Accuracy, here, is paramount. This is why a retraction is in order. The post “Juliebrowneyes and Carol Ann Make It Three Dead From Same Tampa Race” (February 12th) is only partially true: I reported that Juliebrowneyes was one of three euthanized. She wasn’t, as we learned today when she was raced again at Tampa. My source still maintains that three died in that February 6th race (perhaps Bright Promise), but wrong info is wrong info, and I apologize.

Per the Illinois Racing Commission (through a FOIA request), the following racehorses either died or were euthanized on Illinois racetracks in 2014:

8-year-old All Tanked Up, Feb 21, Hawthorne 3
9-year-old Miss Palatine, Feb 22, Hawthorne 2
2-year-old I’m a Breeze, Feb 23, Hawthorne 3
5-year-old News Bulletin, Mar 1, Hawthorne 8
3-year-old Starlight Dreamer, Mar 16, Hawthorne 1
8-year-old Yu Tiger Yu, Mar 28, Hawthorne 6
5-year-old Donttangowithmango, Apr 5, Hawthorne 5
8-year-old Casey’s On Call, Apr 9, Hawthorne 2
3-year-old Lewis City, Oct 15, Hawthorne 1
4-year-old Reinvested, Nov 12, Hawthorne 8
5-year-old Cherokee Scoots, Nov 26, Hawthorne 5
3-year-old Bonita Song, Nov 29, Hawthorne 7
11-year-old Hurta, Dec 4, Hawthorne 9
3-year-old Pistols Drawn, Dec 10, Hawthorne 1
4-year-old Sluhs Last Girl, Hawthorne, training
2-year-old She’s a Poet, Hawthorne, training
4-year-old French Colonel, Hawthorne, training
5-year-old Eyema Delight, May 18, Arlington 8
6-year-old Static Kill, May 24, Arlington 5
4-year-old Permit, Jun 1, Arlington 8
3-year-old Chief Barker, Jul 12, Arlington 9
7-year-old Peters Rock, Aug 10, Arlington 3
3-year-old Imperial Lad, Sep 1, Arlington 3
4-year-old Mop, Sep 5, Arlington 2
3-year-old Ancient Kingj, Arlington, training
5-year-old Apropos, Arlington, training
2-year-old Brillar, Arlington, training
2-year-old Lord’s Messenger, Arlington, training
4-year-old Last Nouncer, Arlington, training
4-year-old Razman, Arlington, training
2-year-old Smokey Places, Arlington, training
5-year-old No Apologizes, Arlington, training
6-year-old Tiger Mike, Jun 7, Fairmount 3
5-year-old Markyour Territory, Aug 2, Fairmount 1
3-year-old Run for Papa, Aug 26, Fairmount 1
3-year-old Back’em Down, Sep 2, Fairmount 4
6-year-old Goldmine Princess, Sep 20, Fairmount 1

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Fox Valley Absolute
Kesons Allure
Lil Annie
Ellie Anne
Blue Rock
Dolly Dancer
Lydia’s Flight
Chili Beach
Mike’s Boy

Of the 37 Thoroughbreds, the official Equibase charts had 20 as merely “vanned off,” 1 as having bled, and 2 others as having finished without incident. Only 2 were said to have “broke down,” and just 1 was reported euthanized. Add the fact that the harness charts are even less descriptive and that the training carnage is completely hidden from view, and we get this: As far as the public knew, Illinois lost but 1 racehorse last year, not the 47 we reveal today. The Big Lie on full display, yet again.

On July 25th, 4-year-old Far Fly was reported to have bled in a race at Indiana Grand. She was returned to that same track August 20th and finished 7th of 9, 20 lengths back. Two weeks later: 7th of 11, 13 back. Two weeks after that: last of 8, 28 back. She has not been heard from since. Trainer, Mazie Brown; owner Glen Ford.

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On July 30th, 4-year-old Casanova Kiddo “fell over [a] fallen horse” (who had fallen herself over the mortally wounded Patinka) in a race at Presque Isle. Less than a month later, Casanova Kiddo was vanned off at Ellis Park. She has not been heard from since. Trainer at Presque, Anthony Rini; trainer at Ellis, Steve Hobby.