I have confirmed back-to-back deaths at Charles Town Wednesday night.

In the 3rd, 2-year-old Northern Exchange “broke down” and was euthanized on the track. It was but her fourth race. The first three (all at CT): 7th of 9; 6th of 7, 25+ lengths back; and most recently, last of 10, 20 lengths back.

One race later, Mr. Ripken; he, too, was euthanized where he lay. Days shy of turning seven, Mr. Ripken was under the whip for the 43rd time. Most recent four: two lasts, two second-to-lasts. Minutes before dying, he was “on the market” for $4,500.

This is horseracing.

Through a FOIA request to the New Mexico Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following deaths at New Mexico tracks in 2016.

(Notes: The Commission did not forward dates of death.

There were a handful of horses on their lists who did not in fact die, but were only injured. They, of course, are not included here.

There were many horses “vanned off,” especially at Zia, who have since disappeared from the charts. I believe most, if not all, of those horses are dead, but because they did not show up on the FOIA documents I cannot include them below.

There were zero training deaths reported for both Albuquerque and Sunray. Zero. There weren’t any submissions at all for Ruidoso and only four for Zia (all racing). Combined, these four tracks ran for roughly 12 months in 2016.

In short, not only was the Commission’s information sloppily produced – with a seemingly indifferent attitude – more to the point, it is grossly incomplete. Put another way, in my estimation, the carnage below is significantly understated.)

Marys Machine, Sunland training, “broken leg”
Lady French, Sunland training, “communited, open sesamoid fracture”
Saint X., Sunland training, “fetlock”
Crimson Night, Sunland training, “sesamoid fracture”
Proprietor, Sunland training, “head injury”
Flaco C, Sunland training, “shoulder fracture” (unraced 2-year-old)
Holland Oak Special, Sunland training, “shoulder fracture” (unraced 2-year-old)
After Its Over, Sunland training, “lateral fracture”
Spicy Jerrae, Sunland training, “sesamoid fractures”
Smoking Talent, Sunland training, “shoulder fracture” (unraced 2-year-old)
Wild Sixes Cartel, Sunland training, “fractured sesamoids, suspensory breakdown”
Childhood Dream, Sunland training, “carpus”
Southwest Winter, Sunland training, “shoulder fracture” (unraced 2-year-old)
Sneakin Kisses, Sunland training, “hoof injury” (unraced 2-year-old)
Famous Edge of Glory, January 17, Sunland 1, “carpus”
Bank Dunit, February 27, Sunland 3, “sesamoid”
Lookwhosdancinnow, March 1, Sunland 2, “both sesamoids fractured”
Roja Caliente, March 8, Sunland 8, “lame”
Ohs of Oaks, March 18, Sunland 4, “carpus acute”
Charlies Soldier, March 19, Sunland 4, “shoulder fracture”
King of Cool, March 22, Sunland 8, “sesamoid fracture”
Froth, March 25, Sunland 6, “cut legs” (second race, first was last of 10)
Pfinding Jessie, March 26, Sunland 2, “possible stroke” (three years old)
Rey Del Mar, March 29, Sunland 9, “owner believes horse fell from heart attack”
Chamiso James, April 1, Sunland 6, “sesamoid fractures/luxation”
Better Go Trixie, April 1, Sunland 7, “no apparent injury”
Silca Sheets, April 9, Sunland 5, “suspensory”
Zoom With Fame, April 15, Sunland 9, “shattered carpus”
Indy’s Rocket, April 30, Sunland 8, “sesamoid fracture, ruptured suspensory”
Unforgettable Glow, May 1, Sunland 10, “shoulder”
Skimasco, June 12, Sunray 9, “bilateral sesamoid” (10-year-old, 61st race)
Whata Wild Night, June 19, Sunray 7, “bilateral sesamoid fracture”
Turbulent Sea, June 26, Albuquerque 9, “head injury”
Loaded and Wacky, July 8, Albuquerque 3, “bilateral sesamoid”
Roll Smash Roll, July 8, Albuquerque 8, “fell dead after race”
True Heat, July 13, Albuquerque 8, “fractured ankle”
Dandy One, July 13, Albuquerque 10, “fractured ankle”
Bonita Bully, August 6, Albuquerque 5, “went down…dead when D.S. arrived”
Handsome N Dashin, August 7, Albuquerque 2, “fractured scapula”
Highly Confident, August 13, Albuquerque 3, “suspensory”
Cash U Later, November 12, Zia 3, undisclosed injury
Graypromise, November 12, Zia 9, “ankle”
One More Polish, November 14, Zia 6, “ankle”
Streakin Lane, December 20, Sunland 7, “fell after race – unknown cause”
Charlie Bit Me, December 31, Sunland 4, “laceration hind pastern”

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In addition, the following horses died on track grounds from what the industry calls “non-racing” causes. While this may be technically true, morally they are no less casualties of this vile business than the ones above.

Cajun Cascade, Sunland, “pneumonia” (last raced January 17, 7th of 8)
Bob Bobo (perhaps sic), Sunland, “EHV-1 positive”
Bigtime Return, Sunland, “colic” (2-year-old coming off first race)
She’s All Real Dandy (perhaps sic), Sunland, “EHV-1, paralysis”
Girls Got Skills, Sunland, “EHV-1, paralysis” (2-year-old coming off first race)
Misinformation, Sunland, “EHV-1 neurotropic” (unraced 2-year-old)
Pierre Bear, Sunland, “EHV-1 positive” (9-year-old coming off 34th race)
Bogie She’saplayer, Sunland, “EHV-1 recumbent and paralysis”
Easy Snow, Sunland, “EHV-1 positive” (unraced 2-year-old)
Too Many Chiefs, Sunland, “EHV-1 positive”
Kerri’s Black Gold, Sunland, “EHV neurotropic”
Tempered Ivory, Sunland, “EHV positive” (unraced 2-year-old)
Statingtheobvious, Sunland, “colitis” (4-year-old, last raced March 12)
Insurectionist Rebel (10-year-old pony), Sunland, “colic – death,” not euthanized
Richard Prichard, Sunray, “colic”
Skipper (8-year-old pony), Albuquerque, “colic”

There can be no justification for the killing of animals for $2 bets. End it. Now.

