours” (last raced June 26)

My Flying Dragon, July 30, Finger Lakes
“flipped over on blacktop in barn area – suffered major head injury” (last raced July 23)

Frosty Gal, August 1, Saratoga
“got away from handler…ran loose and subsequently sustained injuries…that necessitated euthanasia” (last raced July 15)

Master Manipulator, August 6, Saratoga
“ran loose in barn area, was caught and returned; upon return, horse collapsed and died” (last trained one day prior)

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Note: Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this list. That said, my information is only as good as the information I receive. If it can be proved that a horse appears in error, I will dutifully remove.