Killed, 2014

The following racehorses were killed on American tracks in 2014. Please note, however, that these are on-site deaths only – the “catastrophically injured” who were euthanized back at the owner’s farm or after being acquired by a rescue are not reflected here. Neither, the horses who perished at the over 200 private training facilities strewn across the land. In addition, several states rejected my FOIA request; other states, still, omitted training deaths. So, this list – roughly 1,000 strong – could easily and reasonably be doubled, leaving us with upward of 2,000 kills last year.

Furthermore, this list says nothing of the multiple thousands of 2014’s “retired” who were shackled, hung, slashed, bled-out, and butchered in foreign abattoirs. In short, what follows is far from a complete reckoning of Horseracing’s carnage.

Finally, while reading, please be mindful that the killing is but a part of the story. There is, also: the pounding of unformed bodies; the intense, unremitting, solitary confinement; the whipping; the drugging and doping; and the commodification – collectively, the Horseracing Wrongs. – Patrick Battuello

Killed in Action, 2014:

3-year-old Aunt Meanie, January 1, Fair Grounds 9
5-year-old Uncle Smokey, January 2, Aqueduct 7
3-year-old Shand, January 2, Santa Anita 8
4-year-old Honor Thy Wife, January 3, Turf 6 (euthanized January 6)
4-year-old Sassy Cherokee, January 4, Charles Town 1
3-year-old Classic Ford, January 4, Fair Grounds 10
2-year-old Side Street, January 4, Gulfstream 3
8-year-old Caixa Eletronica, January 4, Belmont, training
3-year-old Six Drivers, January 4, Belmont, training
3-year-old Doughtie Cash, January 4, Delta 2
2-year-old Chicks Luv Roses, January 4, Sunland 2
2-year-old Blonde for Ever, January 6, Parx 3
4-year-old Clodhopper, January 6, Turf 3
4-year-old Good Mother Fran, January 6, Gulfstream, training
4-year-old Big Pancho’s Star, January 7, Turf, training
6-year-old Practice Squad, January 8, Delta 2
3-year-old Stout Heart, January 8, Delta 4
9-year-old Favorite Meeting, January 8, Turf, training
8-year-old Devils Afleet, January 8, Turf 3
3-year-old Covenant Keeper, January 9, Charles Town, training
4-year-old Country Warning, January 9, Charles Town, training
2-year-old Casey Lynn, January 9, Delta 1
3-year-old Battle Silk, January 9, Delta 9
4-year-old Skip the Limit, January 11, Charles Town 6
2-year-old Reality Cat, January 11, Sunland 6
4-year-old Golden Archway, January 11, Tampa Bay 3
3-year-old Elite Boutique, January 11, Turf 5 (euthanized January 14)
10-year-old Stormy Surge, January 12, Golden Gate, training
3-year-old Bye Bye Jack, January 12, Sunland 4
4-year-old Cute N Famous, January 12, Sunland 5
3-year-old Go Canes Go, January 13, Belmont, training
2-year-old Grab Your Partner, January 13, Tampa Bay, training
6-year-old Mystery Taste, January 14, Beulah 7
Standardbred Scootin Keefe, January 14, Scarborough (injured in a previous NY race)
3-year-old Coolshot, January 14, Sunland, training
5-year-old Mr. Oz, January 15, Tampa Bay 2
4-year-old Past Glory, January 16, Charles Town 8
3-year-old Forgot to Duck, January 16, Golden Gate, training
3-year-old Zesty Perry, January 16, Hialeah, training
3-year-old The Mikester, January 16, Penn 1
2-year-old Jmf La Panchista, January 17, Hialeah 5
5-year-old Actin Lucky, January 18, Charles Town 7
4-year-old Diplomatic Gal, January 18, Charles Town 7
2-year-old Lucky Cowgirl, January 18, Gulfstream, training
6-year-old More Nuggets, January 18, Hialeah 3
4-year-old Trick the Queen, January 18, Laurel 5
3-year-old Longevity, January 18, Oaklawn 3
4-year-old A Boy Named Em, January 18, Penn 4
1-year-old Kruzin Corona Br, January 19, Sunland, training
5-year-old Flame to Fame, January 19, Sunland 11
2-year-old Top Data, January 20, Fair Grounds 9
3-year-old Soul Searcher, January 20, Golden Gate 8
8-year-old Raised for Speed, January 20, Gulfstream 9
9-year-old Suzzona, January 20, Gulfstream 10
5-year-old Hey Dirty Face, January 21, Calder, training
5-year-old One Foxy Private, January 21, Sunland 9
4-year-old Vanessa Flag, January 21, Sunland 9
4-year-old Horizonbound, January 21, Turf 8
5-year-old Holleran, January 22, Beulah 2
3-year-old Hickissippi, January 23, Fair Grounds 10
3-year-old Miss Go Free, January 24, Golden Gate, training
4-year-old Shesonlyseventeen, January 24, Los Alamitos 7
3-year-old Dark Passenger, January 25, Charles Town, training
4-year-old Concrete Cat, January 25, Charles Town 2
2-year-old Electric Eddie, January 25, Santa Anita 10
3-year-old Dixie Sparkle, January 26, Aqueduct 7
3-year-old Silent Blessing, January 26, Calder 2
2-year-old Our Mary Grace, January 26, Gulfstream, training
3-year-old Corona Favorita, January 26, Hialeah 6
7-year-old Irish Shortcut, January 26, Turf 1
4-year-old Gimmenosass, January 26, Turf 8
2-year-old Heavenly Champion, January 27, Gulfstream, training
4-year-old Royal Affair, January 29, Beulah 1
2-year-old Valar Dohaeris, January 30, Belmont, training
3-year-old Budding Affair, January 31, Golden Gate, training
2-year-old Love Is Enough, January 31, Laurel, training
4-year-old Flashy in Pink, February 1, Belmont, training
9-year-old Flyingpalm, February 1, Beulah, training
3-year-old Warrior’s Image, February 1, Fair Grounds 9
4-year-old Charlie Company, February 1, Golden Gate, training
3-year-old Victory Unveiled, February 1, Laurel, training
5-year-old One to a Royal, February 1, Laurel, training
2-year-old Tizardo, February 1, Oaklawn 9
4-year-old Flanker Valley, February 2, Tampa Bay, training
Standardbred Ciem, February 4, Northfield
4-year-old Minotaur, February 4, Turf 1
5-year-old Silver Cloud, February 5, Tampa Bay 9
2-year-old Salt Block, February 6, Laurel 4
3-year-old Cougarontheprowl, February 6, Santa Anita 4
4-year-old Mr Manske, February 7, Charles Town 4
2-year-old Recall Dynaformer, February 8, Gulfstream 4
3-year-old Nicki Starshine, February 8, Gulfstream 10
2-year-old Tormentada, February 8, Sunland 7
4-year-old Malibu Affair, February 8, Sunland 9
4-year-old Borderland Blues, February 9, Sunland 7
3-year-old Felix, February 10, Aqueduct 6
6-year-old Mezuman, February 10, Calder, training
5-year-old Grass Blade, February 13, Calder, training
1-year-old Manchas Mojave, February 13, Golden Gate, training
8-year-old Moscato, February 14, Golden Gate 7
Standardbred Fire in the Night, February 14, Pompano
1-year-old Jazz Corona, February 14, Remington, training
5-year-old Code of Conduct, February 14, Santa Anita 7
3-year-old Siren’s Secret, February 15, Calder 5 (euthanized February 18)
5-year-old Pretty Darn Good, February 15, Emerald, training
4-year-old LG Jet, February 15, Turf 2
4-year-old Vero’s Hero, February 16, Gulfstream 1
4-year-old First Prize Prince, February 16, Louisiana 2
4-year-old Play N Win, February 16, Turf 3
3-year-old Astronomer, February 17, Fair Grounds 1
3-year-old He’s Not Too Shaby, February 17, Santa Anita 9
3-year-old Blazin Mean, February 17, Sunland, training
5-year-old Gracias, February 17, Turf 2
4-year-old Lucian, February 18, Remington, training
3-year-old Pressing On, February 18, Sunland 11
3-year-old Salesman, February 19, Delta 8
Standardbred Mega Hall, February 19, Northfield
3-year-old Dream for Dean, February 20, Calder, training
3-year-old Sum Royal, February 20, Charles Town 2
3-year-old Marie B, February 20, Laurel, training
3-year-old Ya No Esta, February 21, Calder 3
3-year-old Very Elusive, February 21, Golden Gate, training
8-year-old All Tanked Up, February 21, Hawthorne 3
3-year-old Take It Up a Notch, February 21, Remington, training
2-year-old Ghost Tour, February 21, Tampa Bay, training
3-year-old Andromeda’s Coming, February 22, Aqueduct 3
2-year-old Grant Us Peace, February 22, Charles Town 1
9-year-old Miss Palatine, February 22, Hawthorne 2
4-year-old Body of Evidence, February 22, Hialeah 2
3-year-old Scouts Diva, February 22, Hialeah 10
Standardbred Scottie C, February 22, Buffalo 3
2-year-old F M Forty One, February 22, Sunland 9
3-year-old Byerley Barb, February 23, Golden Gate, training
2-year-old I’m a Breeze, February 23, Hawthorne 3
3-year-old Apollo Ono, February 23, Hialeah 6
2-year-old Chica de La Noche, February 23, Louisiana 7
3-year-old Mighty Grizzly Water, February 25, Sunland 1
Standardbred Pay Tribute, February 26, Buffalo 7