Last week on American tracks (not including training and harness casualties):

“Broke Down” (racing-speak for dead); “Collapsed and Died”; “Euthanized”

Miswaski’s Pac, Mahoning
Chocopologie, Delta
Surfside Chic, Parx
Eaglemaker, Santa Anita
Frat Star, Aqueduct
Regulus, Aqueduct
Indian Nate, Turf

“Vanned Off” – required horse ambulance to get off the track; many of these names will re-surface on my year-end FOIA death-reports

Grande Heist, Parx
Pistol’s Shoes, Parx
Shamrock Empire, Tampa Bay
Golden Bayers, Turf
Starship Stache, Tampa Bay
Blameiton Brooklyn, Aqueduct
Ivy Jo, Oaklawn
First Cast, Fair Grounds
Candy At My Place, Gulfstream
Sancy, Los Alamitos
Lucky Golane, Los Alamitos
Diamond Tour, Tampa Bay
Monique’s Candy, Tampa Bay
Ttt the Conquistador, Louisiana
Ira Hayes, Sunland
El Gran Gayego, Tampa Bay

“Bled”; “Returned Bleeding From Nostrils” – usually indicates pulmonary hemorrhage

Rose Essence, Laurel
El Grillo, Parx
Motoring Around, Golden Gate (also “vanned off”)

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(source: Equibase)

A pair of “equine athletes” were killed in back-to-back races Sunday at Aqueduct. In the 4th, says Equibase, Frat Star, being raced for the second time in nine days, “fell heavily breaking down after the finish and was euthanized” (on-track). Then, in the 5th, Regulus, a 7-year-old under the whip for the 41st time, “broke down coming to the end of the backstretch and was subsequently euthanized” (again, on-track). They are the second and third victims of Aqueduct’s weekend, as Blameiton Brooklyn was euthanized after breaking a leg in the 5th Friday. (Blame actually finished his race – with a broken leg – was “vanned off” and euthanized back in the barn.)

Later Sunday, Indian Nate “broke down” and was euthanized in the 7th at Turf. It was the 6-year-old’s third time under the whip in a month.

But wait, there’s more. Saturday:

At Parx (6th), Surfside Chic “died on the track due to a catastrophic injury.”

At Delta (10th), Chocopologie “took a bad step and was euthanized.”

At Santa Anita (9th), Eaglemaker “broke down [racing-speak for dead] and fell nearing the sixteenth pole.” To add insult to (fatal) injury, the chartwriter closed with this: “Eaglemaker broke down on his own.”

This, America, is horseracing.

Through a FOIA request to the Oklahoma Horse Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following kills on Oklahoma tracks in 2016. (Note: The Commission did not forward injury details.)

Juliet’s Rose, January 26, Will Rogers training

Eurit, February 18, Remington training (2-year-old being prepped for debut)

Fast Flyin Fireball, March 13, Remington 3

Jessyoudo, March 31, Remington 9

Louisiana Tres, April 1, Remington training (2-year-old being prepped for debut)

My Little Surfer, April 1, Remington 9 (2-year-old, first race)

Furrocity, April 9, Remington 11 (2-year-old, first race)

Jesse Jr First Down, April 23, Remington 8

Eyesa Pretty Wagon, April 23, Remington 11

Eyesa Famous Man, April 27, Remington training

Defyance, April 27, Remington training (2-year-old being prepped for debut)

Lokness, April 29, Remington 6 (2-year-old, first race)

Eyem Fast N Furyous, May 6, Remington 3

Dance Past the Line, May 8, Remington 7

District Queen, May 17, Will Rogers 10 (6-year-old – but only second race)

Cindy’s Frill, May 27, Will Rogers training (4-year-old being prepped for debut)

Tried to Tell U So, June 10, Fair Meadows 2

Lingeringobsession, June 24, Fair Meadows 1

Greatest Times, July 13, Fair Meadows 1 (8-year-old, 45th race)

A. P. Pass, August 12, Remington training (2-year-old being prepped for debut)

Phone Call, August 15, Remington training

Austin’s Argument, September 3, Remington 3

Mapimi, September 8, Remington 5

Broad Acres, September 8, Remington 8 (3-year-old, first race)

Neala Girl, September 14, Remington 7 (2-year-old, third race)

Cara Chica, September 29, Remington training (2-year-old being prepped for debut)

Derby Fan, September 30, Remington 5

Sooner Or Later, October 13, Remington 5 (3-year-old, second race)

Paint Me Furious, October 14, Will Rogers 2

Holy Flip Flop, November 17, Remington 7

Commotional, November 18, Remington training (2-year-old coming off first race)

My Buddy Rob, November 19, Remington 9 (3-year-old, second race)

Wayln Brent George, November 19, Remington 9 (same race as above)

Hot Hand, December 2, Remington 7

Oklahoma Rust, December 3, prior to Remington 3

Ardena, December 3, Remington 5

In addition, the following horses died on track grounds from what the industry calls “non-racing” causes. While this may be technically true, morally they are no less casualties of this vile business than the ones above.

Eye Opening Dream, July 13, Will Rogers, “found deceased in barn” (was raced just three days prior)

Conja Boo, November 22, Remington, “illness – EPM” (2-year-old coming off last of 11, 37 lengths back)

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There can be no justification for the killing of animals for $2 bets. End it. Now.