5-year-old Giant Indian, February 26, Laurel 7
9-year-old Bluehard, February 27, Delta 2
5-year-old Museum Tour, February 27, Delta 4
3-year-old Anotherprettygirl, February 27, Sunland, training
4-year-old Sea Rep Run, February 28, Charles Town 6
5-year-old Sound of Drums, March 1, Aqueduct 7
2-year-old Dicolas Soul, March 1, Charles Town, training
5-year-old News Bulletin, March 1, Hawthorne 8
4-year-old Ide Better Pray, March 1, Mountaineer 2 (euthanized March 4)
2-year-old Syeshacat, March 1, Mountaineer 4
5-year-old First Time John, March 1, Turf 2
3-year-old King Moon, March 2, Oaklawn 4
4-year-old Decoy, March 2, Sunland 9
3-year-old Aggressive Prize, March 3, Louisiana 5
Standardbred I Ride Western, March 3, Northfield
4-year-old Know This, March 4, Mountaineer 2
2-year-old Junkyard Eddie, March 4, Mountaineer 8
5-year-old Giga Man, March 4, Sunland, training
2-year-old Intoxication, March 4, Sunland, training
2-year-old Changeinaction, March 5, Belmont, training
4-year-old Tropical Treasure, March 5, Laurel, training
5-year-old Thegallopingghost, March 5, Mountaineer 4
5-year-old Jalouzi, March 6, Charles Town 2
6-year-old The Program, March 6, Fair Grounds 8
1-year-old Ruby Jo, March 6, Golden Gate, training
4-year-old Run in Aruba, March 7, Calder 4
2-year-old Miss Da Sunrise, March 7, Fair Grounds 4
5-year-old Cellophane, March 7, Golden Gate 6
6-year-old Bravo Romeo, March 7, Laurel 2
2-year-old Holy Wildcat, March 8, Gulfstream 7
5-year-old D’wildbill, March 8, Mountaineer 1
2-year-old Diamondsontheinside, March 8, Remington 11
2-year-old Jack Brookshire, March 8, Remington 14
4-year-old Dats Dee, March 8, Sunland 10
3-year-old Lewis’ Son, March 9, Gulfstream, training
4-year-old Spookorific, March 9, Laurel, training
2-year-old Playingintherain, March 9, Sunland, training
4-year-old Humble Suspect, March 9, Turf, training
6-year-old Tawdry, March 10, Mountaineer 8
3-year-old Passport Denied, March 11, Mountaineer 9
Standardbred Hickory Louie, March 12, Monticello 8
3-year-old Honor Spirit, March 12, Turf 6 (euthanized March 13)
2-year-old Uncle Betty, March 13, Charles Town 5
3-year-old Minnie Bear, March 13, Gulfstream, training
5-year-old Chickatari, March 13, Penn 5
2-year-old Promise Me Pyc, March 13, Remington 9
3-year-old Kenai Warrior, March 14, Gulfstream 6
6-year-old Cooper River, March 14, Laurel 3 (euthanized March 29)
4-year-old J Rose Gal, March 14, Tampa Bay 1
4-year-old Concept, March 15, Aqueduct, training
7-year-old Itsagoodtendollars, March 15, Belmont, training
4-year-old Candy’s Jewel, March 15, Los Alamitos 1
Standardbred Seton Hall, March 15, Pompano 5
3-year-old Fardan, March 15, Santa Anita 1
3-year-old Broadway Peyton, March 15, Tampa Bay 6
4-year-old SS Tribal Girl, March 16, Fonner 2 (euthanized March 18)
3-year-old Starlight Dreamer, March 16, Hawthorne 1
5-year-old El Altanero, March 17, Beulah 7
5-year-old Tanjero, March 17, Mountaineer 7
3-year-old Hot Little Thang, March 17, Turf 1
3-year-old Dee Ray, March 19, Calder, training
4-year-old Gadget Girl, March 19, Gulfstream, training
3-year-old Pure Afleet, March 19, Laurel 1 (euthanized March 24)
4-year-old Colonel By, March 21, Charles Town 2
3-year-old Finesse, March 21, Oaklawn 7
4-year-old Garden Tavern, March 22, Charles Town 2
7-year-old Three Rudys, March 22, Fonner 3 (euthanized March 25)
4-year-old Diva On Demand, March 22, Laurel 4
3-year-old HJD’s Prize, March 22, Mountaineer 1
4-year-old Sweetly Put, March 22, Penn 9
2-year-old Texas Spook, March 22, Remington 8
6-year-old Vagabond Shoes, March 22, Santa Anita 4
3-year-old Vengeful, March 23, Gulfstream 2
6-year-old With a Miracle, March 23, Sunland 7
4-year-old Shop Keeper, March 25, Sunland 7
5-year-old Tapits Wildcat, March 26, Turf 8
4-year-old Mi Vengador, March 27, Remington 3 (euthanized March 29)
2-year-old Eyes a Stoli, March 27, Sam Houston 7
6-year-old Kern River, March 28, Fonner 2
3-year-old Art of the Game, March 28, Gulfstream 8
8-year-old Yu Tiger Yu, March 28, Hawthorne 6
2-year-old Sea of Faces, March 29, Gulfstream, training
2-year-old Russian Silk, March 29, Santa Anita 9
2-year-old Jurzenski, March 30, Fonner 5
3-year-old Causewere Gamblers, March 30, Santa Anita 3
4-year-old Notbyemyrules, March 30, Santa Anita 9
6-year-old Lewkacy, March 30, Turf 6
3-year-old Printscess Best, April 1, Charles Town 9
2-year-old Lucky Leroy, April 2, Tampa Bay, training
2-year-old Jojonotjoelowe, April 3, Aqueduct, training
5-year-old Tellem Its Texas, April 3, Remington 9
5-year-old Schay’s Miss, April 4, Charles Town, training
3-year-old When We Laugh, April 4, Charles Town 5
6-year-old No Shenanigans, April 4, Pimlico 5
3-year-old Travis Weaver, April 4, Sunland 9
5-year-old Donttangowithmango, April 5, Hawthorne 5
Standardbred Our Desire, April 5, Scarborough
6-year-old Crystallo, April 6, Mountaineer 3
6-year-old Hudson Ridge, April 6, Pimlico 9
2-year-old Blondie La Jolla, April 6, Turf 2 (euthanized April 9)
8-year-old Casey’s On Call, April 9, Hawthorne 2
2-year-old First Glance, April 9, Tampa Bay, training
2-year-old Harry’s Miracle, April 10, Charles Town, training
7-year-old Shamelessly Rich, April 10, Charles Town, training
4-year-old Stop Talking, April 10, Lone Star 6 (euthanized April 24)
3-year-old D K Warrior, April 10, Tampa Bay, training
2-year-old Mongol Ring, April 11, Calder 1
Unnamed, April 11, Indiana, training
5-year-old She’s Gosphel, April 11, Penn 6
6-year-old Mass Destruction, April 11, Pimlico 4
7-year-old Crystal Dreamer, April 12, Charles Town, training
5-year-old Forty Four Loco, April 12, Charles Town 1
3-year-old Smart Sequoyah, April 12, Charles Town 6
2-year-old Famous Gent, April 12, Fonner 6
2-year-old Ivebeensaved, April 12, Parx 6
2-year-old Moonshine Gracie, April 13, Gulfstream, training
4-year-old Alondra Sky, April 13, Gulfstream 4
5-year-old Kollos, April 14, Calder, training
7-year-old Smokin Armadillo, April 14, Will Rogers 8
5-year-old Here Comes Drz, April 15, Charles Town 6
4-year-old American Iron, April 15, Finger Lakes, training
3-year-old Call Me Louie, April 15, Sunland 5
3-year-old Chili Con Queso, April 15, Sunland 8
5-year-old War Politics, April 15, Sunland 11
2-year-old Crimson Flyer, April 16, Golden Gate, training
3-year-old Sicard’s Sensation, April 17, Evangeline 10
5-year-old Onetwopunch, April 17, Tampa Bay, training
4-year-old Goodness Sakes, April 18, Calder, training
3-year-old Recovered, April 18, Finger Lakes 3
3-year-old Runaway Wild, April 18, Remington 10
4-year-old Prowess, April 19, Lone Star, training
2-year-old City Squire, April 19, Monmouth, training
3-year-old Just After Me, April 19, Remington 10
3-year-old La Jolla Surprise, April 19, Sam Houston 3
4-year-old Ruby Lite, April 19, Thistledown, training
4-year-old Classy Marlene, April 20, Calder 6
4-year-old Soulsinging, April 20, Gulfstream, training
2-year-old Tango Jet, April 20, Remington 2
4-year-old J C Avenue, April 20, SunRay 4
5-year-old Bojax, April 21, Turf 2
Standardbred Southwind Tabor, April 21, Yonkers 12
4-year-old Silvia’s Secret, April 22, SunRay, training
2-year-old Diamonds n’ Demons, April 23, Emerald, training
4-year-old Don’tdrinkmywine, April 23, Penn 2
3-year-old Genuine Windi Dash, April 23, Turf 2
4-year-old Gadzooks, April 24, Turf, training
6-year-old Aussi Austin, April 25, Aqueduct 8
5-year-old Jellena, April 25, SunRay 5
4-year-old Skinner, April 25, Tampa Bay, training
10-year-old Laredos Goose, April 26, Cal Expo 5
2-year-old Zoomin to the Moon, April 26, Delta 7
3-year-old Zapachula, April 26, Fonner 11 (euthanized April 27)
4-year-old Marcelino Springs, April 26, Golden Gate 8
5-year-old Marine, April 26, Gulfstream 9
6-year-old Big Boy Tyson, April 26, Mountaineer 3 (euthanized April 27)
3-year-old Jaylo Caliente, April 26, Remington 7
8-year-old Jess So, April 26, SunRay 3
5-year-old Rock U Up, April 26, Turf 6 (euthanized April 28)
5-year-old Cuban Devil, April 27, Atlantic City 5
8-year-old Golden Mexico, April 27, Golden Gate 4
2-year-old La Jolla Cove, April 27, Santa Anita 2
6-year-old Caverna, April 28, Beulah 2
4-year-old Win Machine, April 28, Mountaineer 3
5-year-old Me Likey Mikey, April 28, SunRay, training
5-year-old Big Dividend, April 29, Charles Town 8
2-year-old Think Money, April 29, Pimlico, training
5-year-old Blue Book, April 30, Charles Town 9
5-year-old Rock Elle Ten, April 30, Evangeline 2
3-year-old Handstand, May 1, Belmont 6
Mayan Summer, May 1, Calder, training
2-year-old Vaquero Guapo, May 1, Delta 5
4-year-old Moneyatlast, May 1, Lone Star 7
6-year-old Hotradamus, May 1, Santa Anita 3
2-year-old Cashininafantasy, May 2, Delta 4
3-year-old Polar Pal, May 2, Evangeline 7
2-year-old Onebaddancer, May 2, Golden Gate, training
5-year-old Granny Calling, May 2, Santa Anita 1
3-year-old Jaretts Royal Dream, May 2, SunRay 8
3-year-old Canadian Winner, May 3, Churchill 13
9-year-old Boston Chief, May 3, Finger Lakes, training
3-year-old Tree Top Society, May 3, Lone Star, training
4-year-old Watch This Zoom, May 3, Remington 1
2-year-old Secretly Dreaming, May 3, Ruidoso, training
3-year-old Dontchacallnomo, May 3, Ruidoso, training
4-year-old Jesse Lady, May 3, SunRay 3
3-year-old Dumpling Man, May 3, Tampa Bay 7
2-year-old Chow Call, May 4, Emerald, training
3-year-old Zion Hill, May 4, Mountaineer 6
Standardbred Liberty Cruise, May 5, Yonkers 5
Standardbred Valley of the Sun, May 6, Meadowlands, training
Unnamed, May 7, Indiana, racing
5-year-old Okey Dokey Legend, May 7, Les Bois 5
3-year-old Party Boy Streakin, May 7, Les Bois 5
1-year-old Talking Man, May 7, Lone Star, training
6-year-old Kid Curry, May 7, Tampa Bay, training
3-year-old It’s too Easy, May 8, Lone Star 7
2-year-old Nightfall, May 8, Santa Anita 5
4-year-old Humor Me Doc, May 9, Gulfstream 1
5-year-old Looks Like a Saint, May 9, Indiana 6
5-year-old Turbalo, May 9, Lone Star 7
6-year-old Mad Magic, May 9, Pimlico 1
2-year-old Curl Del Rey, May 9, Remington 9
2-year-old Kitellas Gal, May 9, SunRay 4
3-year-old Aztec Secret, May 10, Louisiana 3
3-year-old Gigi’s Alina, May 10, Prairie 5
3-year-old Gameboy Luke, May 10, Santa Anita 4
3-year-old Patches Pal, May 11, Emerald, training
Standardbred Hurrikane Jersey Joe, May 11, Magical Acres (NJ), training
4-year-old Mr Lemon Tree, May 11, Santa Anita 9
5-year-old Revelling, May 11, Thistledown 5 (euthanized May 18)
4-year-old Explosive Smile, May 12, Gulfstream, training
5-year-old Transatlantic, May 13, Mountaineer 2 (euthanized May 14)
3-year-old Happy Happy Me, May 13, SunRay, training
3-year-old Lil Ditty, May 13, Will Rogers 10
Unnamed, May 14, Indiana, training
5-year-old Rhythm of the Moon, May 14, Suffolk 4
5-year-old D E Trubador, May 15, Arapahoe, training
7-year-old Thewayofthesamurai, May 15, Charles Town, training
4-year-old It Might Get Loud, May 15, Charles Town 9 (euthanized May 23)
2-year-old Bold Fashion, May 15, Golden Gate, training
4-year-old Opequon Creek, May 16, Charles Town 5 (euthanized May 28)
3-year-old Handsome Harley, May 16, Pimlico 6 (euthanized May 24)
4-year-old Carters Crown, May 16, Remington, training
5-year-old Canon Zoom, May 16, Remington 1
3-year-old Blazin Perfect, May 16, SunRay 6
10-year-old Happy Humor, May 16, SunRay 9
5-year-old Eyema Delight, May 18, Arlington 8
3-year-old Catawba Gray, May 18, Belterra 7
3-year-old Oriental Silk, May 18, Louisiana 8
3-year-old Sister Discreet, May 18, Monmouth, training
5-year-old Blushing Martha, May 18, Mountaineer 8
4-year-old Caillech’s Quest, May 18, Parx 4
3-year-old Lucky for You, May 18, Saratoga, training
3-year-old Zoe 14, May 18, SunRay 1
8-year-old Eastern Gold, May 18, SunRay 5
Standardbred KZ Too, May 20, Monticello 8
Standardbred Town Fool, May 20, Bangor
5-year-old Summa Cum Boom, May 20, Parx 3
3-year-old See the Music, May 21, Belmont 7
4-year-old Calling Mr Malcolm, May 22, Charles Town, training
5-year-old Never Tell Lynda, May 22, Churchill 1
4-year-old Motion in Potion, May 22, Prairie 2
3-year-old Comic Slew (probably sic), May 22, Ruidoso, training
3-year-old Stadtpark, May 22, Santa Anita 4
5-year-old Breaking Rocks, May 23, Charles Town 9 (euthanized May 28)
3-year-old Skyrunner, May 23, Lone Star, training
3-year-old Double Reaction, May 23, Monmouth, training (euthanized June 19)
6-year-old Static Kill, May 24, Arlington 5
3-year-old Bb Cc Quik Wagon, May 24, Delta 7
3-year-old Reflective Glory, May 24, Emerald 6
6-year-old Eric the Ram, May 24, Louisiana 1
3-year-old Dynastys First Call, May 24, Ruidoso 7
5-year-old Big Note, May 24, Santa Anita 2
3-year-old Felicias Prettylucky, May 24, SunRay 3
4-year-old Flying to the Dash, May 25, Arapahoe 7
3-year-old Intense Holiday, May 25, Belmont, training
3-year-old Loooch’smachoman, May 25, Louisiana 3
4-year-old Celtic Tune, May 25, Monmouth, training
4-year-old Value Trap, May 25, Prairie 3
3-year-old Valle Vidal, May 25, Ruidoso 11
2-year-old Perry Point, May 26, Ruidoso, training
4-year-old Lotruglio (probably sic), May 27, Monmouth, training
5-year-old Silver Arch, May 27, Parx 7
7-year-old Miss Cerrochina, May 28, Emerald, training
7-year-old New Vogue, May 28, Les Bois 5
4-year-old Kingston Jamaica, May 29, Belmont, training
5-year-old Gibson Halo, May 29, Evangeline 4
Unnamed, May 29, Indiana, training
3-year-old Jess a Speeder, May 30, Arapahoe 7
5-year-old Kissinginthedark, May 30, Finger Lakes 1
5-year-old Summer Blaze, May 31, Calder, training
8-year-old Sunshine Rambler, May 31, Monmouth 7
5-year-old Berrymeaux, May 31, Mountaineer 2
2-year-old Scoop a Jewel, June 1, Arapahoe, training
4-year-old Permit, June 1, Arlington 8
3-year-old Pink Gold, June 1, Lone Star 8
3-year-old Archie’s All Heart, June 1, Parx 4
4-year-old Der Boss, June 1, Pimlico 2
2-year-old Pyb Place Your Bet, June 1, Remington 8
4-year-old Brass Rail, June 2, Suffolk, training
6-year-old Fabulous and Clear, June 3, Calder, training
5-year-old Fenway, June 3, SunRay 4
Unnamed Dam, June 4, Aqueduct, training
5-year-old Samuels Blond Lady, June 5, Belmont 2 (euthanized June 8)
4-year-old Sweet Teri K, June 7, Belterra 4
4-year-old Really a Hero, June 7, Eastern Oregon 2
6-year-old Tiger Mike, June 7, Fairmount 3
5-year-old Lemon Sundae, June 7, Finger Lakes 1
4-year-old Tebows Big Play, June 7, Golden Gate 9
Unnamed, June 7, Indiana, training
Unnamed – probably 3-year-old Tricky Ricardo, June 7, Indiana 5
4-year-old Kitty Mandu, June 7, Monmouth 1
5-year-old Stormdefrere, June 7, Penn 3
2-year-old Princess Marquee, June 7, Ruidoso, training
2-year-old A First Class, June 7, Ruidoso 6
6-year-old Old World Order, June 8, Belterra 8
Standardbred Faith N Moon, June 8, Buffalo 5
2-year-old Hold the Nutmeg, June 8, Monmouth, training
8-year-old Lobo Del Norte, June 8, Parx 5
5-year-old X Country Girl, June 8, Parx 7
3-year-old Lava Lei, June 8, Thistledown 8
3-year-old Nics First Rainbow, June 9, Ruidoso 5
Unnamed – probably 5-year-old Dakota’s Court, June 10, Indiana 2
5-year-old Gulf of Aden, June 10, Parx 1
3-year-old Part N Ways, June 10, Retama, training
6-year-old Mint Humor, June 10, SunRay 6
4-year-old Wino, June 11, Evangeline 2
5-year-old Olivia Twist, June 11, Suffolk, training
5-year-old Bear’s Spirit, June 12, Aqueduct, training
Standardbred Racetrack Diva, June 12, Northfield
8-year-old Scooper Dee (probably sic), June 12, Ruidoso, training
2-year-old Handsome Amigo, June 12, Ruidoso, training
4-year-old Shared Sacrifice, June 13, Los Alamitos 3
2-year-old Fishy Wagon, June 13, Retama 8
3-year-old Agent Boo, June 14, Fair Meadows 8
6-year-old J.B.’s Marquis, June 14, Louisiana 5
5-year-old Hot Necker, June 14, Mountaineer 5
4-year-old Patron Platinum, June 14, Ruidoso, training
4-year-old Socialbug, June 15, Churchill, training
Standardbred Lucid Dream, June 17, Meadowlands, training
Standardbred Hall’n Chips, June 17, Northfield
4-year-old My Jordy, June 17, Presque Isle 2
2-year-old Fran’s Kid, June 18, Belmont, training
Standardbred Dalglish, June 18, Monticello
5-year-old Ethan John, June 18, Suffolk 1
2-year-old Summer Sanctuary, June 19, Delaware 4
3-year-old Ol’ Bob, June 19, Louisiana 4
4-year-old Rock and Roll Star, June 20, Finger Lakes, training
4-year-old Chiffy, June 20, Penn 2
4-year-old Rick’s Cafe, June 20, Penn 2
5-year-old Lake Brilliant, June 20, Prairie 2
3-year-old Cole Forty Five, June 20, Santa Anita 8
6-year-old Birthday Wish, June 21, Belterra 7
4-year-old Pegasus Star, June 21, Calder 7
2-year-old Heza Streakin Flyer, June 21, Delta 1
2-year-old Jumpn Streaker, June 21, Delta 2
3-year-old Sunny’s Included, June 21, Emerald, training
2-year-old My True Desire, June 21, Fair Meadows 10
3-year-old Shanes Social Cat, June 21, Lone Star 2
3-year-old Gem’s Pride, June 21, Suffolk, training
2-year-old Code Name Brielle, June 22, Monmouth, training
5-year-old How Far We’ve Come, June 22, Parx 8
5-year-old Lady of Liberty, June 22, Prairie 4
7-year-old First Down Man, June 22, Wyoming 4
6-year-old Griffin Rock, June 23, Parx 1
4-year-old Roses for Romney, June 25, Belmont 8
2-year-old Im’s Home, June 25, Ruidoso, training
5-year-old Mel’s Game, June 26, Santa Anita 1
3-year-old Montana Red, June 27, Arapahoe 11
3-year-old Toomers Oaks, June 27, Delta 9
7-year-old Elsaroarin, June 27, Finger Lakes 9
2-year-old Track Terror, June 27, Monmouth, training
3-year-old Hot Sirachi, June 27, Monmouth 10 (euthanized July 24)
2-year-old Eyesa Llano, June 27, Ruidoso, training
4-year-old Let’s Face It, June 27, Thistledown 7
3-year-old Second Down Patriot, June 28, Delta 2
4-year-old Western Grit, June 28, Finger Lakes, training
6-year-old Commandeer, June 28, Belterra 2
4-year-old Papa Doc, June 28, Charles Town 4
4-year-old Halos Wild, June 28, Lone Star 9
4-year-old Tough Orphan, June 29, Oak Tree 8
5-year-old Royal Dash Special, July 2, Delta 10
4-year-old Gleaming Girl, July 3, Lone Star 8
2-year-old Design by Who, July 3, Ruidoso, training
2-year-old Jaxtens First Wagon, July 3, Ruidoso 5
5-year-old My Belle Etoile, July 4, Ellis 5
3-year-old Steal the Show Lo, July 4, Emerald 2
3-year-old Michonne, July 4, Finger Lakes 9
2-year-old Finns Huckleberry, July 4, Ruidoso 1
2-year-old Hocuspocuss, July 4, Ruidoso 5
4-year-old Song for Krismike, July 5, Charles Town 8
3-year-old Cuzs Painted Success, July 5, Fair Meadows 4
3-year-old Fun Elusive, July 5, Gulfstream 3
5-year-old Guidopanzini, July 5, Oak Tree 9
3-year-old Karamojo, July 5, Penn 8
3-year-old Coronas Sportiness, July 5, Ruidoso 12
3-year-old This Guy Is Blue, July 6, Belmont 9
2-year-old Cozy Kieran, July 6, Belterra, training
9-year-old Streaterville, July 6, Mountaineer 6
4-year-old Offlee Fast, July 7, Calder, training
7-year-old Back Talking, July 9, Mountaineer 5
2-year-old Teenie B Tuff, July 10, Arapahoe, training
5-year-old Our Deputy Express, July 10, Delaware 2
5-year-old Shame On Em, July 11, Emerald, training
3-year-old Chief Barker, July 12, Arlington 9
5-year-old Lone Star Sizzler, July 12, Evangeline 7
2-year-old Hiway Centerfold, July 12, Fair Meadows 4
4-year-old Music Maid, July 13, Belmont 2
4-year-old Corlett Drive, July 13, Del Mar, training
6-year-old War Prince, July 13, Emerald 1
4-year-old Ruler of the Tribe, July 13, Emerald 5
5-year-old Finally Together, July 14, Mountaineer 9
6-year-old Given Episode, July 16, Les Bois 10
4-year-old Kokaltash, July 17, Del Mar 5
4-year-old Bodey the Beast, July 17, Fair Meadows 5
4-year-old Indomitable Woman, July 17, Finger Lakes 5
3-year-old Smooth Willow, July 18, Charles Town 2
5-year-old Could Be a Rumor, July 18, Charles Town 6
4-year-old Generator, July 18, Evangeline 8
3-year-old Kylees’ Giant, July 18, Monmouth, training
5-year-old Piskacha, July 19, Belterra 4
2-year-old Heza Fast Wagon, July 19, Les Bois 3
3-year-old Ifihadalady, July 19, Mountaineer 6
3-year-old Missy Zelliott, July 20, Belmont, training
7-year-old Lw Wired Val, July 20, Arapahoe 3
2-year-old Washington Dacat, July 20, Canterbury 7
3-year-old Auriferous, July 20, Monmouth, training
5-year-old I’m Included, July 20, Remington, training
3-year-old Gryphon Gold, July 20, Sacramento 7 (euthanized July 23)
3-year-old Ithink I Can Dance, July 22, Mountaineer 6
5-year-old Mr Percussionist, July 22, Parx 1
8-year-old Possy Beach, July 23, Les Bois 9
Shocker Topper, July 23, Santa Rosa, training
5-year-old Lucky Prize, July 24, Charles Town 9
3-year-old Dance With Fate, July 24, Del Mar, training
2-year-old Artic Eagle, July 24, Fair Meadows 11
4-year-old Save Your Pennies, July 24, Gulfstream 3 (euthanized July 26)
4-year-old Lifeguard On Duty, July 24, Saratoga, training
5-year-old Surviving the Odds, July 25, Arapahoe 9 (euthanized July 27)
3-year-old Rue the Day, July 25, Charles Town 6
4-year-old Yes She’s Unusual, July 25, Del Mar 6
5-year-old Longview Drive, July 25, Del Mar 7
3-year-old Movin’ On Up, July 25, Louisiana 8
3-year-old Elusive Cowgirl, July 25, Monmouth 6
3-year-old Double Gold, July 25, Saratoga, training
5-year-old Lil Swiss Echo, July 26, Del Mar 5
3-year-old J Kat, July 26, Del Mar 9
3-year-old Chichita, July 26, Finger Lakes 1
5-year-old Rockabar, July 26, Santa Rosa 8
2-year-old Chilled Mousse, July 27, Del Mar, training
3-year-old Curly Queen, July 27, Gulfstream 7
7-year-old Gimmeanotherwink, July 28, Finger Lakes 2
2-year-old Dixie’s Pegasus, July 28, Gulfstream, training
3-year-old Father Johns Pride, July 28, Saratoga 7
3-year-old Baltic Princess, July 29, Calder, training
5-year-old Quorum, July 29, Finger Lakes 6
4-year-old Cool Under Fire, July 29, Parx 8
5-year-old Intimate Storm, July 30, Charles Town 6
4-year-old Patinka, July 30, Presque Isle 3
3-year-old Lavender Road, July 30, Saratoga (prior to race 7)
Unnamed, July 31, Indiana, training
3-year-old Too Much Chocolate, July 31, Monmouth, training
4-year-old Seventh Apostle, August 1, Gulfstream, training
4-year-old Implied, August 1, Monmouth 5
3-year-old American Reign, August 1, Prairie 1
3-year-old Chattering Gambler, August 2, Del Mar 3
5-year-old Markyour Territory, August 2, Fairmount 1
3-year-old Fly Above, August 2, Monmouth 1
2-year-old Sir William Bruce, August 2, Saratoga 5
6-year-old Lite Up My Dream, August 2, Thistledown 6
7-year-old Maji Moto, August 4, Mountaineer 7
4-year-old Felixia, August 6, Thistledown 2
3-year-old Cat O Gold, August 8, Arapahoe 7
5-year-old Well Lit, August 8, Monmouth, training
3-year-old Western Sword, August 8, Penn 8
5-year-old Elite Buckaroo, August 9, Arapahoe 4 (euthanized August 12)
4-year-old Slewissurfing, August 9, Charles Town 5
5-year-old Rosie by Rossini, August 9, Evangeline 7
4-year-old De Rage Girl, August 9, Parx 6
3-year-old Trail Blaze, August 9, Parx 7
2-year-old Dm Fly Belle Fly, August 9, Retama, training
5-year-old Ambarona, August 9, Suffolk 3 (euthanized August 11)
4-year-old Who’strickingwho, August 10, Arapahoe 1
7-year-old Peters Rock, August 10, Arlington 3
7-year-old Bonita Muneca, August 10, Belterra 2
5-year-old Exultant, August 10, Belterra 4
5-year-old Top Excitement, August 10, Gulfstream, training
4-year-old Regretless, August 11, Saratoga 4
3-year-old Steppingood, August 13, Del Mar 8
3-year-old Bullwhip, August 14, Charles Town 1
3-year-old Deputy Gulch, August 14, Charles Town 2
4-year-old Serious, August 14, from July 31 Del Mar 7
2-year-old Cashion, August 16, Belmont, training
3-year-old Bayview Drive, August 16, Del Mar 10
3-year-old Zuni Tunes, August 16, Golden Gate 8
6-year-old Miss Mulligan, August 16, Retama, training
6-year-old Winter’s Wildchild, August 17, Columbus 7
7-year-old There Goes Kevin, August 17, Los Alamitos 1
5-year-old Kevinator, August 17, Los Alamitos 1
4-year-old Royal Hard Spun, August 17, Monmouth 3
4-year-old Bonnie Lass, August 18, Delaware 2
2-year-old Bakken Gold, August 18, Emerald, training
5-year-old Arctic Thunder, August 20, Remington 5
3-year-old Sombra de La Luna, August 20, Suffolk 9 (euthanized August 23)
4-year-old Mary’s Vow, August 20, Thistledown 8
5-year-old Sorcerer’s Queen, August 21, Evangeline 7
5-year-old Im Funny for Money, August 21, Evangeline 9
3-year-old M B and Tee, August 21, Saratoga 7
2-year-old Little Tower, August 22, Del Mar 3
5-year-old Celzo’s Birdie, August 22, Ferndale 4
7-year-old Sal’s Boy, August 22, Monmouth 5
3-year-old Tu Tu Tango, August 23, Evangeline 1
3-year-old Chubaroni, August 23, Monmouth 10
2-year-old Kamarius, August 23, Saratoga, training
2-year-old Ludicrous, August 23, Saratoga 4
7-year-old Magic Beam, August 24, Del Mar, training
3-year-old Matagorda Bay, August 24, Gillespie 2
3-year-old Ima Ivory, August 24, Prairie 8
3-year-old Splendid Saturday, August 24, Remington, training
3-year-old Elena Strikes, August 24, Saratoga, training
8-year-old Be a Pro, August 25, Presque Isle 3
3-year-old Queen But a King, August 25, Ruidoso 5
7-year-old Makari, August 25, Saratoga 1
3-year-old Run for Papa, August 26, Fairmount 1
3-year-old Vanessa Halo, August 26, Finger Lakes, training
3-year-old Manda Moo, August 26, Parx 8
2-year-old Divine Guidance, August 27, Saratoga 5 (euthanized August 29)
5-year-old Posh Acres, August 28, Charles Town 1
3-year-old Cause Im a Bigshot, August 28, Del Mar, training
4-year-old See See See, August 29, Belmont, from August 15 Monmouth 4
5-year-old Throwsomelimeonit, August 29, Evangeline 2
Unnamed – probably 4-year-old Unbridled Blossom, August 29, Indiana 4
4-year-old Party Lad, August 30, Calder, training
3-year-old My Kinda Girl, August 30, Charles Town 4
3-year-old Kitagal, August 30, Louisiana 3
6-year-old Semester Abroad, August 30, Monmouth 10
4-year-old Paper Tigress, August 30, Parx 8
4-year-old One Eyed Shook, August 30, Remington 5
6-year-old Washington’s Rules, August 30, Suffolk 6
3-year-old Nacho Preacher, August 31, Golden Gate 5
4-year-old Strong Humor, August 31, Monmouth 1
8-year-old Cross Village, August 31, Mountaineer 8
3-year-old Runaway Bridle, August 31, Thistledown 4
3-year-old Imperial Lad, September 1, Arlington 3
4-year-old Feeling Naughty, September 1, Mountaineer 5
3-year-old Back’em Down, September 2, Fairmount 4
3-year-old Sebastian’s Run, September 3, Charles Town 3
5-year-old Manis, September 3, Mountaineer 2
3-year-old Florida Bull, September 3, Thistledown 8
4-year-old Sequoia Skyline, September 4, Louisiana 4
4-year-old Mop, September 5, Arlington 2
3-year-old Major Battle, September 5, Belmont, training
9-year-old Coppers Fit, September 5, Fair Grounds 6
2-year-old Game Obsession, September 5, Fair Grounds 7
3-year-old Jump Two, September 5, Laurel, training
2-year-old Ligety, September 5, Los Alamitos 3
Standardbred To Tell the Truth, September 5, Northfield
2-year-old Sweet Irish Tee, September 5, Remington, training
5-year-old He Can Run, September 6, Monmouth, training
3-year-old Ifyougotthenotion, September 6, Parx 8
3-year-old Gerryland, September 7, Finger Lakes, training
3-year-old Kitt’s Kool Katt, September 7, Finger Lakes, training
3-year-old Warpaint Gold, September 7, Gulfstream, training
5-year-old Tyeste, September 7, Monmouth 5 (pre-race)
2-year-old Party for All, September 7, Will Rogers, training
3-year-old Jr Blue Chew Chew, September 7, Will Rogers 11
3-year-old Get That Cat, September 8, Zia 12
3-year-old Noyo Harbor, September 9, Zia, training
3-year-old Ali’s Rapper, September 9, Zia 10
4-year-old Ego Friendly, September 10, Belmont, training
5-year-old Mulheb, September 10, Belmont 1
3-year-old Frat Man, September 10, Charles Town 7
3-year-old I Love Penny, September 10, Penn 3
2-year-old Funnys Man Dream, September 11, Belterra 1
5-year-old Kingliest, September 11, Belterra 6
5-year-old Boastful Dancer, September 11, Laurel 9
4-year-old Foxy Syd, September 11, Penn 5
4-year-old Eddington Bay, September 11, Penn 9
6-year-old Tale of Lucknfame, September 12, Belterra 7
4-year-old Strategic Player, September 12, Retama 5
3-year-old Freddie Freud, September 13, Belmont, training
4-year-old DJ’s Hope, September 13, Finger Lakes 5
8-year-old Marija’s Wish, September 13, Gulfstream 1
7-year-old Dream Rocker, September 13, Mountaineer 1
3-year-old X Why Zee, September 13, Parx 10
2-year-old Cola de Oro, September 13, Prairie 1
4-year-old Hada Certain Charm, September 13, Prairie 6
3-year-old Matched Ruler, September 13, Thistledown 8
3-year-old Squall Line, September 14, Belterra 3
3-year-old Lucy Acton, September 14, Monmouth 3 (euthanized September 22)
2-year-old Souper Arch, September 14, Monmouth 4
5-year-old Paul Ford, September 14, Pleasanton, training
2-year-old Lipstick Promises, September 15, Belterra, training
2-year-old Distorted Trick, September 15, Turf, training
3-year-old Skoll, September 17, Calder, training
3-year-old Sweetpea’s Yankee, September 17, Remington 5
3-year-old Indian Lark, September 17, Suffolk 7 (euthanized September 29)
Unnamed, September 18, Indiana, training
3-year-old Jackson Station, September 18, Remington 2
4-year-old Kiwi Ruler, September 19, Penn 6
3-year-old Piano Teacher, September 19, Penn 7
2-year-old Tale of the Spa, September 19, Saratoga, training
3-year-old Tribal Mystic, September 20, Emerald 6
6-year-old Goldmine Princess, September 20, Fairmount 1
3-year-old Charliesirishpride, September 20, Laurel 2
3-year-old Hearts n’ Diamonds, September 20, Monmouth 7
2-year-old Coronas Lite, September 20, Will Rogers 7 (euthanized September 21)
3-year-old Kat Alpha, September 22, Mountaineer 3
[illegible name], September 22, Zia, training
6-year-old Major Prince, September 24, Gulfstream West, training
6-year-old Italian Nany, September 24, Penn 7
3-year-old The Dark Lion, September 24, Suffolk 5 (euthanized September 29)
4-year-old Full Ride, September 25, Charles Town 7 (euthanized September 26)
10-year-old Kaylee’s Comet, September 25, Gulfstream, training
Unnamed, September 25, Indiana, racing
3-year-old Blue Kat Key, September 26, Charles Town, training
4-year-old Vizcaya Star, September 26, Gulfstream 1
3-year-old Men Dee Go, September 26, Lone Star 3
3-year-old Rumblefortheroses, September 26, Meadowlands 6
6-year-old Okie Tuff, September 26, Remington 3
7-year-old Saturday in May, September 26, Turf, training
5-year-old Stevia, September 27, Delaware 7
3-year-old Run Albert Run, September 27, Penn 6
3-year-old Showmewhatyougot, September 27, Stockton 6
4-year-old Native Tea Rose, September 28, Los Alamitos 9
4-year-old Forward Momentum, September 28, Monmouth 8
3-year-old Praetorian Saint, September 28, Remington, training
3-year-old Get Your Praise On, September 28, Stockton 4
4-year-old Secret Memo, September 28, Stockton 5
3-year-old Gold Crown, September 28, Zia 9
2-year-old Here in a Hurry, October 1, Belmont, training
5-year-old Scorpion Al, October 2, Gulfstream 1
Unnamed, October 2, Indiana, racing
4-year-old Tenleytown, October 2, Laurel 7
5-year-old Chigoe, October 3, Charles Town 4
4-year-old G W’s Hammer, October 3, Finger Lakes 5
2-year-old Decisive Decision, October 3, Gulfstream 5
Unnamed, October 3, Indiana, training
4-year-old Tangible Assets, October 3, Thistledown 8
4-year-old Looklistenandlearn, October 4, Belterra 3
5-year-old Mi’Kelseys Pride, October 4, Mountaineer 3
4-year-old Stormy Henry, October 4, Parx 6
8-year-old Funky Country, October 4, Suffolk 6
4-year-old Dave’s Cutie, October 4, Thistledown 7
4-year-old Bizzy E F, October 5, Thistledown 1
6-year-old Zeffee, October 6, Gulfstream W, training
3-year-old Stenson, October 8, Belmont 1
4-year-old Endearing, October 9, Belmont, training
3-year-old Bee Boppin Along, October 9, Charles Town 7
4-year-old La Tiela, October 9, Turf, training
3-year-old Grand Arrival, October 10, Belmont, training
Unnamed – probably 3-year-old Eagle Illusion, October 11, Indiana 9
3-year-old Angel of Mercy, October 11, Laurel 8
2-year-old Velvet Sandy, October 11, Parx 1
3-year-old Intelligent Girl, October 11, Remington 1
2-year-old Giant Hearted Lee, October 13, Belmont 5
5-year-old Cactus City Road, October 13, Laurel 2
4-year-old Masaru, October 14, Indiana 8
4-year-old Platitude, October 14, Indiana 8
4-year-old Strictly Business, October 14, Zia 10
3-year-old Put It Back Martha, October 15, Charles Town 3
3-year-old Lewis City, October 15, Hawthorne 1
3-year-old In the Backseat, October 16, Remington, training
2-year-old Sheza Freak, October 17, Delta 7
5-year-old Fly to Freedom, October 17, Santa Anita 3
3-year-old Jennakins, October 18, Golden Gate 5
3-year-old Party Time, October 18, Keeneland, training
2-year-old Easy Cash Fenimore, October 18, Lone Star 5
3-year-old Dreamo, October 18, Penn 9
3-year-old Cr Strawflyn Bux, October 18, Prairie 1
6-year-old Joltin Jess, October 18, Prairie 10
5-year-old Willie Mosconi, October 18, Prairie 11
4-year-old Locks of Gold, October 19, Belterra 3
5-year-old That’s the Answer, October 21, Mountaineer 5
3-year-old Integratee, October 22, Evangeline 5
5-year-old Barzini, October 22, Gulfstream W 1
2-year-old Burden, October 22, Keeneland 5
7-year-old Auditorium, October 22, Mountaineer 7
4-year-old Zaikov, October 23, Belmont, training
5-year-old Game to Run, October 23, Evangeline 8
Unnamed, October 23, Indiana, racing
6-year-old Magnificent Moon, October 23, Laurel 4 (euthanized November 14)
2-year-old Chase This Bandit, October 24, Belmont 10
5-year-old Salty Forecast, October 24, Delta 8
2-year-old Inhibited, October 24, Remington, training
2-year-old Saint Kris (probably sic), October 25, Belmont, training
2-year-old Valiant Lover, October 25, Will Rogers 8
3-year-old Soar Home, October 26, Golden Gate, training
3-year-old Cloud Cutter, October 26, Mountaineer 4
3-year-old Supertanker, October 26, Will Rogers 11
3-year-old Sea Hunt, October 27, Gulfstream W 6
2-year-old Mama Odie, October 27, Zia 10
5-year-old Pretty Darn Quick, October 29, Zia, training
3-year-old Honeydripper, October 30, Evangeline 3
2-year-old Princess Nene, October 30, Gulfstream W 7
5-year-old Summer Sunset, October 31, Aqueduct 2
4-year-old Jesses Giant Dunk, October 31, Aqueduct 3
5-year-old Flashy Dame, October 31, Golden Gate 4
Unnamed, November 1, Indiana, racing
3-year-old Springs R Loaded, November 1, Laurel, training
6-year-old Mongol Boy, November 1, Thistledown, training
4-year-old Avalon Rose, November 1, Thistledown 5
3-year-old Lil Corona Swingin, November 1, Will Rogers 10
6-year-old Ansilta, November 2, Thistledown 8
3-year-old I Like Em Hot, November 2, Zia 9
3-year-old Zo Sophisticated, November 3, Belmont, training
5-year-old Antone Suavey, November 3, Finger Lakes 2
4-year-old In Transition, November 3, Zia, training
4-year-old Swift Pursuit, November 4, Charles Town, training
Standardbred Donttellporkies N, November 4, Rosecroft
10-year-old Yes Talk to Me, November 4, Turf 1
8-year-old Decaf Again, November 5, Gulfstream, training
4-year-old Unabiding Citizen, November 5, Thistledown 6
4-year-old Alydidit, November 5, Turf, training
2-year-old Ace Navigator, November 7, Remington 2
5-year-old Igotitdad, November 8, Gulfstream W 1
2-year-old Diamondback, November 8, Gulfstream W 7
5-year-old Next Right Thing, November 8, Thistledown 6
4-year-old Kasha Roo, November 10, Zia, training
3-year-old Pete, November 11, Finger Lakes, training
3-year-old Mr. Franco, November 11, Golden Gate, training
2-year-old Seeyouinthecountry, November 11, Laurel, training
3-year-old Chappstick, November 11, Zia 3
4-year-old Knockher Off, November 12, Aqueduct 5
4-year-old Reinvested, November 12, Hawthorne 8
4-year-old Lies N Disguise, November 13, Evangeline 2
4-year-old Midnight Music, November 14, Laurel 6
5-year-old True Awakening, November 14, Penn 5 (euthanized November 21)
9-year-old Ernie Owl, November 15, Los Alamitos 5
2-year-old Surviving Kandy, November 16, Golden Gate, training
Standardbred Santa Baby, November 16, Yonkers 9
2-year-old Tip It On Back, November 19, Laurel 4
4-year-old Madelynsheabadgirl, November 21, Charles Town 3
4-year-old Caseys Patriot, November 22, Evangeline 9
3-year-old Justa Little Evil, November 22, Gulfstream W, training
3-year-old La Hija de Olga, November 22, Gulfstream W 10
3-year-old Infant Gold, November 22, Parx 9
3-year-old Devilish Beast, November 22, Zia 7
2-year-old Pb El Chiltepin, November 23, Turf 1
4-year-old Lion Keen, November 24, Gulfstream, training
2-year-old Bald Charm, November 25, Delta 5
3-year-old Mischieviousmelodi, November 25, Tampa Bay, training
3-year-old Pull in Time, November 25, Turf 8
5-year-old Threetimes a Saint, November 26, Finger Lakes 2
5-year-old Miss Prim, November 26, Gulfstream W 4
5-year-old Cherokee Scoots, November 26, Hawthorne 5
9-year-old Cherokee Artist, November 28, Aqueduct 6
4-year-old Twenty Three Darby, November 28, Churchill 9
2-year-old First to Dashn Shine, November 28, Evangeline 10
3-year-old Spring Likeacobra, November 28, Gulfstream 10
3-year-old Chloe’s Posse, November 28, Retama 4
3-year-old Verri Fast, November 28, Turf, training
3-year-old Bonita Song, November 29, Hawthorne 7
8-year-old Empire House, November 29, Retama 2
4-year-old Lost Yer Number, November 29, Tampa Bay 5
4-year-old El Musico, November 29, Zia 6
4-year-old Whistle My Way, November 30, Turf 6
4-year-old Demetrius, December 2, Portland 10
4-year-old Princes On Thelake, December 3, Aqueduct 5
3-year-old Precocious Kitty, December 3, Delta 8
4-year-old Carla Sweetrevenge, December 3, Finger Lakes 7
3-year-old Mapping, December 3, Golden Gate, training
2-year-old Sweet Strider, December 3, Turf 1
3-year-old Warrior’s Hero, December 4, Aqueduct 3
7-year-old Crazy Bear, December 4, Charles Town 4
8-year-old Suzettes Friend, December 4, Golden Gate, training
11-year-old Hurta, December 4, Hawthorne 9
3-year-old Boca Babe, December 4, Laurel 2
4-year-old Thingamajigger, December 4, Remington 7
7-year-old Quick Money, December 5, Aqueduct 8
5-year-old Half Nelson, December 5, Aqueduct 8
3-year-old Jacaranda Cat, December 6, Turf 5
3-year-old Be Remarkable, December 8, Turf, training
2-year-old Miss Dashwood, December 9, Palm Meadows Training Center, training
Storming Dreams, December 9, Turf, training
5-year-old Sage Valley, December 10, Aqueduct 8
6-year-old Matter of Truth, December 10, Charles Town 6
3-year-old Pistols Drawn, December 10, Hawthorne 1
4-year-old Lefty Closer, December 10, Mahoning 7
4-year-old Sky Kerridge, December 10, Mahoning 8
5-year-old Color Blind, December 10, Tampa Bay, training
5-year-old Ludo Bagman, December 11, Aqueduct 1
4-year-old Danielle’s Honor, December 11, Tampa Bay, training
4-year-old Bird Hunter, December 12, Charles Town 3
4-year-old Heza Fast Lover, December 12, Evangeline 3
2-year-old Kays Version, December 12, Sunland 3
3-year-old Caroline’s Estate, December 13, Charles Town, training
3-year-old Frisky Dixie, December 13, Charles Town 4
2-year-old Dee Magic Corona, December 13, Evangeline 5
5-year-old Justalittleloopy, December 13, Golden Gate, training
4-year-old Point of Defence, December 13, Penn 9
4-year-old Lion of Lone Oak, December 13, Remington 8
3-year-old Tour the City, December 14, Gulfstream 4
3-year-old No Ice Castles, December 14, Turf 8
2-year-old Deckers, December 15, Belmont, training
3-year-old Freights Bay, December 16, Gulfstream 2
4-year-old War Classic, December 16, Gulfstream 9
4-year-old Bunuska, December 17, Charles Town 4
3-year-old Mississippi Stud, December 17, Evangeline 8
Fancy Star, December 17, Gulfstream, training
5-year-old Sarava’s Pete, December 17, Gulfstream W, training
4-year-old Born to Sail, December 17, Laurel 3
4-year-old Miss Black Ice, December 17, Penn 5
4-year-old Roman’s Avenue, December 19, Tampa Bay, training
3-year-old Wallyanna, December 20, Gulfstream 8
4-year-old Very Potent, December 20, Laurel, training
4-year-old Play Maker, December 20, Los Alamitos 9
3-year-old Kilted, December 20, Tampa Bay, training
6-year-old F D Icy, December 20, Turf, training
4-year-old Oh Juliet, December 21, Fair Grounds 5
3-year-old Trini Vision, December 21, Gulfstream W, training
5-year-old My Debit Card, December 22, Delta 2
4-year-old Celebrate We Will, December 26, Aqueduct 1
7-year-old Grand Rapport, December 26, Gulfstream 6
3-year-old Rk Dominator, December 26, Hialeah 3 (euthanized January 2)
2-year-old Mo Bagels, December 26, Laurel 8
5-year-old Wicked Irish, December 27, Aqueduct 2
6-year-old On Appeal, December 27, Gulfstream 1
3-year-old I Got Id, December 27, Gulfstream 5
6-year-old Silent Appeal, December 27, Laurel 4
3-year-old Bonnet Carre, December 27, Laurel 9 (euthanized December 29)
6-year-old That’s the Life, December 27, Meadowlands
4-year-old Spooky Lady, December 27, Parx 8
5-year-old La Mano Nera, December 28, Turf, training
3-year-old Wide Eyed Ide, December 29, Fair Grounds 5
3-year-old Golden Doc, December 30, Parx 3 (euthanized in February)
3-year-old Soldier Inthe Rain, December 31, Belmont, training
3-year-old Four Lakes, December 31, Fair Grounds 3
2-year-old Exit West, December 31, Fair Grounds 5
3-year-old Cadaques, December 31, Laurel 5 (euthanized at Parx in January)
3-year-old Moonlight Stroll, December 31, Turf 6
3-year-old Ancient Kingj, Arlington, training
5-year-old Apropos, Arlington, training
2-year-old Brillar, Arlington, training
2-year-old Lord’s Messenger, Arlington, training
4-year-old Last Nouncer, Arlington, training
4-year-old Razman, Arlington, training
2-year-old Smokey Places, Arlington, training
5-year-old No Apologizes, Arlington, training
4-year-old Sluhs Last Girl, Hawthorne, training
2-year-old She’s a Poet, Hawthorne, training
4-year-old French Colonel, Hawthorne, training
Standardbred Fox Valley Absolute, Balmoral/Maywood
Standardbred Theindecentlawyer, Balmoral/Maywood
Standardbred Kesons Allure, Balmoral/Maywood
Standardbred Lil Annie, Balmoral/Maywood
Standardbred Ellie Anne, Balmoral/Maywood
Standardbred Blue Rock, Balmoral/Maywood
Standardbred Dolly Dancer, Balmoral/Maywood
Standardbred Lydia’s Flight, Balmoral/Maywood
Standardbred Chili Beach, Balmoral/Maywood
Standardbred Mike’s Boy, Balmoral/Maywood

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California Horse Racing Board
Colorado Department of Revenue
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Note: Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this list. That said, my information is only as good as the information I receive. If it can be proved that a horse appears in error, I will dutifully remove.


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  1. You left off one…April 27, Santa Anita, first or second race, baby broke down, had to be put down. His name escapes me…will come to me at some point.

  2. June 21, 2014 – San Anita Race 4 – 5f- “Is This Georgia” 2 yr old. Debut race. Vanned off.
    June 25 the horse was worked out 4f, just 4 days later. Worked again on July 2 for 5f, and again on July 7 for 5f.
    July 24, 2014 – Del Mar Race 9 – 5.5f- same horse ran again. I believe the horse finished 3rd in this race. Either the horse was vanned off as a precaution or there is some serious abuse here.

    • This horse was only 2 years old and should never have run so many races back to back like that and at 5 to 5.5 furlongs that young. What were they trying to do break the horse down. There should be regulations at all tracks preventing trainers/owners from being allowed to run such young horses to run 5 to 5.5 f within days between races…
      I’d love to take those trainers/owners out on the track and have them run 5 to 5.5 f within days of each other and see how well they hold up.. it’s just plain cruel in my opinion.

  3. I know about this but I’m still shocked. Thank you for exposing it. I can’t help thinking the way race horses are started so young is partly to blame. They are shod and ridden while they are still growing so how will their bodies cope? Also, the way they are kept confined to stables for much of their day cannot help them as athletes. I have blogged about it myself if you want to take a look on
    Good luck

  4. Almost of the horses who have broken down that I’ve checked so far seem to have the au current fashionable US race breeding–Mr P and ND in vast numbers with quite a bit of Seattle Slew and Deputy Minister.

    If anyone is good at statistics, something useful could probably learned from these lists.

  5. Let’s not forget the ones who live… and to what end? I’ve been keeping a database of my own for a long time. I’ve found horses on the vet list in California running at Emerald Downs, Beulah (look up Fancy Lashes, on the CA vet list as barred, last ran at River Downs, still under Doug O’Neill’s name), TUP, etc. Then there are those who simply fall off the grid. Here is one out of thousands of examples:

    02/06/2014 Trainer William E. Morey. CLAIM VOID. Horse, 4YO colt Very Elusive (15 starts 3-1-2, earnings $67,460) found to be unsound in receiving barn during post-race examination after finishing 4th in a $6.25K CLM, placed on vet list as unsound. This one was imported from Ireland, began its U.S. career with Simon Callaghan, didn’t perform well, slipped down through the ranks and ended up lame, running for a cheap tag in the barn of William Morey… sad story. *REMAINS ON VET LIST AS OF 08/17/2014. Golden Gate.

  6. Also, it’s popular to blame running them as 2YOs and to blame certain bloodlines, but in my 50+ years in the business, that’s not what I’ve personally observed.

    What I’ve seen is a radical shift from barns run by horsemen where the only drugs used were to hop ’em or drop em on race day, and nobody trained on all the drugs which have become the new normal. When steroids and bute hit the scene, it coincided with the rise of the nouveau riche, big-money mega-barns and a core group of trainers crossing over from the QH side of the street.

    Along with all this came a new emphasis on early speed. Trainers stopped running young horses up through conditions and jumped them from MSWs and 2YO ALW races (where they could build the bone needed to have a safe, long career) into stakes company.

    It is no accident that the horses with the longest careers — those without histories of significant layup — are rarely running for the new-money owners or for the glamor-boy trainers with hundreds of head in their barns… I had a mare who made 80 starts, walked off the track as sound as the day she walked on, and became my jumper (bon sang, that girl could jump — knees up to her chin, cracked her back in the air — absolutely spectacular to watch). After her jumper days were over, she worked as a school horse, then as my personal chill pill mare (trail rides and low fences). Sweetie was put down due to infirmities of old age when she was almost 30. Sweetie Pie was heavily line-bred to Native Dancer. Her sire’s sire was Secretariat. She made eight starts as a 2YO…


    I say this with confidence not because I’m delusional about being the smartest or most experienced horsewoman on earth. I say this with confidence because the statistics back me up and because I’ve been watching (and recording — first in my diary — now in a database) what has been going on since I first went to the track with my daddy as a small girl…

    *Thank you Patrick.* Thank you for tracking these needless tragedies.

    According to my own research (and according to the Texas State Veterinarian), somewhere around 95% of catastrophic injuries are due to a pre-existing condition, either at the site of the new injury or because of overloading on a non-injured limb.

    With the technology we now have (and the low cost of a simple pre-race radiograph of knees and ankles — in the last 20 years, we never sent one to the gate without a few x-rays, x-rays which are a whole lot cheaper than the garbage juice most everyone else trains on), there is no excuse for any of this.

    Keep in mind that I spent my whole life in the horse business. I was galloping racehorses, riding in match races while still in my early teens. Not one time ever did I see a horse suffer a disarticulated ankle, sesamoids ground into dust or any other catastrophic breakdown… much less see a single horse drop dead for no reason (“heart attack” they always say, even though horses do not have heart attacks). This was, of course, before bute hit the scene. I saw horses with soft tissue injuries or a hot ankle get turned out for six months and come back better than ever. I saw horses who obviously couldn’t run become pony horses or pleasure horses or hunters and jumpers. I saw horses who ran hard all summer, got turned out in a herd all winter, then came back to run sound summer after summer after summer…

    What’s happening now is, to my way of thinking, out-right animal cruelty. Yes, there are some good men and women in racing, but the sport itself… the chemical culture on the backside and the bullshit “bad step” excuse from track officials and trainers’ publicity machines… the lies and the secrecy… myself being on the receiving end of some vicious rumors started by a name trainer (rumors generated when his lawyers told him to forget the threats of a lawsuit because his medication records would become mine as part of the discovery process) — rumors designed to discredit me for telling the truth about him (it didn’t work)…


    • You have a voice of sanity in all this and your comments and observations hold water. This is especially true of the type of owner and lack of horsemanship that pervades racing now. The sport has gone out of it. Racing was the sport of kings for a reason, it is expensive and you cannot cut corners and hurry things up without incurring consequences.

      • You are wrong Stephanie Jones, horses DO NOT have heart attacks. That cause of death for horses is totally misused in racing (big surprise !) Horses do not get coronary artery disease, the precursor, to heart attacks.

        Horses can die from heart failure brought on by drugs such as clenbuterol and even the widely abused drug, Lasix.

      • Stephanie, Rose is correct but just in case you choose not to believe what she has stated here, please Google the NYT article from September, 2012… “At the Track, Racing Economics Collide with Veterinarians’ Oath.” In this article, Jack Van Berg, a well respected racing trainer who recently passed away, states that young horses “are all torn up” when fed muscle-building drugs. He then states that clenbuterol, which is widely used in racing, is “…one of the worst things that happened to racing,” and from the drug’s manufacturer (Boehringer Ingelheim) clenbuterol “should be withdrawn” after 30 days and from Kenneth McKeever, associate director of research at Rutgers Equine Science Center, “Long term, you start pushing a horse into the beginning stages of heart failure.”

        Drugs are widely used in the racing industry in an attempt to keep horses racing rather than to treat soreness and injury through rest and other less aggressive means. If a horse is sound, why does it need all the drugs? Remember…when you mix animals with money, the money will win 98% of the time. The damage that indiscriminate use of drugs does to the horse oftentimes leads to its death. No big surprise, right?

  7. Not gonna hog your message boards, but this is another WTF were they thinking case. Where’s the horsemanship here? When racehorses don’t start until they are four or five, they are at tremendous risk…

    01/04/2014 Trainer Mark Racanelli, owner Steven Glessner. Horse, 5YO mare Sassy Cherokee (14 starts in exactly one year, 0-0-3, earnings $6,620) BROKE DOWN DURING A $4.5K MDN CLM… dead, and for what? The mare did not start until she was a 4YO, 1st race on 01/04/2013 where she finished 9th. She went on to run 6th, 9th, 3rd, 6th, 5th, 8th, 3rd, 6th, 4th, 7th, 3rd, 6th, 4th, 7th, 3rd, 6th, 4th, 7th, 3rd, 6th on 12/26/2014 and finally DNF nine days later without ever having finished better than 3rd. *Steven Glessner owned the mare from her very first start… SAD, SAD, SAD AND CRUEL. (Country Warning was eased from this race, unrelated to the breakdown, and walked off.) Charles Town.

  8. Sorry, one last thing: Salt Block was a 3YO.

    02/06/2014 Trainer Howard Wolfendale. Horse, 3YO gelding Salt Block, broke down during the 4th race, a $40K MDN CLM… EUTHANIZED. This was the gelding’s first and only start. Laurel.

  9. Silver Cloud was a 6YO (not trying to be a pest)…

    02/05/2014 Trainer Jason DaCosta, owner same. Horse, 6YO chestnut gelding Silver Cloud (28 starts 8-8-1, earnings $281,822), broke down soon after the start of the 9th race, a $100K CLM, appears to have gone horribly wrong in the hind end, as if his back end collapsed with injuries to both hind legs… EUTHANIZED. Tampa Bay.

  10. Patrick, may I respectfully suggest that you check the ages of the deceased? I want you to be credible and have found two more errors. Longevity was a 4YO. Trick the Queen was a 5YO. Too many people are ready to attack over this sort of thing…

    01/18/2014 Trainer John Haran, owner Haran Thoroughbreds, breeder John F. Haran. Horse, 4YO Longevity (7 starts 1-0-1, earnings $21,496) broke down during the 3rd race… EUTHANIZED. This was the gelding’s second DNF; on 11/09/2013, he was trailing the field, eased during the stretch while running 12th out of twelve as the longest shot in the field during a $30K ALW and walked off. His next out on 12/22/2013, the gelding ran 7th out of seven in a $50K CLM at Hawthorne. His final start, he went straight to the lead in a $30K CLM and broke down at the ½ pole. Longevity did not start as a 2YO. Made his first start on 07/25/2013 at Arlington (ran 7th). Dead at Oaklawn.

    01/18/2014 Trainer Juan C. Vasquez, owner Rey Wan Racing and Armando Cosme. Horse, 5YO mare Trick the Queen (27 starts 4-4-4, earnings $80,740) broke down during the 5th race, an $8K CLM… EUTHANIZED. This was the mare’s second start in January. Disgraced formal SoCal golden boy Christian Santiago-Reyes in the irons. This mare was hard used. Two starts in March of 2012—two starts in April 2012—two starts in May 2012—three starts in June 2012—two starts in July of 2012, one in August, two in September 2012—followed by A SEVEN-MONTH LAYUP—ran once in April of 2012, once in May, once in June, once in July, twice in August, twice in November (finishing 6th and 7th), once in December 2013 (1st in a $5K CLM), then 5th for $6.25K on 01/02/2014 and finally… dead. Laurel.

  11. For those of you who defend a “sport” that kills horses – horseracing – please take a look at the ages of the horses listed above. Many are 3, 4, and 5 years of age…just babies. Babies that aren’t even fully developed, yet there are those that have the audacity to defend this industry. Racing is declining and is losing 4% of its fan base every year. That is the only bright spot, racing defenders. Racing is declining and it isn’t because the horses are treated well. Perhaps we, who truly care about the horses, are speaking out against the atrocities. Nobody likes their dirty secrets exposed.

  12. I disagree with “vanned off” meaning deceased! I’ve personally seen plenty “vanned off” that were not euthanized! Granted more horses die at the racetrack than there should, but assuming most horses that are vanned of are dead is an erroneous assumption on your part!

  13. thank you for this. i say this sincerely and honestly: you have changed my mind. I grew up in the shadows of the twin spires and have followed horse racing for thirty years. Now i am done. your list is the straw that broke the camels (horses) back. I will no longer support horse racing as a gambler or a fan. Im not going to go all PETA…its just over for me. Thank you.

  14. Here in Seaside, California we have a developer. Brian Boudreau, who is actually proposing a new horse racing and training track called Monterey Downs. To the majority of people who are familiar with the proposal, it is an outlandish idea. It will destroy nearly an entire Coastal Oak Woodland of over 40,000 trees covering over 500 acres as well as the associated wildlife habitat, miles of trails used by all sorts of recreational users, and the Monterey Peninsula’s closest and arguably best access to the recently-formed Fort Ord National Monument. And, of course, if you are following the drought in California, we have no water for the project.

    Unfortunately, that may not stop the project as just a small number of Seaside City Council members (3 of 5) can vote to approve the project regardless of how much the public opposes it and how environmentally destructive it is.

    A group of us who have been opposed to the project from its inception are now including data on horseracing deaths from your web site in our effort to arouse even more opposition to the project.

  15. 1 horse is one too many, the buck $$$$$ needs to end now not later. As for crowd-pleasing that’s considered a thing of the past compared to nowadays. Seeing there’s other paid sports and lottery that doesn’t involve abusing an animal. Let your inner self-be your guide, I just hope you can find it in your heart to do the right thing for the horses. There’s more animal lover now than ever before since horse cruelty has come to light in the public eye. We The People say… Enough is Enough already that goes for all God’s beloved animals.

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